8 Best NFT Marketplaces of 2024 – A Quick Outlook!

Best NFT Marketplace

For entrepreneurs in the NFT industry, starting a successful business model will be a huge factor in making profits. Many startups have entered the NFT industry and haven’t withstood long as their unique strategies were not up to the mark. Instead, choosing a thriving NFT Marketplace as a business model could have easily solved many problems. Also, the strategy or ideas of those Best NFT marketplaces have been proven to be successful. 

Many traders are still curious about NFTs and how such profits are made through them. Analyzing the top NFT Marketplaces in the market should be the solution to it. For startups, with confusion over how to choose the best NFT Marketplace for business, we at Coinsclone have presented the answer to the question in this blog. Now comes the question…

What are the popular choices as the Best NFT Marketplaces in the industry? 

List of 8 Best NFT Marketplaces in 2024 

While many NFT Marketplaces have arrived, only a few have established their presence with large trading volume and revenue generation. So, these exchanges are quite familiar in the market for specific purposes and have adopted brilliant strategies to overcome market complications. Here is the list of 10 Top and Best NFT Marketplaces for business development.

  • OpenSea
  • SuperRare
  • Rarible
  • Mintable
  • Blur
  • Axie Infinity
  • Enjin
  • Nifty Gateway

Now let me share more details about these top NFT Platforms, which will help you to find your ideal NFT Marketplace to unlock your business venture. So, to begin with…

OpenSea – Largest NFT Marketplace

OpenSea is by far, the largest NFT Marketplace in the industry. Started in 2017, OpenSea has a market cap of valuation of more than $13.3 billion. In August 2021, this NFT Marketplace had a trading volume of 6x the usual volume and showed enormous growth. Also, this NFT Trading platform’s meteoric rise can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and extensive token support. Also, it supports a diverse range of digital assets available for trading, from digital art and virtual real estate to virtual goods in blockchain-based games. With more than 1.5 million active users, OpenSea is one of the most popular blockchains on Ethereum.

Blockchain Platforms – ETH, MATIC, SOL, Optimism, Arbitrum, Klaytn

Started in – 2017

Collectibles – Art, collectibles, domain names, music, photography, sport

Gas Fees – 2.5 % per transaction

Auction Type – Timed Auctions, Buy it now

Merits – User-friendly, Extensive collections, Easy minting of NFTs. 

OpenSea has become the go-to marketplace for both seasoned collectors and newcomers, facilitating the buying, selling, and trading of NFTs with unparalleled ease.

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SuperRare – Crypto Art focussed NFT Marketplace

SuperRare is an NFT Marketplace exclusively for Crypto art and has gained a massive audience already. The platform’s current market cap is around $42 million and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the platform has a native and governance token RARE and buying that can help users to participate in voting. The emergence of this platform is due to high user participation and rare profiled digital art assets. Also, the innovative approach for art NFTs made this platform more vibrant and attractive for investors. 

Blockchain Platform – Ethereum (ETH)

Started in – 2018

Collectibles – Art, Music NFTs

Gas Fees – 3% of sale

Auction Type – Timed 

Merits – Provides high-profile, collectible-grade art NFTs, Periodic auctions

So, this SuperRare NFT Marketplace offering new opportunities for artists and collectors made the investors start a business similar to that one.

Rarible – Specialized NFT Marketplace for features 

Rarible is a feature-rich NFT Marketplace allowing the creation and trading of NFTs comfortably for users.  The current market cap of Rarible is around $27 million and is reaching greater heights each day. So, the native token of the platform named RARI has plenty of benefits for the users. The rise of this platform is due to its decentralized nature and trading without any intermediaries. Also, it supports various digital creators like Artists, musicians, and other content creators to tokenize their assets to reach a wider audience. 

Blockchain Platforms – ETH, MATIC, SOL, Tezos, Flow, ImmutableX, 

Started in – Early 2020

Collectibles – Art, photography, gaming, metaverse, and others

Gas Fees – 2.5% of sale 

Auction Type – Buy it now, Openend

Merits – Easy to use, supports multi-chain currencies, Wallet integration

So, Rarible NFT Marketplace has attracted a significant amount of investors to begin their business expansion by launching such a platform.

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Mintable – Suitable for Novice Traders

Mintable emerges as a front-runner in the realm of NFT Marketplaces. It offers a seamless platform for both creators and collectors, Mintable has revolutionized the way we perceive and trade unique digital items. Also, the platform’s current market cap is around $1.3 million and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, its user-friendly interface caters to newcomers and seasoned NFT enthusiasts alike. Moreover, the marketplace boasts a diverse array of digital collectibles, from art pieces and music to virtual real estate.

Blockchain Platform – Ethereum (ETH), Immutable X

Started in – Early 2020s

Collectibles – Digital art, music, videos, collectibles, in-game items, Metaverse items

Gas Fees – 2.5% of general items

Auction Type – Timed and Traditional auction

Merits – Simple interface, Large Collection of NFTs 

Starting an NFT Marketplace similar to Mintable leads to the transformation of potential NFTs.

Blur – Most Promising NFT Marketplace

Blur is an exciting NFT Marketplace with great potential and has gained a lot of attention in recent times. According to a recent study, the market cap of Blur is around $38 billion and is expected to rise constantly. The marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has been a great addition to the market. Also, this NFT Marketplace’s success depends on the user-friendly interface, low commission fees, and its commitment to fostering community. 

Blockchain Platforms – Ethereum (ETH)

Started in – 2022

Collectibles – Art, collectibles, domain names, music, photography, sport

Gas Fees – Zero 

Auction Type – Not yet defined

Merits – Simple NFT Aggregator, Favoured by Pro Traders, focuses on privacy

In recent times, Blur NFT Marketplace has become a more attractive hub for digital creators to tokenize their digital assets to reach a global audience.

