10 Best White Label Crypto Exchange Software Scripts for Sale in Crypto Marketplace

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts

After the existence of crypto exchange software clone scripts in the global crypto market, creating a crypto exchange platform is easy as pie. Clone script offers a custom ready-made solution to startups and entrepreneurs who are willing to start a crypto exchange business. Many people suffered a lot by developing a crypto exchange from scratch as they needed to spend more money & time on development. To overcome this major drawback, startups preferred a white label cryptocurrency exchange clone script to create a cryptocurrency exchange.

What is White label cryptocurrency exchange script? 

White label cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-fabricated crypto exchange website or app clone that is generally inspired by a popular exchange. It holds all the design, features, and performance of the existing exchange. In recent times, the white label crypto exchange clone software concept is getting more prominent in the crypto space. This is because one can create a superfine cryptocurrency exchange platform immediately at an affordable cost which becomes the major reason to choose white label cryptocurrency exchange clone software.

By preferring the Clone script, you can save funds from your investment and reduce development time. Therefore, a cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the perfect solution for startups who are entering the crypto industry and maximizing the scope of success. Coinsclone offers the best and bug-free white label crypto exchange clone software and white label DEX software with customizable options and ideal trading features. We offer all the popular crypto exchange clone scripts and DeFi exchange clone scripts that are available in the crypto market. 

Currently, there are several scripts available in the industry. If you are puzzled about choosing the best white label crypto exchange clone software or DEX clone software to create a crypto exchange, then this article would help you to find out the best one.

Now, let us see…

10 Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

First, let us look at the centralized exchange clone scripts that are trending in the crypto space.

  1. Binance Clone Script
  2. LocalBitcoins clone script
  3. Paxful clone script
  4. Remitano clone script
  5. Coinbase clone script
  6. Wazirx clone script
  7. Huobi clone script
  8. Poloniex clone script
  9. Bithumb clone script
  10. Kraken clone script

Now, let us see these trending white label cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts in detail

White Label Binance Clone Script

The binance clone script is a ready-made exchange clone script that has all the essential features and plug-ins of Binance. One can easily build a crypto exchange platform with a powerful orders book similar to binance using our premium white label Binance clone software. 

Coinsclone’s Binance clone script is highly customizable and comes with advanced security mechanisms. You can customize your desired technical features in our white label binance clone script as per your business needs. Our binance clone script is highly responsive, reliable, and secure. However, we offer you a bug-free Binance clone script with advanced trading features at the best price in the market.

Key features of our white label Binance clone software

  • High-performance matching engine
  • Order book system
  • Spot trading
  • Margin trading
  • Extended trade view
  • Futures trading
  • P2p trading

Localbitcoins clone script

Localbitcoins clone script is the tailor-made cryptocurrency exchange software that holds all the features and works the same as Localbitcoins. If you are planning to create an ad-based crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins, then white label Localbitcoins clone software is an amazing solution for your business. 

By using our modern white label LocalBitcoins clone script, you can create your p2p ads-based crypto exchange platform 100% similar to Localbitcoins within a few days. Coinsclone’s team of experienced developers will develop and deliver a LocalBitcoins clone script with ideal trading features as per your business necessities.

Core features of our LocalBitcoins clone script

  • Ads-based trading
  • Escrow system
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Fiat wallet support
  • Dispute resolution
  • Announcement system

White Label Coinbase clone script

Coinbase clone script is a white label cryptocurrency exchange clone software that has all the existing features of the coinbase. If you are a person looking to start an exchange like a coinbase, then you can use a bug-free and customizable Coinbase clone script from Coinsclone. We help you to make your own crypto exchange-like coinbase within a few days with all required customizations at a reasonable price.

Features of our Coinbase clone script

  • Instant buy/sell
  • Powerful admin portal
  • Admin profit management
  • Different payment modes
  • Crypto staking
  • API integration – liquidity

 Wazirx clone script

One can instantly create an order book cryptocurrency exchange like Wazirx using the premier Wazirx clone script. It is a ready-made website clone software of a popular crypto exchange called Wazirx. This Cryptocurrency exchange software has a complete set of features that Wazirx has and along with that it also includes some additional technical features. 

Coinsclone’s Wazirx clone script has a stunning User interface that helps to grab a larger user base for your exchange. We enable high-end security features in our clone script to protect from cyber-attacks and other fraudulent activities.

