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Full-Featured White-Label

White label crypto exchange script generally means that you can license to your traders, or offer on a subscription basis as a new revenue stream, we can build it for you. With a White label crypto software, one can instantly start a crypto exchange.

As a rule, in such systems, that you can host on your own servers using your own domain name, and you can make your own look & feel, custom graphics, custom everything. This guide provides you with the importance of White label crypto exchange software and how it can instantly help you in a trading platform.

The complete solution to outfit for your brand

The additional features which we integrate into our White label crypto exchange

  • Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS
  • Integrated IEO Module
  • Security Token Exchange
  • Liquidity API
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Margin Trading
  • Multi-Sig Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Referral Programs
  • Admin Console
  • Issuer Console
  • Market Making
  • Trading Bot
  • Cryptocurrency Ticker API
  • Rest API
  • Leverage Trading
  • Futuristic CMS
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Here are the mandatory features which we integrate into our exchange software

  • AML/KYC integration,
  • Hot and cold electronic wallets (online and offline storage),
  • Back-end accounting integration
  • Custom reporting
  • Professional user interfaces for web application
  • Payment integrations
  • Custom blockchain development
  • Custom ERC20 Ethereum tokens
  • Multi-currency Pair integration
  • Multi-signature Wallet

Benefits of hiring Coinsclone’s white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Fast deployment time

From the main description, it follows that core exists, which means that you need not build anything from graze. You just need to install set up and build up to it in a new environment.

The core works dependably

Depending on how many replicas have already been sold – each client has already tested it, which means that you get a constant set of functions and features.

This type of platform is great when you want to be foremost who starts it in a certain region. Deployment time is a minimum and a complete solution only give to this.

Beneficial if you lack technical knowledge

You don’t need to have high knowledge about your domain and industry. As a well-experienced team is ready to develop a crypto exchange trading platform for you as per your expectations. 


Building software from scratch can add up your costs. But in the case of White label crypto exchange, the script is readily made. Hence the cost & price will also be reasonable. This is going to be a hassle-free task from your end.


You can create your own brand with the team. You can have your own logo, own design, own color, own technology everything. Hence, your brand will stand out from the crowd.

Eliminates Risk

The most popular advantage of a whitelabel crypto exchange platform software is it reduces the potential risks. You are seeking a reliable solution provider, hence you will receive a trading platform which is risk-free. 

Scale up your revenues

Maximizing profits is quite easy with white label development services. When reselling the vendor’s offerings under your name, it’s your choice to charge as much you want and can make money.

High-End Reliability

Since the software is readily built by the best-in-class solution provider, you can high-end reliability. We people at Coinsclone, Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software that are created in accordance with the user’s business requirements.

About Coinsclone

Coinsclone offers services on the white label cryptocurrency exchange platform. In addition to the handy tested core, our top-quality designers will make an amazing user interface. We bring in top-notch features in our exchange software. 

Additionally, we are ready to hold your platform and constantly make enhancement. Therefore, you get a convenient solution, an eye-catching design and a reliable partner you can rely on.

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