What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-constructed Bitcoin exchange software which replicates the functionalities of a popular Crypto trading platform. Our script comes with the latest trading modules and robust security features. Coinsclone’s premium software is fully customizable, so you can modify themes, features, designs, and other add-ons as per the business requirements in a hassle-free manner. We craft our bug-free script with the new-fashioned technologies and cutting-edge tools. Our clone script is highly responsive, secure, and runs smoothly without any glitches.

Quick View of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

How Does Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script work?


Various Types ofCryptocurrency Exchange Script For your Business

Choose your desired type of cryptocurrency exchange script and start your dream exchange business.


Orders Book Crypto trading platform like Binance

Our bug-free Binance clone script comes with the best order book feature. Our script helps cryptocurrency startups and entrepreneurs to launch a stunning crypto trading platform with a powerful order book system.


P2P Ads Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Script like LocalBitcoins

Our premium peer-to-peer LocalBitcoins clone script will help young startups and entrepreneurs to build a superfine p2p ads-based cryptocurrency trading platform as per the business needs.


User to admin/OTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Like Coinbase

We offer the first-class Coinbase clone script with ultimate trading features and tightened security mechanisms. Our OTC trading script will help you to create and deploy your own OTC/user-admin platform similar to Coinbase.


Decentralized DeFi Exchange Script Like Pancakeswap

Our Decentralized Pancakeswap clone software includes all the important swapping modules and robust security features. Our error-free pancakeswap clone helps to create and deploy a secure DeFi-based DEX platform similar to pancakeswap instantly.

Top Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Advanced Trading Engine

Our first-class cryptocurrency trading script comes with a cutting-edge Trading Engine which matches the buy and sell orders quickly without any latency.

Advanced Trading Engine
Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

Cryptocurrency wallet is the most essential feature as it helps the users to store, receive, and transfer all major virtual coins securely. Our clone script has multi-cryptocurrency wallet support with both user wallet and admin wallet integration. Our multi-crypto wallet enables secure storage and smooth transactions for all prominent cryptocurrency coins like bitcoin, ethereum, dash, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, ripple, etc.

High Transactions per Second

Our superior cryptocurrency exchange script provides extraordinary performance by handling more than 1,00,000 transactions per second without any lag. Therefore, your users can get the finest trading experience.

High Transactions per Second
Security Ready

Security Ready

Security is a major concern while crafting software for cryptocurrency trading. Thus, we enable the latest high-end security mechanisms in our script like Two-factor authentication, data encryption, HTTPs authentication, etc. The IP address will be automatically restricted in the admin server and we provide Cloudflare service to safeguard the cryptocurrency trading platform from fraudulent activities.

High Liquidity

Our cryptocurrency exchange script comes with an API connected to any popular exchange. A secure API connection with other popular exchanges helps in achieving liquidity

High Liquidity

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script for Android & iOS App Development

Our platform has the ideal user interface for traders.

As we know, smartphone users are increasing rapidly in all parts of the world. So most crypto traders prefer cryptocurrency trading mobile applications for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Kickstarting your cryptocurrency business with a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading mobile app will help you attract global digital coin users easily. We at Coinsclone offer a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange mobile app development service with impeccable outcomes.

By using our service, you can create and launch a stunning cryptocurrency trading mobile app with all elite trading features and security mechanisms. Our experienced developers will craft the mobile app with an impressive user interface as per your business requirements which will be compatible with both Android and IOS platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Mobile App Development
Platforms Developed

Core Features of ourCryptocurrency Exchange Script

User Dashboard

The user dashboard comes with all paramount modules to assist your users in trading, depositing, and withdrawing the funds without any hassle.

User Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Our admin dashboard comes with an eye-catching user-friendly interface. You can control all the functions and security modules by using the admin panel. As the owner of the crypto trading platform, you can easily make the desired changes and manage them effectively. Besides, you can view the complete information of user transactions history, user balance, completed trade, daily transactions, withdrawal history, wallet transactions, and more.

Admin Dashboard

Different Order Types

We integrate Limit, Market and Stop order types in our software which helps your users to trade cryptocurrency as per their preference based on the price movement.

Different Order Types

Crypto and Fiat Support

Our script comes with multi-currency support. So your users can utilize both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The scalable architecture in our premier cryptocurrency trading script helps to enable any currency in the future if you need it.

Crypto and Fiat Support

Advanced Chart Tools

We provide a cutting-edge crypto trading graphical chart feature in our script that helps your users to view orders, positions, cryptocurrency price, etc. Therefore, your users can get the best graphical trading experience with the latest chart functionalities.

Advanced Chart Tools


We enable KYC/AML feature where your users have to submit their identity documents for verification. You can analyze those documents and give permission for trading cryptos. This helps you to filter the anonymous and unwanted users.


Support System

Instant support system which helps your users to raise queries and also a chat box for them to directly chat with the admin.

Support System

Admin Profit Management

Our software comes with a transparent profit management system for Admin where the commissions would be calculated and displayed.

Admin Profit Management

API Documentation

We provide a clear API documentation that helps other platforms to connect with your exchange.

