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Coinsclone developers have rock-solid experience in developing crypto products for successful outcomes. The defense-in-depth mechanisms we enable for your cryptocurrency exchange website and cryptocurrency exchange mobile application will safeguard your cryptocurrency exchange from all threats and vulnerabilities. Setting up a crypto exchange with the help of our talented blockchain developers would help you distinguish yourself from others and stay one step ahead of your rivals.


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Various Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services We Offer

We, Coinsclone, deliver customized cryptocurrency exchange development services to help entrepreneurs launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

Order Book Exchange DevelopmentOrder Book Exchange Development

Start an exchange for cryptocurrency trading with a real-time order book mechanism. Enabling the order book capability in your platform allows your users to quickly place buy and sell orders based on the market price. Coinsclone's skilled engineers will aid you in building your own crypto exchange with an order book and other significant functionalities.

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange DevelopmentCryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Development

To establish a magnificent crypto derivatives exchange that meets market standards, use our top-class crypto exchange development service. We provide cutting-edge perpetual trading, futures trading, and options trading to create a crypto exchange.

Margin Trading Exchange DevelopmentMargin Trading Exchange Development

You can establish an ultra-secure margin trading cryptocurrency exchange with some enhanced features by utilizing our best cryptocurrency exchange software solution. The cutting-edge UI/UX we incorporate in our crypto exchange development process will assist you in impressing a pool of cryptocurrency investors for running a successful crypto exchange.

OTC Exchange DevelopmentOTC Exchange Development

Utilize our ultimate over-the-counter crypto exchange development service to start an OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform. We acquired the best track record by assisting entrepreneurs in developing an eye-catching OTC cryptocurrency exchange with top-notch security components. By including the OTC desk feature, your users will be able to conduct bulk crypto trades. So, you can attract multiple big shots, whales, and pro-traders with this.

P2P Exchange DevelopmentP2P Exchange Development

Building your own platform for p2p cryptocurrency trading to allow your potential users to purchase and sell cryptos directly without the participation of any third parties. The p2p cryptocurrency exchange we create for you has an escrow feature, which increases security and anonymity. You can build a scalable and robust ads-based p2p cryptocurrency exchange with optimum features with the help of our seasoned crypto exchange developers.

Decentralized Exchange DevelopmentDecentralized Exchange Development

Our decentralized exchange development is not based on any centralized entity. Build a DEX platform with a flexible design by using our decentralized exchange development service. And before deployment, we double-check everything. Our crypto exchange development service avoids the risk of centralization and enables your users to trade with confidence and security.

Hybrid Exchange DevelopmentHybrid Exchange Development

As a well-known cryptocurrency exchange development company, we provide a hybrid crypto exchange development service at a reasonable price. The process of starting a crypto exchange that functions as both a CEX and a DEX is described as a hybrid platform. Our unrivaled knowledge of blockchain technology led us to develop a cryptocurrency exchange with all of the best trading features.

Bitcoin Exchange DevelopmentBitcoin Exchange Development

We assist you with building your own Bitcoin exchange that permits your users to conduct smooth trading with the most features. We have firsthand knowledge in developing a successful crypto exchange using optimizable development services with cutting-edge technologies and military-grade security modules.

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Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Methods

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development From ScratchCryptocurrency Exchange Development From Scratch

A traditional crypto exchange development method where our developers focus on building a Cryptocurrency Exchange from scratch. The crypto exchange development process can take up to a year and adequate technical coding knowledge of our developers. The process of creating a crypto asset exchange is quite expensive due to the complexity involved.

Hire our developersClone Script

Clone script is the simplest and most affordable way to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange. It is a pre-coded cryptocurrency exchange software that replicates the entire functionalities of a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our clone script is customizable and doesn’t need much technical coding work.

Clone ScriptHire Our Developers

To establish a top-class feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange, our developers are ideal. Our expert group will make Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange on time without bugs or any errors.

Top Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Our ultra-modern cryptocurrency exchange platform development comes pre-loaded with industry-leading features.

Robust trading engineRobust trading engine

This functionality will assist you in increasing user engagement and guarantee that cryptocurrency transactions are completed promptly.

KYC/AML VerificationKYC/AML Verification

Build your own cryptocurrency exchange by obtaining the user's photographs, Gmail account, bank accounts, legal papers, and other government-issued identification, you can confirm their identity. When suspect users' KYC checks fail, you can also ignore them.

Advanced Chart viewAdvanced Chart view

Setting up a cryptocurrency exchange with an advanced chart view is an added advantage. In a chart view, your viewers can see the historical and current prices. Additionally, it will assist them in doing a forecasting analysis of the future price of all cryptocurrencies.

Admin ConsoleAdmin Console

The intuitive admin dashboard assists the platform's administrator in properly managing finances, user information, and other imperative features for running a crypto exchange.

User DashboardUser dashboard

The user dashboard we designed to make a cryptocurrency exchange is equipped with all the necessary tools to help your users trade cryptocurrency, check trading charts and cryptocurrency prices, make deposits, and transfer funds.

Wallet IntegrationWallet Integration

The cryptocurrency wallet that we enable to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform allows your customers to securely store, receive, and transfer cryptocurrencies from one wallet address to another. Furthermore, the private and public keys will be activated for secure and quick transactions.

Payment Gateway IntegrationPayment Gateway Integration

Building your platform by Integrating a payment gateway will allow your users to conduct transactions more swiftly. As a result, it will be more convenient for your users to withdraw or deposit funds.