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Axie Infinity – For Gaming Enthusiasts

Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace was found in 2021 and stands as a show-stealer for the future of gaming and digital asset ownership. It holds around $1 million in market cap and is build on Ethereum Blockchain. Also, by combining elements of gaming as (NFTs), Axie Infinity has carved a unique niche, allowing players to own, trade, and earn through digital creatures known as Axies. 

Blockchain Platform – Ethereum (ETH) with Ronin

Started in – 2021

Collectibles – Gaming and digital items

Gas Fees – 4.25% of each sale.

Auction Type – Bidding

Merits – No buyers fees, offers crypto rewards. 

This Axie Infinity NFT marketplace acts as a frontier of a new era of interactive NFTs and possibilities.

Enjin – Completely Decentralized NFT Marketplace  

Enjin NFT Marketplace is preferred by many users who wish to participate in a completely Decentralized network with plenty of options. The NFT trading platform has a market cap of $266 million and is one of the well-established NFT Marketplaces. Also, the Enjin platform has its blockchain. The surge of this platform is only due to the gaming NFTs and their tokenization. Also, it has grown into a remarkable platform through the power of decentralizing the digital assets of the users. 

Blockchain Platform – Ethereum (ETH)

Started in – Late 2017’s

Collectibles – Trading Cards, Art, Virtual Worlds, Utility, Domains, Gaming Assets

Gas Fees – 2.5% trading fee

Auction Type – Bidding

Merits – Suitable for blockchain gamers, assets are backed, and easy to use

This Enjin NFT Marketplace is a key player in the market which fosters a vibrant ecosystem for investors to step foot in the gaming era.

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Nifty Gateway – For Influencers and Celebrities

This Nifty Gateway NFT platform stands out as a leading marketplace for both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. This NFT Marketplace holds around $4 million of value and is build upon Ethereum Blockchain. Also, this platform, joins hands with renowned artists and creators, ensuring a diverse collection of NFTs ranging from digital art pieces to virtual real estate. 

Blockchain Platform – Ethereum (ETH)

Started in – 2018

Collectibles – Art, collectibles, gaming, music 

Gas Fees – 15% of each sale.

Auction Type – Timing Auction

Merits – suitable for top creators, supports fiat payments

Launching an NFT Marketplace like Nifty Gateway is not just a marketplace but it’s a vibrant community shaping the future of digital ownership. 

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Picking one among them is always going to be the toughest choice for business development. Entrepreneurs need to think wisely before selecting one of the best NFT Marketplaces as the business model. Now, here comes the ultimate question.  

How to Choose the Best NFT Marketplace for Business?

Based on deep analysis, our experts have identified different factors that can help entrepreneurs choose the Best NFT Marketplace in the market. 

Brand growth – Brand boosting is the major advantage for entrepreneurs in choosing the top NFT Marketplace as a business model. It’s important to analyze which NFT Marketplace has reached well in the market and the time it has taken for success. 

Security – For entrepreneurs who are yet to reach the market, security should be a massive part of their strategy. Users can gain trust in your platform only when the marketplace reaches the top security standards. 

Features – It is important to keep users engaging in your platform and having an adequate number of features plays a big role in it. 

User Interface/Experience – Platforms with creative User interfaces and calculated user experience designs have been one step ahead of other NFT Marketplaces.

Liquidity and Trading Volume – NFT Marketplaces with more liquidity do perform better and are likely to be visited by many traders. Also, it can give you a fair idea of how the platform has performed so far.  

Transaction fees and commission fees – The transaction fee and commission fee vary from one platform to another. NFT Marketplaces that have set the transaction fee higher will have other strategies to attract users to their platform. 

Platform scalability – NFT Trading platforms should always be scalable, compatible, and expandable to the newest trends. The scalability completely depends on which NFT Marketplace developers have built the platform. 

Despite all these factors, the development company matters in an NFT Marketplace becoming the best in the industry. Since starting an NFT Marketplace is a highly profitable business, consulting with the experts before selecting the best business model will be quite helpful.

Now you might be left amused by the question 

What are the Top Solutions available for NFT Marketplace development?

Here we are there to address your query. For developing an NFT Marketplace without any hassles, it is better to approach an NFT Marketplace development company. They offer you various solutions for developing your dream NFT Exchange platform. 

Their team of developers guides you to prefer White Label or clone script solutions for NFT Marketplace development. Choosing a white-label solution leaves you with the benefit of creating your own NFT Marketplace within 20-35 business days. This White Label software is the most used option as it is an affordable and ready solution that can be customized to your business needs. Alternatively, another reliable option would be, opting to clone script where you can completely create your NFT Marketplace within 10 – 15 days at minimal cost. 

If you are a newbie startup, then go for these solutions which are offered by the best NFT Marketplace development company to get exponential results. 

Wrapping Up!

We at Coinsclone offer a variety of services in the blockchain industry and lead the chart in every department. Our solutions have brought success to some of the biggest names in the industry and we enjoy solving complex problems. We also provide readymade NFT Marketplace clone scripts to develop feature-rich NFT Marketplace Platform for entrepreneurs to build their platform in just one or two weeks. 

By adopting our NFT Marketplace clone scripts, entrepreneurs can be assured of a qualified solution that meets the affordability factor and time-reduction factors. All you need is to find the best NFT Marketplace through the factors we provided and we take care of the rest of the business development. Consult our experts, take a free demo of our readymade software, and get your dream business up and running.

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