Features of our Wazirx clone script

  • Spot trading
  • P2p trading
  • Multi-crypto acceptance
  • KYC verification
  • Margin trading
  • Instant buy/sell

Paxful clone script

If you want to build a p2p ads-based cryptocurrency exchange like paxful, then you can get an ideal paxful clone script from Coinsclone. Paxful clone script is ready-to-launch website clone software that is completely designed, multi-tested, and ready to deploy like a paxful. Our clone script has all the existing features and plug-ins of paxful. By using our bug-free Paxful clone script, you can instantly create a p2p cryptocurrency exchange similar to paxful without any hassle.

Core features of our Paxful clone script

  • Secure escrow service
  • Create buy/sell advertisements
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Affiliate dashboard
  • Multi-language support

Huobi clone script

Huobi Clone Script is a White Label Crypto Exchange software that comes with outstanding features that Huobi holds in the platform. Coinsclone’s Huobi Clone script is readily designed, developed, multi-tested, and ready for deployment. You just need to customize and deploy the script on the server. Apart from this, you can enable any type of features and security systems according to your business needs. With our ready-made Huobi clone script, you can make your own crypto exchange like huobi quickly.

Features of our Huobi clone script

  • Margin trading
  • Spot trading
  • IEO module
  • Liquidity API
  • Crypto payment gateway integration
  • Order book
  • Instant buy/sell

Remitano clone script

One can easily build a peer-to-peer ad-based cryptocurrency exchange like Remitano by getting the Remitano clone script from Coinsclone. Remitano Clone Script is a ready-made p2p exchange software that comes with top-notch security modules that helps to create a cryptocurrency exchange like Remitano instantly. Our Remitano Clone Script comes with advanced trading attributes and is fully customizable. The customization and quality of our Remitano clone script are high when compared to other script providers.

Features of our Remitano clone script

  • Create buy and sell ads
  • Escrow wallet
  • Advanced chart tools
  • Multisig wallet integration
  • Referral program

Poloniex clone script

If you are a startup/entrepreneur interested in starting a crypto exchange like poloniex, then you can go with the premium Poloniex Clone Script. It is a prefabricated cryptocurrency exchange software that comes with cutting-edge features and enhanced security modules as same poloniex. Coinsclone’s premium Poloniex clone script helps you in creating a stunning crypto exchange like poloniex within a few days at a low price. Additionally, you can make the required customizations based on your business needs. 

Features of our Poloniex clone script

  • Limit order, Market order, and Stop order
  • Order book system
  • Margin trading
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Instant buy/sell
  • IEO module

Bithumb clone script

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange like Bithumb will be more suitable for people who are willing to enter the crypto sector and make profits. You can build a crypto exchange like Bithumb instantly by using the best Bithumb clone script. Bithumb Clone Script is a ready-made crypto exchange clone script that is fully designed, developed, tested, and ready for deployment. 

With this premium white label crypto exchange software, you can make any customizations to get started with your dream crypto exchange platform like Bithumb. Coinsclone provides a premium Bithumb clone script that helps you in creating feature-packed crypto exchanges similar to Bithumb.

Core features of the Bithumb clone script

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Admin Console
  • Trader Console
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Mobile Trading Application for Android and iOS

Kraken clone script

Kraken clone script is a multi-tested white label crypto exchange software that holds all the basic trading attributes and functions of Kraken. By using Coinsclone’s ultra-modern Kraken clone script, you can create a crypto exchange like Kraken easily. Our Kraken exchange clone software comes with all the customizable options. So you can customize your exchange as per your taste and business concepts. Besides this, our Kraken clone script is in-built with advanced security modules.

Features of our Kraken clone script

  • Margin trading
  • Instant buy/sell
  • Crypto exchange Mobile Application for IOS and Android
  • Unlimited currency exchange pair
  • Live trading charts
  • OTC desk

These are the 10 popular white label crypto exchange clone scripts that you can get in the crypto market. You can buy all these exclusive cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts from the leading cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider – Coinsclone

Next, we will see the list of the best DeFi exchange clone scripts that are preferred by crypto startups and entrepreneurs to start a decentralized exchange business. 

  1. Pancakeswap clone script
  2. Uniswap clone script
  3. Sushiswap clone script
  4. 1inch exchange clone script
  5. Bakeryswap clone script
  6. Sunswap clone script
  7. Goose finance clone script 

Let us see a brief view of these white label decentralized exchange software solutions.

PancakeSwap clone script 

The pancakeswap clone script is the pre-coded DeFi exchange clone software that aids to build a stunning DeFi exchange like Pancakeswap within a week. Panckaeswap clone is the best white-label DeFi exchange software that runs on the powerful BNB chain. 

