Explore the Best P2P Crypto Exchanges in the Crypto Space

Over the past years, the cryptocurrency market has boomed with its never-ending features and functionalities. Cryptocurrencies have been chosen as an ideal investment solution for people all over the world. This led to a search for a perfect cryptocurrency exchange with exponential trading opportunities. Hence, there raised a profit-reaping business idea for budding startups and entrepreneurs. 

That is none other than developing a P2P crypto exchange platform. Investors of cryptocurrencies are always in the thirst to find an ideal P2P exchange platform that ensures transparency and security. As a startup, this is the peak period for you to enter the exchange business. P2P Exchange development business ideas will reap high ROI with low investment. 

If you want to know more about P2P crypto exchanges and their development procedure, you have come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to scroll down…

What is a P2P Crypto Exchange? 

A P2P (Peer-to-peer) crypto exchange is a crypto trading platform where one can buy and sell popular digital currencies without third-party involvement. Here users can trade all the popular crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, EOS, and other reliable cryptos. In P2P crypto exchange, there will be no middlemen or admin to monitor user crypto transactions. 

Also, this type of exchange is built with advanced security features. Thus, P2P trading is preferred by the majority of crypto traders. Many startups and business owners have already begun to develop their own P2P crypto exchange platforms. When this is taken as a primary business model, a vast set of crypto exchanges has come into existence. But, the feature-rich P2P crypto exchanges can be counted in numbers. 

If you want to be on the top list, then it is essential to be aware of the dominating top P2P crypto exchanges. 

List of Top P2P Crypto Exchanges in 2023

Based on the enriched features, transaction fees, capitalization, supported cryptocurrencies, daily trading volume and payment methods, each P2P exchange is differentiated. As per our analysis and research, we have shortlisted the top P2P crypto exchanges of the year 2023. 

  1. Binance – World’s largest crypto exchange 
  2. Paxful – Ideal Exchange for Beginners
  3. Bitstamp – Oldest P2P crypto exchange
  4. Remitano – Innovative Escrowed P2P Exchange
  5. WazirX – Best P2P trading Sphere
  6. CoinDCX – Crypto exchange for Altcoins
  7. Kucoin – Crypto exchange with numerous cryptocurrencies
  8. Huobi – Ideal Exchange with high liquidity
  9. OKX – Crypto Exchange without P2P transaction fee
  10. Bybit – User-friendly Crypto Exchange platform

Binance – World’s Largest Crypto Exchange 

Binance is one of the popular and renowned centralized crypto exchange platforms that focuses on Altcoin trading. The Binance platform supports Bitcoin, Tether, BUSD, BNB, Ethereum, Shiba Inu and Cardano. Other than cryptocurrencies, Binance also supports fiat currencies in P2P trading. The average trading volume of this platform is $4,406,127,333. 

Based on the price, cryptocurrency, payment method, regions, and trading method are provided as filter options for users. As a centralized exchange, Binance offers a secured crypto wallet that supports where payments are made instantly. When the transaction deal between buyer and seller is confirmed, the cryptocurrencies are sent to the escrow wallet of Binance. This ensures reliable, seamless and secured transactions. 

The user can buy cryptocurrencies through various payment methods like OSKO, Revolt, Faster payment transfers, Skrill, and many others. Even cash deposit is also supported as one of the payment methods. 

The peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions can be proceeded efficiently with the transaction fee of $0.5 based on the trading pairs. Other than P2P trading, binance offers spot trading, margin trading, OTC trading, IEO launchpad, and limit order trading are also provided for users. 

Paxful – Ideal Exchange for Beginners 

Unlike usual crypto exchange platforms, Paxful supports only three cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, USD coin and Tether. But, it has 350+ various payment methods like Apple Pay, Skirrl, PayPal, M-Pesa, Venmo and others. Additionally, it also accepts gift cards from 130+ merchants including Amazon, Steam, eBay, and iTunes. Due to these, this platform is specially designed for beginners who are interested in crypto transactions. 

No fees are charged for P2P transactions rather sellers must pay 1% of the transaction amount. This platform offers a filter option in which users can choose their price, payment method, cryptocurrency to be traded and amount. With these, an additional feature review system is maintained by this exchange. 

To be clear, the buyer/seller who has completed the transaction will leave their ratings and experience. Through this, the upcoming seller/buyer can view the review and decide on trading. The review systems help to completely avoid scams and fraudulent activities. The price of the cryptocurrencies in P2P trading is set by the sellers. 

Bitstamp – Oldest P2P Crypto Exchange

The Bitstamp platform is highly known for its accessibility to various cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Users who are just starting their crypto trading journey will go with Bitstamp Exchange. Bitstamp offers its users a dedicated in-built customer care system. This enables crypto users to solve their disputes and queries instantly. 

With P2P trading, Bitstamp users can trade with other options including margin trading, limit-order, stop-order, and instant order. Nearly 90% of the crypto assets are stored offline on this platform. The trading volume of this crypto market includes $102,028,362.21. The average transaction fee for every transaction starts from 0.40%. 

Bitstamp P2P exchange is one of the oldest crypto exchange platforms which supports 80+ cryptocurrencies. Payment methods like USD wallet, SEPA, debit/credit card, ACH transfer, crypto conversion and more are supported. 

