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ICO dashboard

Initial coin offering is the process of raising funds by selling their newly created crypto tokens. The investors will fund the ICO project and get the crypto tokens in return. Raising funds here is a one-to-one process where no central authorities or third parties will interfere in between. Anyone can raise a maximum level of funds by choosing an initial coin offering as a fundraising method. Also, you can reap hefty capital and profits without any restrictions.

To make an ICO successful, you should have a fully drafted whitepaper holding the entire project detail, a crypto utility token created over the top blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and BNB chain, and a feature-enriched website. Among these, the ICO website is the mandatory one as the tokens and whitepaper will be included only in it. A website holds an ICO dashboard that shows the real-time tracking of data. You can customize all other specific features and functionalities in the initial coin offering dashboard. Here, you might have a query, “how will I create my dashboard?”

In this blog, we shall discuss everything about ICO Dashboard Script, how it helps startups, their features, etc. First, let us begin the blog with…

ICO Dashboard Script – An Overview 

ICO Dashboard Script is a pre-made solution packed with exclusive features and plugins for creating a top-tier ICO dashboard, enabling startups to launch one quickly and hassle-free. With our ICO Script, you can create crypto tokens on any blockchain like Ethereum Tron, BNB chain, etc. This will also pave the way for secured token sales.

Any customization or changes can be easily made in the initial coin offering website seamlessly. Our script comes along with an ICO admin and investor dashboard. You can create one as per your business requirement. Now, you might be curious to know the workings of our dashboard script. It is illustrated below.

How Does our ICO Dashboard Script Work?

Your ICO Dashboard Script works by providing a web-based platform for managing token sales, and investor registrations, and monitoring real-time data related to your initial coin offering. Users can interact with the script to participate in the ICO and track their investments. Most startups willing to create their own ICO will analyze the workings of a script before initiating their development process. Here, we shall discuss how our admin and investor dashboard works.

Admin Dashboard

  • Get our ICO Dashboard Script, and with that, you’ll get a new utility token, whitepaper, and a UI-rich website by the end.
  • Attach your whitepaper and newly created token to your website once you’ve received the final products.
  • Promote your project on various social media and crypto-based domains and conduct the token sale.
  • Once the investors are interested, check their KYC and pick the ideal list.
  • Raise funds from those ideal investors and offer your tokens as rewards in return.
  • After the completion of the token sale, list your tokens on some popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Kucoin, etc.

Investor Dashboard

  • Create your premium investor dashboard with our ICO Script by adding or customizing all your desired functionalities.
  • If your initial coin offering website looks valuable and trustworthy, the user will list him as an investor.
  • After that, Know Your Customer (KYC) will be completed.
  • The investors will connect their crypto wallet to store their received cryptos.
  • Once they’ve invested the money, the fundraising startup will provide some crypto tokens in return for the capital raised.
  • The tokens offered will be automatically stored in the investor’s crypto wallet.
  • The investors can store, stake, and sell their crypto tokens for any of their futuristic purposes.

By knowing the workings of our script, you might have gathered an idea to create your initial coin offering dashboard to raise funds for your business. But, you might think, what is more special about our dashboard script? Below comes the following.

Benefits of Choosing our ICO Dashboard Script

The outstanding benefits that come along with choosing our website script include the following.

  • The deployment process is very simple and easy as it is a full-furnished product.
  • High liquidity can be reached in a short period.
  • Our investor dashboard comes with loaded features in the form of attracting many investors.
  • The Investors will have full authority over their funds before investment and over their tokens after investment.
  • No central authority, third party, or middlemen will interfere in your ICO dashboard development process. 
  • Hacking and other malicious activities are prohibited by including exemplary security mechanisms.
  • Our website script endorses a wide range of cryptocurrencies 
  • You can add or customize any of your desired features in our ICO admin dashboard and investor dashboard template.
  • A startup can create a robust ICO dashboard within a short time most probably in a week.
  • The Cost of ICO dashboard creation using our script is much less.

These are the core benefits obtained by choosing our script. Besides, many can be realized only after developing the initial coin offering dashboard with our script. So, get a first-class dashboard script from our ICO Development Company and take your business to the next level.

Exclusive Features of the ICO Dashboard Script

Features play a major role in deciding on choosing a product. The reason is that the exclusive features you cover on your website will make it stand out from the competitors. As a startup, you can attract multiple investors for your project which leads to the quick transformation of your business than others. So, the must-have features that should be included in your ICO dashboard involve:

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Support

An ICO website should be able to support all popular cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, Tron, etc. This is the crucial feature that every investor will look for in an ideal ICO website. Therefore, consider this feature before creating your ICO dashboard. 


This is one of the mandatory features to be included in the ICO crowd sale dashboard. Some of the must-have security parameters such as Fingerprint & Face recognition and two-factor authentication should be present on the website. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Your website should present live tracking and real-time reporting of the token sales that happened. Through this updated data, both admin and investor will be benefitted.

Database Backup and restore 

In the current world, there are huge chances of accidentally losing data due to certain circumstances. Hence, backing and restoring information is made possible. This feature will be highly beneficial for the fundraising admins.


An initial coin offering dashboard should be cross-platform compatible to make it more renowned. Most investors are searching for mobile-compatible ICOs that support both Android and iOS platforms.

Multiple payment gateway support

If this feature is incorporated into the admin dashboard, the startups can raise funds through all payment gateways. Through this, the chances of missing any ideal investor will be very low.


Initial Coin Offerings are decentralized and accessed across the globe. Therefore, an exemplary ICO Dashboard Script should support all prominent languages across the globe. By this, a wide range of investors can be attracted.

Other than this, many renowned features come with our script although your desired features can be also added. To create all these features-incorporated ICO dashboards, you can approach Coinsclone the top-notch Crypto Launchpad Development Company for immense results.

Wrapping up

With this, you might have gathered all the information regarding the ICO Dashboard Script. You can create a UI/UX-rich dashboard filled with outstanding features with our script. Our expert developers will gather your requirements and work based on matching your expectations. Besides, our first-class dashboard script comes at an affordable cost. If you wish to create your own ICO and succeed in the crypto industry, get an ICO Dashboard Script from Coinsclone and shift your business to the extent!!

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