This clone script helps your user to swap all BEP20 tokens which are available in the Coinmarketcap. This script works on AMM which means there will be no middleman or order book system. Besides, your users will have only a swapping mechanism and wallet connection support for trading. 

Premium Features of Pancakeswap clone

  • Instant token swap
  • Automated Market Maker
  • Multi-layered security 
  • Add liquidity 
  • Yield farming 
  • IFO 

UniSwap Clone Script

It is a white label DeFi exchange software that helps you to create a function-rich DeFi platform similar to UniSwap. It comes with unlimited customizable options. So by using this script, you can build your own DeFi exchange as per your preference and business needs with ease. Like Uniswap, this clone script also runs on the Ethereum network. Therefore, your users can get a seamless token-swapping experience on the platform. 

Desirable Features of Uniswap clone software

  • AMM module 
  • Oracles 
  • Custom pools 
  • Multiple wallet support 
  • DeFi staking 
  • Bug bounty reward system

Sushiswap Clone Script

Sushiswap Clone Script is a white-label DeFi Dex script to create an astounding DeFi exchange platform that looks 100% similar to Sushiswap. Our premium white label sushiswap clone software is customizable with which you can alter the platform based on your business requirements in a stress-free manner. It is built with the latest swap features so you can easily attract a wide range of DeFi enthusiasts easily. 

Key features of the Sushiswap clone script

  • Token swap 
  • AMM module 
  • Liquidity pools 
  • Farms 
  • Liquidity migration 
  • Lending and borrowing 
  • staking

1inch Exchange Clone Script

It is a pre-fabricated DeFi exchange script that holds all the current swap functionalities and plugins of 1inch exchange. By utilizing this clone script, you can launch your own DeFi exchange platform like 1inch exchange promptly as per your needs. This white label DEX script is highly responsive and affordable as you’re getting from the leading cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider – Coinsclone.

Core features of 1inch Exchange clone script 

  • Integrated trading charts
  • Multi-chain support 
  • Analytics 
  • Stake and earn rewards
  • Admin Console 
  • Admin revenue settings

BakerySwap clone script

It is a ready-to-use DEX script that aids you to create a DeFi exchange with outstanding features at a moderate cost. Acquiring this script will be highly beneficial for the people who are willing to start a DeFi exchange business in the blockchain space. It runs on the most trending blockchain called BNB chain so the entire script will be secure and highly responsive. 

Ultimate Features of Bakeryswap clone software

  • Swapping mechanism 
  • Liquidity pool
  • Staking 
  • Automated Market Maker 
  • Multi-lingual support 
  • Admin console 

Sunswap clone script

It is a tailor-made clone script that works parallel to the existing decentralized exchange platform i.e Sunswap. Sunswap clone script is developed on the highly secured blockchain, Tron hence it is considered a secured and user-friendly platform. Using this Sunswap clone script, you can easily develop a DeFi exchange platform like Sunswap instantly.

Features of Sunswap clone script

  • Token swap 
  • Automated Market Maker 
  • Staking 
  • Pooling 
  • Multiple wallet integration support 
  • Advanced UI/UX 

Goose finance clone script

It is one of the well-known clone scripts with which you can develop an exemplary DeFi exchange similar to the goose finance platform. It is developed over the BNB chain to offer high transparency and security. Goose finance clone script is widely preferred by startups because of the extraordinary features it offers.

Admirable features of the Goose finance clone script

  • Instant token swap
  • Offers advanced price chart
  • Stunning user interface
  • Powerful admin console
  • Stake crypto tokens
  • Yield farming 
  • Multiple wallet support 

These are the most-selling and best white label DeFi exchange clone software in the blockchain space.

Why you must Get a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script from Coinsclone?

After deciding to create a crypto exchange by using any of the above-mentioned clone scripts, approaching a professional White label cryptocurrency exchange development company like Coinsclone is highly advisable.

We have successful completion of more than 100+ projects. And stand aloof in effectively providing cryptocurrency exchange software. Customer satisfaction is the prime motive of Coinsclone and we have lived by it. 

Being a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider, Coinsclone offers all sorts of crypto exchange clone scripts with peculiar features at affordable rates. We have a team of certified developers and designers who are experienced in their field thereby putting a milestone in every project that is being done. If you are planning to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform at a budget-friendly price, then choosing Coinsclone will be the finest choice.

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