What isWhite Label Opensea Clone Script?

White Label Opensea Clone Script

OpenSea clone script is the ready-to-launch NFT marketplace clone script that is devised on the most trustworthy ethereum blockchain network. This script stimulates you to develop your own peer-to-peer NFT marketplace similar to OpenSea within 7 days. The OpenSea clone script is fortified with tightened security features and cutting-edge modules. This clone script is specially introduced for budding startups/entrepreneurs who are planning to initiate a flourishing NFT marketplace business in a cost-effective way.

The OpenSea clone script is multi-tested and pre-designed, so just you need to make the required customization as per the business needs. Once the optimizations are completely done, you can deploy the fully functional NFT marketplace on your desired server in a trouble-free manner. This clone script replicates all the current core functionalities and other plug-ins of OpenSea.

Considering the hype of the NFTs, this clone script is particularly designed for millions of aspirants who are looking for a secure marketplace to purchase digital collectibles and nonfungible tokens. The workflow of this clone script is the same as the existing marketplace - OpenSea. However, you can modify the functions and other aspects of the OpenSea clone script as per your business concepts with ease.

Why should you Create anNFT Marketplace using Opensea clone script?

opensea clone script software
  • By acquiring the ready-made OpenSea clone script, you can create and deploy a feature-packed NFT marketplace within a week that looks 100% similar to OpenSea.
  • Comes with a powerful admin and user dashboard.
  • It gives a complete shopping cart experience to your users with digital crypto wallets. So, immediately after connecting the wallet, your user can browse and trade all types of NFT collectibles securely.
  • High customization scope. This means that you can alter the platform completely as per your business necessities.
  • An effective solution for starting a successful NFT marketplace business in the NFT world.
  • Users can buy, sell, and mint their desired NFTs instantly and securely on your platform.
  • You can earn a lucrative amount of revenue by offering top-notch NFT trading and minting service for your users.
  • The premium OpenSea clone script is crafted using the Ethereum blockchain, so it uses ERC-721 which is an open standard for non-fungible token exchange.
  • Users can trade Ethereum-based NFTs in a variety of domains such as digital art, music, video, image, GIF, audio, games, and more.
  • No need for any technical expertise

Top Features of Our Opensea Clone Script

Store Front

Our Opensea clone script comes with innovative storefront design to showcase the listed NFTs so that the users can easily explore the system.

Store Front
Buy and Bid

Buy and Bid

Our OpenSea clone script is a ready to launch smart contract audited NFT marketplace software that executes effective buying, selling, and auctioning of digital Collectibles

Efficient Listing

Using our Opensea clone script artists can list any of their digital collectibles with files, description, plugin name and tags.

Efficient Listing
Filter and Search

Filter and Search

Allow your users to slide through millions of NFTs to filter and search options in order to buy their desired digital collectible.

Simplified Architecture

Our Opensea clone script is designed with a simple and friendly interface where the users can experience a high end response.

Simplified Architecture

How ourOpensea Clone Script work?

UserExplore MarketplaceSign In with Web3 WalletCreate NF by uploading collectibles/Deposit NFTsAdmin DashboardManage User Wallet AddressApprove or Reject User ListingManage AuctionsAdmin Profit Management Mint own NFT tokenList the NFT in MarketplaceBid/Sell NFTsWithdraw NFT to other Marketplace

Quick View of Our Opensea Clone Script

Core Features of Our Opensea Clone Script

Multi-chain Support

Our Opeansea clone script is compatible and can support multiple networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn etc… so that customers can choose their desired network to launch their NFT platform.

Multi-chain Support

Various Digital Collectibles

Our Opensea clone script supports various industries which include art, music, video, game, photography, sports, domains etc…

Various Digital Collectibles

Highly Secured Admin Panel

Using the powerful and secure admin panel we provide using our Opeansea clone script, the owner of the site can manage the entire system from the backend portal.

Highly Secured Admin Panel

Crypto Wallets

Choose and connect your preferred digital wallet for minting and buying NFTs. Our Opensea clone script comes with a wide collection of crypto wallets like metmask, coinbase wallet, wallet connect etc..

Crypto Wallets

Activity Tracking

Users can be able to track and view all the activities such as their listings, sales, bids and transfer with a filter option based on the days.

Activity Tracking

Trending Collections

Using our Opensea clone script, users will be able to stay updated with the recent and trending digital collectibles in all the available categories.

Trending Collections

Instant Notification

Get swift notifications for all the actions and activities occurring in the system like bid, buy and also stay connected with recent NFT market statistics.

Instant Notification

Ownership Transfer

Our Opensea clone script is developed in a way where the creators will get their royalty payment support and ownership proof for creating new NFTs.

Ownership Transfer

Admin Profit Management

The revenue model for the admin is the selling & minting fees, bidding charges and listing fees. Admin can be able to fix or adjust these fees based on his preferences.

Admin Profit Management

Day/Night Mode

Users can switch the interface to dark or light mode based on their convenience.

Day/Night Mode

Security Features of Our Opensea Clone Software

Being built on one of the most secure blockchain architectures, our Opensea clone script delivers unmatched security for your platform.

SSL protocol
Ethereum blockchain inherited security
Native security features
End-to-end encryption
Secure wallet integration
SSL security
API Security
Secure transactions

Add on Modules of ourOpensea Clone Script Software

Payment Gateway

Using our Opeansea clone script, users can not only purchase NFT’s using digital wallets and assets but also they can buy using any fiat currencies. We provide the facility to integrate multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, bankwire and payment gateways.

