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About Remitano

Remitano is a popular peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform founded in 2015 with its HQ at Seychelles. It allows users to buy, sell, or trade in cryptocurrencies without any regulations or third-party interference. It is an admiring escrow service provider equipped with tight security software. Trades in Remitano is the fastest, especially Bitcoin trading. Their Admin panel is so efficient that they are known for their site management and dispute resolution principles. Starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano is a great option as the trading population shows more interest in trading in decentralized platforms compared to centralized platforms.

Remitano Clone script - Overview

White Label Remitano Clone Script Overview

Remitano clone script is a peer-to-peer exchange trading platform like Remitano that helps traders to exchange and trade cryptocurrencies without any interruption. If you think that decentralization cannot ensure the quality of the trade, you are misguided. Remitano clone script software has a strong dispute management system to clarify the issues regarding trade. It has an efficient administration where it interferes and moderates the issue effectively. Enabled with Blockchain technology it stores the transaction information in the ledger.

Coinsclone, by analyzing the distinguishing features of Remitano offers clone script facilities to the clients to kickstart their cryptocurrency trading platform. We have an effective team of developers who can customize the clone script software based on your business needs. With a clear-cut User interface and assisting API, our Remitano clone script software is one of the best in the cryptocurrency market. As the cryptocurrency prices are whooping, this is the best time to start your peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange software like Remitano with Coinsclone and earn considerable profits.

Remitano Clone Overview

Features of our Remitano Clone Script software

Turnkey Solution
Turnkey solution
Dazzling dashboard
Dazzling Dashboard
Liquidity API
Supportive API Liquidity
High Security and easy access.
High security and Easy access

Security features of our Remitano Clone Script software

Coinsclone provides high importance to the security of the Remitano clone software.

2-Factor Authentication
2-Factor Authentication
SMS/E-mail verification
SMS/E-mail verification
Secured Content management system (CMS)
Secured Content management system (CMS)
Low trading fees
Escrow wallet integration.
Server Side Forgery protection (SSRF)
Server Side Forgery protection (SSRF)
Anti- Distributed Denial of Service.
Anti- Distributed Denial of Service.
Cross-Site Script protection.
Cross-Site Script protection.
SSL Encryption.
SSL Encryption.
End-to-End Encryption-based chatting service.
End-to-End Encryption-based chatting service.
Secured and swift KYC/AML verification.
Secured and swift KYC/AML verification.

Remitano clone app development

You cannot restrict your users to use your software only through the website. That is narrowness. Nowadays, smartphones are dominating the scene in all sectors. The cryptocurrency exchange sector is not an exception. Your user may miss the mail that comes to his laptop without notification, but he could never miss any notification that reaches the smartphone. That is the success behind the mobile apps.

Remitano mobile clone app will help you to diversify your business to smartphones that the user will receive notifications and alerts regarding any updates from your software. Apart from the general updates and features that the mobile apps have, the Remitano clone script clone app will have some additional features.

  • Facial recognition or fingerprint login.
    Facial recognition or fingerprint login.
  • Push Notification
    Push notifications.
  • Multi-signature wallet
    Multi-signature wallet features.
  • Advanced Escrow wallet
    Advanced Escrow wallet
  • User-friendly UI and trading experience
    User-friendly UI and trading experience.

How does the Remitano clone script work?

User Sign-in
Getting started with the Remitano clone script software platform is so easy. The user has to register his account with his general details like username and email id. After registration, he will receive a verification mail and after verification, the user is free to sign in to his account.
KYC Verification
Once signed in, the user is allowed to enter his other necessary details like the phone number, verification documents like the Driver’s license, etc. After successful verification of those KYC details, the user is free to trade or exchange on the site.
Payment Options
As it is a peer-to-peer exchange platform, the number of potential buyers and sellers of the particular cryptocurrency will be listed and the payment options would be added along to exchange the currencies. When the seller accepts the buyer’s request, they are allowed to chat and trade.
After reaching a certain level of consensus, the buyer will have to send the payment to the seller through the prescribed payment option. Once the seller receives the payment, he has to click the “ I have received the payment” and have to transfer the crypto to the buyer.
Payment resolution option
If the seller has not clicked the option, the buyer can click the payment resolution option given to him and ensure the transactional process.
As an admin
As an admin, you can refer to the availability of the buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies in your site or application. Unless there is a dispute regarding the payment or any associated kind, the admin cannot interfere in the trade between the buyer and seller.
Escrow Management System
Remitano is a one on one escrow management system and works without any influence from the owner. Similar is the function of the Remitano clone script software. But for every transaction successfully delivered, the owner will receive a minimum of 1% as fees for the transaction which is a huge revenue source.

Revenue Model of our Remitano clone script

We created our Remitano Clone script to enable multiple revenues flows for our clients

Revenue model of our remitano clone script

Commissions - For every transaction that a buyer makes in your exchange platform, you will get a fixed amount of commission.

Fees for freemiums - If you provide certain services for free, you can charge for alternative services like ad posting or the advanced option of those free services.

Publishing fees - If you are inducting any new cryptocurrencies into your platform, you can charge fees from them for publishing their coin in your trading pair.

Crypto web mining - Our Remitano clone script provides you an excellent opportunity to mine crypto by using advanced computerised mining tools.

Promotions - If you promote others’ brands on your platform, you can earn revenue from them. Leave up some space in your site for promotion banners or ads.

Google Adsense - Link your site with Google Adsense that will help you to generate revenue when your trader clicks on the product ad related to crypto trading.

Benefits of our Remitano Clone Script

Our Remitano clone script is engulfed with variable benefits for both the traders and the software owners

For Admin/Owner

for admin/owner
  • You are free to access user profiles, history of the transaction, and can take strenuous action for any suspicious activity.
  • The Admin can verify the KYC and approve the account.
  • He can afflict various revenue streams based on the requirement.
  • The admin can offer various trading options to users like binary trading, p2p trading, etc.
  • All the activities in the trading platform will not get into process without the management of the admin.

For traders

for trader
  • Traders can trade without any regulation or interruption as it is a p2p platform.
  • Traders can list their tokens in our Remitano clone script platform by filling the form.
  • Traders can get into the Affiliate program and earn revenue for diversifying the platform among their global trader- colleagues.
  • The trader can leverage IEO with our crypto platform.

Why choose Coinsclone for Remitano clone script?

We, At Coinsclone, have a dedicated team of developers, designers, and quality analysts who commit themselves to provide a world-class peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano. We provide readymade clone script solutions to start your cryptocurrency exchange business instantly. We do thorough research and include all the necessary and exceptional features in our software making it stand out from the others. Our software is SEO-friendly software that can provide you 360-degree protection through multiple security options. Grab a highly functional, supportive, and secured Remitano like cryptocurrency exchange software with Coinsclone.

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