Remitano – Innovative Escrowed P2P Exchange

Remitano Exchange is known for its highest security features and plugins. This is one of the popular exchanges that enables the buying or selling of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. More than 62+ cryptocurrencies are supported in this crypto exchange. Remitano exchange also supports cryptocurrency deposits and a few fiat currency deposits based on the jurisdiction. 

The withdrawal, maker and taker fee is as follows: 0.0005%, 1.00% and 0.00%. The average trading fees for the transaction include 1% for P2P exchanges. Remitano also provides a centralized wallet for crypto transactions, deposits, withdrawals and fiat transactions. 

Users are offered a skilled customer care team through which disputes and queries can be solved immediately. To reduce the scams and risks in P2P trading, Remitano offers an escrow system. The Remitano exchange is also available in mobile app versions for both Android and iOS devices for convenient trading of investors. 

WazirX – Best P2P Trading Sphere

The Indian-based P2P crypto exchange platform is a leading centralized crypto market that offers exponential P2P trading services for users. The average trading volume of WazirX hits about $644,828 within 24 hours. More than 173 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are supported. The WazirX platform was integrated by the Binance exchange and runs on Binance Blockchain. 

The average transaction fee includes 0.2% in this crypto market. WazirX has robust transactional speed and a user-friendly trading platform where various trading tools are integrated. The WazirX platform provides high-end security features and stores significant assets in cold storage. 

CoinDCX – Crypto Exchange for Altcoins

Like the WazirX exchange, CoinDCX is also an Indian-based P2P crypto exchange platform in which 200+ cryptocurrencies are supported. CoinDCX platform mostly focuses on the security of the users. Compared to other crypto exchanges in the market, CoinDCX collects only a small amount as transaction fees. Sellers and buyers pay 0.20% of the transaction fees. 

Other than P2P trading, margin trading is also provided seamlessly. Users can stake various digital assets in the exchange. In this exchange, nearly 90% of crypto users’ assets are stored in cold storage wallets. The trading volume of this exchange is $1,021,720.14. 

Kucoin – Crypto Exchange with Numerous Cryptocurrencies 

Kucoin is one of the leading centralized exchanges where 200+ cryptocurrencies are supported for transactions. The unique feature of this platform is, that it offers a low fee structure for P2P transactions compared with other exchanges. The average transaction fee of this exchange includes 0.005% only. Famous cryptocurrencies including USD, EUR, and GBP are supported. 

Sellers are not expected to pay any transaction fees for P2P transactions. Buyers tend to pay only the quoted price of the transaction of the seller. Additionally, by staking certain cryptocurrencies on this platform, Kucoin users can get interest. The trading volume of the Kucoin exchange includes $151,086,464.21. Local payments are also accepted in the regions of India, Vietnam and Nigeria. 

Other than P2P trading, this crypto market provides different types of trading options including market, limit, stop-limit and margin. Users can experience high benefits with this platform’s trading bot that helps with efficient crypto trading. 

Huobi – Ideal Exchange With High Liquidity

Huobi is a popular P2P crypto exchange among Asian countries. This platform is highly known for its ample liquidity. Nearly 700+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Huobi coin can be traded in this crypto market. Huobi exchange supports 6 cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, USDD, Huobi token, and Tether. 

This exchange platform offers premium features for its users based on their experience in Huobi trading. Through this scheme, the users can collect gifts and other vouchers. The basic charge fee in this platform is 0.2% but users who trade with Huobi tokens can get a discount on the trading fees. The trading volume of the Huobi platform includes $105.21K. 

One of the exponential features of Huobi is its high-end security. Users’ funds are secured in multi-signed cold wallets. In addition to these features, the Huobi platform has a well-versed customer support team. 

OKX – Crypto Exchange Without P2P Transaction Fee

When compared with other crypto exchanges, OKX is one of the best and ideal P2P exchange platforms for crypto users. Unlike other exchanges, OKX won’t charge any transaction fees for P2P trading which is an add-on benefit for users. This platform supports nearly 6 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, USD coin, Tether, True USA and Dai. And, 100+ fiat currencies are also supported with an average trading volume of $1 billion. 

In this marketplace, users can use filter options for trading. Price range, cryptocurrencies, payment method, fiat currency, and purchase method can be filtered. This exchange enables 900+ payment methods including local bank transfers, SEPA, SWIFT to Perfect money, Revolut, and Transferwise all over the world. OKX has a strong P2P escrow system. 

That means until the transactions are confirmed by the buyer/seller, the cryptocurrencies are not released by the platform. Once the transactions are completed, the buyer and seller can leave their review as feedback. Unique features of High-yield trading bots are also provided in the marketplace for users. 

Bybit – User-friendly Crypto Exchange Platform 

Bybit is a renowned P2P crypto exchange platform where users can post advertisements for secure transactions. The platform gives complete security for users with 2 factor-authentication and facial recognition. 

The unique feature that makes this exchange stand out from other exchanges is its crypto-to-fiat currency conversion. And, the conversion can be done for free of cost all over the world. 

Not only for P2P exchange, but this market is also famous for its margin trading. This platform provides an order book where trading volumes and the current market can be analyzed easily. The Bybit P2P exchange platform supports four different cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and USD coin. There is no charge deduced for P2P trading for buyers and sellers. 


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