Order bookOrder book

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange with this feature that enables your users to trade cryptocurrencies instantly by accessing the order book, which displays all buy and sell orders for the cryptocurrency. Building your own crypto exchange with this exceptional feature would make it much easier to attract worldwide traders and investors.

Integrated IEO moduleIntegrated IEO module

We enable an IEO launchpad in the platform to assist token owners in conducting sales for newly released crypto tokens. You may make passive money as a crypto exchange owner by collecting fees for hosting the token sale and distributing the tokens.

Liquidity APILiquidity API

It is a crucial component of our custom-built cryptocurrency exchange development. Your users could conduct efficient transactions that are unaffected by market price swings.

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Lucrative Revenue Modules comes with our Crypto Exchange development service

Yield a hefty amount of revenue by starting a Crypto Exchange business with our premium cryptocurrency exchange software development service.

Trading fees

Crypto withdrawal fees

Fiat deposit fees

Crypto Listing fees

Conduct token sales via IEO


Add-On Modules Of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Enable the add-on modules to start your own crypto exchange business and achieve the business goals as quickly as possible.


Starting a Crypto Exchange with this functionality allows your users to lock cryptocurrencies for a specific period and receive rewards via locked cryptos. Furthermore, the platform administrator(you) can increase the cryptocurrency exchange liquidity.

Margin tradingMargin trading

By borrowing funds from the cryptocurrency exchange administrator(you), your users can raise the quantity of their capital. It allows your users to make money by carrying out profitable deals.

Futures TradingFutures Trading

It permits your users to exchange cryptocurrencies at a fixed price with no expiry date. Futures trading is enabled on your cryptocurrency exchange and the app allows your users to maintain their position by speculating on the future price of a specific cryptocurrency.

Referral programReferral program

Make Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange with a referral program feature that allows users to make a passive income by referring new members to the cryptocurrency exchange.

OTC tradingOTC trading

Create a Bitcoin exchange with an OTC trading option, you could assist your users in trading cryptocurrencies in higher amounts. Incorporating this functionality into your cryptocurrency exchange will let you effortlessly impress whales and wealthy investors in the blockchain space.

Admin Profit ManagementAdmin Profit Management

Creating your own crypto exchange with the easy-to-use admin profit management system allows you to track and handle the calculated earnings that come via commission fees, withdrawal fees, and other income sources.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development in Various Blockchains



Hyper ledger

Hyper ledger









Technologies Used in Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Our qualified blockchain developers can develop a crypto exchange website and mobile app using superior technological stacks.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Process

As a prominent cryptocurrency exchange software development company, we apply the strategy outlined below to start an exchange.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering

Our business team analyzes the client’s requirements first to start your own Bitcoin exchange. All suitable needs of the client are then gathered by us according to the cryptocurrency exchange to be developed. The end result is finally determined by how well the requirements have been gathered and hence, we pay more attention to this.


We plan and provide a clear understanding to the client of how we create a cryptocurrency exchange. Proper planning always helps to identify the areas that need focus and we have been one step ahead through this.


Our experienced developers in the blockchain department are capable of producing fabulous UI/UX designs. The cryptocurrency exchange we design is based on the latest trends in blockchain and with an eye on the user attraction aspect.


Once the cryptocurrency exchange design is ready, we get into the development action straightaway. We ensure that the developers stick to the requirements and needs of the client throughout the cryptocurrency exchange software development process.

Testing and Deployment


After developing we conduct tests to identify any faults. At times, bugs or small issues might arise during testing and it will be cleared before moving onto the deployment stage.


Once the deployment stage is reached, clients can be assured of a successful cryptocurrency exchange development. From here, we deploy the cryptocurrency exchange on the server and help the clients to complete the process.

What Makes Coinsclone as the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company?

Coinsclone is a leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company that provides the best crypto exchange development services with high-end features in the global market. Also, we have successfully delivered more than 150+ crypto projects with 100% client satisfaction.

Leverage our cryptocurrency exchange software development service to accomplish success with certainty.

Get in touch with our devoted team of professionals for pricing information and solve your unsolved queries with us. We offer the premier solution required to create a cryptocurrency exchange quickly as per industry standards.

Talk to our experts and experience the quality of our crypto exchange development service.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Cryptocurrency exchange software development is the process by which startups build a high-quality, bug-free, and multi-tested cryptocurrency exchange for starting a cryptocurrency exchange business. It is regarded as one of the best businesses for budding startups since there are multiple revenue-generating modules available on the platform.
We at Coinclone develop six different types of cryptocurrency exchanges which include Order Book, Derivatives, Margin Trading, OTC, P2P, and Decentralized exchange.
By approaching us, you have three different solutions for crypto exchange development. Either you can develop from scratch, purchase our white-labeled software, or hire our expert developers to start your own crypto exchange.
Definitely! Cryptocurrency exchange development has a wider scope in terms of profit-making. Purchasing white-label software to start a Bitcoin exchange is affordable and has several business benefits. Therefore, entrepreneurs can invest low and make huge money in a short time.
The time taken to develop a new cryptocurrency exchange is a minimum of “3 - 8 months”. It has to be noted that the time depends on various factors and complexity of the project.
The following steps are the main process of developing a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Requirements gathering

  • Planning

  • Designing

  • Developing

  • Testing

  • Deployment

On an average, the cost to build the safest cryptocurrency exchange ranges between $10,000 to $30,000. This cost can vary depending on certain factors while constructing the exchange. For higher business requirements, the Crypto exchange development cost can go upto $1,00,000.

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