Payment Gateway

Escrow Based Trade

The digital collectibles which are available in the platform are well protected by the escrow system which is especially integrated to prevent fraudulent activities. It is more useful for the creators to neglect the risk of transferring their NFTs before the payment is made.

Escrow Based Trade


Our Opensea clone script has the capability of multi-lingual support which makes it more effective for global competition and you can attract several NFT traders from various parts of the world.


API Documentation

Our Opensea clone script can provide a rest API for fetching NFT items based on a set of parameters that includes sales, bids, transfers and more. Using this API, you can connect your NFT marketplace with other platforms and pull relevant data.

API Documentation

NFT Gifting

The Opensea clone script we provide allows its users to send NFTs as a gift to other users. They can also receive NFT gifts from friends on any platform. Users can send an NFT gift to their ETH address so they receive it directly in their wallet.

NFT Gifting

Our Android & iOS AppFor Opensea Clone App Development

As of now, many NFT traders are preferring mobile-based NFT marketplace platforms for buying and selling NFTs. considering this, we offer best-in-class OpenSea clone app development services along with our OpenSea clone script. By using our finest OpenSea clone app development service, you can launch a stunning NFT trading mobile app like OpenSea which is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Our OpenSea clone app is created with elite security features to prevent any cause of anonymous attacks and other interruptions. Additionally, it is developed with the trending features like filters, push notifications, quick bidding options, storefronts, etc.

You can get the most upgraded admin dashboard that helps you to manage all the NFT transactions and other tradings within your NFT marketplace mobile application. Besides, you can also smoothly customize the theme, visuals, key functions, and other plug-ins of the OpenSea clone app as per your business requirements. The OpenSea clone app also works on the reputed Ethereum blockchain network and the framework of the app is designed using the latest technology stacks. By launching a superfine OpenSea clone app with the help of Coinsclone, you can attract many global NFT traders and creators in a short time.

opensea clone app development
Platforms Developed

Why ChooseCoinsclone For Opensea Clone Script?

Why Choose our Opensea Clone Script

Coinsclone is the leading script provider in the crypto sector when it comes to NFT marketplace clone script. Our OpenSea clone script is the smartest way of deploying an ideal NFT marketplace at a budget-friendly cost. We have a team of experienced blockchain developers who have successfully delivered more than 350+ crypto projects which involve exchanges, crypto wallets, custom NFT marketplaces, crypto payment gateways, and DeFi exchanges. The impeccable outcome and reliability of our product made many startups choose us as a technical partner. In that regard, we have been chosen as the technical partner by over 200+ crypto startups/entrepreneurs around the world.

The main highlight of our OpenSea clone software is, that it is 100% glitch-free and highly responsive without any latency. The OpenSea clone script we offer is a ready-to-deploy script, so our script is already developed, multi-tested, designed, and it can be optimized according to your preferences without any hassle. Our premium OpenSea clone software will help you to generate high ROI as it comes with the latest revenue-making modules. We have a handful of skilled developers and experts to design, develop, and provide customer support for all our products through the internet on a 24*7 basis. Besides, we can also provide you with technical background support if you wish.

Development Approach ofOur Opensea Clone Script

We at Coinsclone undergo the following procedures for Opensea clone script development.

Development approach
Requirement Gathering

Our development team will go through the specs of your project and draw a plan for a successful implementation. We will also present you with an estimate regarding payments and timeframe.


This is also called wireframing and prototyping. You will get a sense of how your OpenSea clone script-powered shopping cart app is going to look.


We will use the OpenSea clone script platform to build your online store where your users will be able to buy and sell nonfungible tokens and digital collectibles seamlessly.


After developing, designing and testing, we will deploy the platform on the web. In case you have an app, we will also deploy the OpenSea clone script powered mobile app on Apple and Google Play Stores.

Testing and Deployment

This is just to make sure that everything works the way it should and there are no kinks.


Maintenance is optional, but after completing the solution, we will deploy it on your server and if you also build your mobile app through us, we will deploy the mobile app on the appropriate play stores.

Our CustomersLove what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


The website developed by Coinsclone is user-friendly and the feedback from customers has been positive. Coinsclone met all needs, while their expertise, professionalism, and ability to deliver on promises earned them trust.

Technologies Used inOur Opensea Clone Script

We use updated and cutting-edge technology tools for developing the opensea clone exchange website and mobile application which will be compatible with all major platforms like Android, IOS, and the web.

Technologies Stack

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Our OpenSea clone script is completely a white-label script and Yes, you can certainly use our first-class opensea clone app development services to create a function-rich NFT marketplace mobile app like OpenSea.
You can purchase the OpenSea clone script at an affordable cost. But when it comes to building an NFT marketplace, the final development cost depends on the scale of your project. It is based on some crucial factors such as the type of interface you want, features you enable in the platform, blockchain support you need, and the customizations you make in the platform. All these factors will shape the OpenSea clone development cost.
Although we agree that there are multiple OpenSea clone scripts available in the market, the efficiency of every clone script depends on the development team that has coded the script. Our team has extensive experience building blockchain technologies for small businesses to big corporations. The clone script we provide is built using extraordinary features and comes with lots of customizable options. Besides, you can purchase our high-quality OpenSea clone script at a reasonable cost.
Our script holds all the essential money-generating modules, so you can earn revenue in multiple ways. Such as transaction fees, NFT trading fees, minting fees, bidding charges, conducting private sales, etc.
Obviously Yes, our bug-free white label OpenSea clone script is 100% customizable. You can modify the features, design, visuals, and more according to you your business needs.

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