API Documentation


Multilingual is one of the core features of our software. You can build a first-class cryptocurrency exchange with multi-language support. By using this feature, you can increase the user count, and also you can grab the attention of crypto users globally.


Referral System

By using this feature, your users can refer to another person and earn cash rewards instantly. So we integrated this core feature to help you in increasing the user count quickly and attract many users easily.

Referral System

Margin Trading

Traders can use borrowed funds to lever up a trade which is a major benefit in margin trading. Your users can open a larger position with a smaller amount of funds by using this feature.

Margin Trading

Futures Trading

When it comes to Futures trading, the buyer or seller should complete their orders at the agreed price and the days. If the price of the underlying asset is moved to the fixed price within the contracted days, then profit or loss can be determined based on that.

Futures Trading

IEO Launchpad

IEO is the latest crypto crowdfunding model and a must-have feature in the cryptocurrency trading platform. We enable this outstanding feature in our script which helps your users to list their token for sale in your launchpad.

IEO Launchpad

Security Features of ourCryptocurrency Exchange Script

Our premier clone script comes with top-level security features.

HTTPs authentication

Jail Login

Data Encryption

Two-Factor Authentication

SQL Injection Prevention

Anti Denial Of Service DOS

Cross-Site Request Forgery CSRF Protection

Server-Side Request Forgery SSRF Protection

Anti Distributed Denial Of Service

Our Portfolio Powers more than 350 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Globally

our portfolio

Benefits of UsingOur Cryptocurrency Exchange Script


By using ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script you can save the development cost of the software which will be lower than developing from base.


Reduced Time to Build

Our software is fully designed, developed, multi-tested, verified by our blockchain experts, and ready for deployment. Thus, it will save time to create and launch a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Reduced time to build

Easy Customization

Our ultra-modern script is 100% customizable. So you can alter all the basic trading features, logo, themes, designs, and also other functionalities in a trouble-free manner.

Easy customization

No Need Of Technical Expertise

As you are getting a product from coinsclone, you don't need to hire a team of developers separately. We have a team of developers who can help you to create and launch a crypto platform within a few days with low effort and less technical resources.

Technical Expertise

High ROI

Our Tailor-made software will help you to develop and launch a superfine cryptocurrency trading platform with a stunning UI/UX that can guarantee a high return on investment.

High ROI

Why Cryptocurrency exchangeScript from Coinsclone?

Coinsclone is the predominant and outstanding cryptocurrency exchange development company in the crypto sector. We have years of rock-solid experience in crafting and delivering premium software with salient features at the best price in the market. Being a pioneer in the crypto space, we are masters in affording all types of cryptocurrency exchange scripts with best-in-class outcomes. So far we have delivered 350+ projects successfully to our reputed international customers across the globe.

We can say with pride that we are offering first-quality cryptocurrency exchange script with excellent features that can be completely customizable based on your business concepts. Our top-notch clone script helped many global clients to create their dream cryptocurrency trading platform. We have a team of skilled and well-experienced blockchain developers to craft the software with all essential trading features.

Crypto Exchange Clone Script From Coinsclone
Crypto Exchange Clone Script From Coinsclone

Besides, we have a dedicated team for providing effective technical and customer support on a 24*7 basis. Some notable reasons to pick up Coinsclone are given below.

  • We have 7+ years of experience in developing error-free Blockchain solutions
  • Delivered 350+ Blockchain projects
  • We have a handful of experienced developers and a dedicated team of experts for customer support
  • We use advanced technology stacks for crafting the software
  • 24/7 Technical support through the internet

Our CustomersLove what we do

Customer feedback and reviews are our major concerns! Here we have shared a few feedbacks of our reputed clients.


Project Name


I personally recommend Coinsclone as an excellent choice for your blockchain development needs. Their assistance will ensure your launch is a success and accelerate your time to market.

Our Recognitions and Rewards

As a global pioneer in the Crypto industry, we have received a cluster of awards & recognition for our uncompromising efforts.

Software world

Technology Stack Used For Our Cryptocurrency Trading Script

Our cryptocurrency exchange script is completely crafted with the latest technology tools which enable your users to get the best user-friendly experience. The cutting-edge technology stacks that we use in our script are Flutter, Kotlin, node JS, swift, and more.

Advanced Technology Stack in Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency exchange script is a multi-tested, ready-made white label software that allows users to trade Bitcoin in a hassle-free manner. By using the ready-made script, startups can develop an exchange and customize features, front-end designs, themes.
The development cost mainly depends on the features that you enable and the type of exchange you want to create for your business. Apart from these, the development cost will vary as per your unique business requirements.
If you are planning to build your own trading platform quickly, then you can use premium ready to use software. So that you can launch your own cryptocurrency exchange in just 7 days
You can get the first-class cryptocurrency exchange script from Coinsclone at a budget-friendly price. We offer peculiar trading features and an eye-catching UI/UX to ensure the best cryptocurrency trading experience for your users.
You can generate a lucrative amount of money in multiple ways by building a cryptocurrency trading platform. Such as withdrawal fees, trading commission, deposit fees, margin trading, advertisement, stacking, and integrating IEO launchpad into your platform that helps token issuers to launch their cryptocurrency/tokens on your platform. For doing this, you collect fees from them.