White Label Crypto Exchange Development to Build a Crypto Exchange

White label Crypto Exchange

As an Entrepreneur, you would probably be looking to start your own cryptocurrency trading platform for your business. You would sometimes be worried with the total cost of the software, will it be feasible for your business, etc.

You can start a crypto exchange by developing your exchange from scratch will usually take more time and you have to spend your hard-earned money for it. On the other hand, if you go with white label cryptocurrency exchange software, Because the development process will be made hassle-free!

This blog will help you with the complete guide of White label Cryptocurrency exchange software that would benefit your business to the next level.

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White label Crypto Exchange Development: 5 Important Reasons to opt

A White label exchange development is a process of building a ready-made software to start crypto exchange which is readily built with the primary features. With this, one can easily build their own crypto trading platform within a few days.

Faster Deployment

When you use a White label Crypto Exchange to start a crypto exchange trading platform, you can do it instantly. As you already have a ready made software with you, building your exchange can be done at no time. If you have any urgent requirements, Whitelabel crypto exchange platform can be more beneficial one for you.

Cut downs the labour cost

As you already have a best white label cryptocurrency exchange software which is already built, it can cut down additional costs in developing a crypto trading platform. For instance, consider you hire a set of skilled team for your building it, this would relatively take longer time with more than 3 or 4 months.


As you buy white label crypto exchange software only from a top solution provider, you don’t just need to worry about reliability. We at Coinsclone, are always available to assist our clients in terms of issues if any or with queries.

Helpful if you lack technical expertise

WIth White label cryptocurrency exchange, setting up your own white label bitcoin exchange platform will be a hassle-free task even though you don’t have technical knowledge of the domain. 

Boosts the Brand visibility

Your branding will be boosted to higher levels since you already have a branded script with you. As the product will have your own name, own design, own logo, your brand will be visible to your target audience.

What are the features of Coinsclone’s White label Crypto Exchange?

Our Order Books are capable of managing the complete orders and transactions happening in the cryptocurrency exchange platform. As an Admin, you can check for the pending transactions if any. 

It consists of a seperate Bid table with the respective Bid ID, Amount and quantity. Additionally, your users can check for their balances, perform withdrawal request, etc. And as a owner, you can verify the requests and operate them effectively.

Margin Trading

We have integrated Margin Trading feature in our script, which will enable your users to perform trading at certain margins. Traders who are with limited amount of crypto resources can select this feature to add leverage to the position or investment.

Initial Exchange Offering Module

As Initial Exchange Offering is the neoteric strategy in the industry, we have embedded IEO as well. Being a proprietor, you can verify the IEO projects which can be listed in your exchange platform.

Liquidity API

Liquidity is the primary factor we consider when we make a white label cryptocurrency trading platform. Therefore, to enhance the liquidity, our API is responsible to connect with external exchanges.

Security Token Exchange

It can now be listed in your exchanges with our readily built white label software. Security Token Exchange are completely built in compliance with SEC Guidelines and country’s regulations.

Admin Dashboard

As the Issuer of the platform, you can manage the users, check for the buy-sell transactions of the users. You can completely customize the entities in the panel as per your needs. The dashboard provides you the information of currently running exchanges and the transactions which had happened till the date. You can also filter them.

Investor Dashboard

From the users end, they can check their current balances both with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. They can also check the live prices and statistics of the industry. They can transfer as well as buy & sell the white label digital asset exchange to their peers. 

Trading Bot

Your users don’t just need to worry about performing trades since our Trading Bot will be responsible to perform buy and sell orders of these virtual currencies in their absence. 

Mobile Application for Android & iOS devices

Since most of the proprietors & traders make use of mobile trading devices to perform trading, we turned them to reality. With our white label bitcoin exchange platform, one can instantly perform the process in seconds.

White label cryptocurrency wallet Integration

We bring in a secure white label cryptocurrency wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and private keys safely. We have implemented security protocols such as  Two-factor Authentication, Fingerprint recognition, etc. Our exchange supports both Hot & Cold Storage and people can choose the ones accordingly. Thus, to start a crypto exchange, it is important to consider these features.

Technologies we use in White label Crypto Exchange Development


All the data are encrypted at rest and in transit. Therefore, users can quickly access to the data  with proper database customization.


To make the front-end more intutitive and attractive, we make use of Javascript frameworks such as Angular & Node JS to make it more engaging.

Why Coinsclone for White label Crypto Exchange Development?

The primary thing is to select a top-notch solution provider from whom you can get your product. We people at Coinsclone, deliver a white label crypto exchange software at an affordable cost.

Once you have your own software, the initial thing is to check whether you have all the features which you are expecting in the exchange. If not you can customize the entities with the company which you have hired.

Our solutions at Coinsclone are purely tailor-made which will be helpful to you in case on any alterations.

Being a best-in-class solution provider in the industry, we have so far delivered an ample amount of software to our global clients. If you have any urgent requirements to create a cryptocurrency exchange, we are ready to assist you with your needs.

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