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Well, Bitcoins has been the hot talk in the town. With dozens of users being registered and carrying out transaction most of the countries such as France, Indonesia, India have started making headway towards these cryptocurrencies.

On the whole, high-end cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Binance, Coinbase has initiated the support towards a neoteric currency named Stablecoin.

Though bitcoins were added with foredeals, on the flip side it remains in a weaker area with its magnitude of dependability when it comes to using it as a traditional medium of exchange.

This has been the primary reason behind the leap forward in the area of cryptocurrency & stablecoin. In addition to it, there are a plethora of stablecoin development company which are emerging every single day.  Experts suggest it is going to be the year of stablecoin!!

What are Stablecoin?

You would have probably come across a various set of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Stablecoins are the exciting type of cryptocurrency that has been linked to the US dollar in 1:1 ratio.

The principal reason behind Stable coins development services is that it minimizes the effect of volatility.

Why should I opt for Stablecoin Development Company?

Just like other cryptocurrencies, stable coin development is too thrive on their blockchain, or sometimes as cryptographic tokens which are spacious for everyone to see on the blockchain. But unlike additional cryptos, they aren’t stable.

To make it clear, consider you are a merchant providing the tea service where your customers pay you through cryptocurrency. Since there are dilemma and oscillations taking place you would either come up with profit or loss depending on the

Still confused?

Now, I’ll give you yet another example with a live graph.

Consider in the year 2009, you bought a  purchased pizza for 10,000 bitcoin (~$30). The past year, that same order cost $82M — all by the dint of bitcoin’s drastic change in price.

                                                                                                     SOURCE: COIN DESK

With extraneous fluctuations and emendations happening in cryptocurrencies, it can either be an in/out of pocket depending on the statistics.

So if you need a stable case in your pouch, stablecoins can be the ample reason which you can choose.

How to create a stable coin?

Stablecoins are mostly made out of pegging. They can be pegged against the US dollar or other world currencies. Moreover, it is similar to the currency pegs that have been done by the most popular central banks of the world.

The great challenge behind the currency peg is they are a tedious job to maintain especially in the face of adverse market conditions. All these factors have to be taken into account when designing Stablecoin development solutions.

Types of Stablecoin:

Quite a few Stablecoins have already been into the practice for recent years. So if you are without the knowledge of Stablecoin types, here you need to take a look at!

Basically, there are four diverse Stable coins in the market!

                                                                                             SOURCE: MASTERTHECRYPTO


  • Fiat-backed cryptocurrencies are backed at the ration of 1:1 which means 1 stablecoin is equal to 1 unit of currency.
  • They are the simplest form of stablecoin which one should have since it has premium outcomes on the other end.
  • Popular examples of Fiat-Collateralized include Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.


  • Commodity-Collateralized is yet another stablecoin which hold a tangible asset that has a real value which other cryptos fail to have. These commodities even have the potential to appreciate over time with great incentives for people across the globe.
  • Digix Gold, Tiberius Coin, Swiss Real Coin are a few examples of Commodity-Collateralized.


  • The primary feature in this stablecoin is decentralization. One can expect refined reliability, security and complete transparency here. There is not even a single entity which controls your funds.
  • Added to the list, you can enjoy expanded liquidity, which means it can be converted into an underlying asset at a faster pace.


  • This coin actually makes use of the algorithmic governed approach to control stablecoin supply. They make use of Seigniorage Shares system.
  • There is no reliance on collateral, there is independence from any central entities.
  • Smart contracts put in place allow for more trust since the peg is tied to an algorithm and not collateral.

Real-World Applications of Stablecoins

Despite the fact that Stablecoins are in the early stages of its growth, they bring forth a handful of real applications across the globe!

Diurnal currency

  • Stablecoins are the fully-featured cryptocurrency that’s legally backed and secure.
  • Moreover, we may be able to pull out a digital wallet from our smartphones to pay our morning coffee or tea with cryptocurrency similar to many of crypto-enthusiasts which we have dreamed of.

Protection from Local Currency crashes

  • Probably you would have heard of fiat currency crashing where local citizens had exchanged their crashing currency for USD-backed, EUR-backed, or even gold-backed stablecoins rapidly before they lose even more of their savings, which had protected them from further drops in value.
  • These coins offer feasible solutions to such crises by allowing them to quickly exchange their dropping currency holdings into a stable currency, therefore protecting them from further drops in value.

Improved Cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Usage of stablecoins development company allows exchanges and adoption of cryptocurrency trading on the whole. This makes easier for newbies in the area of cryptocurrency.
  • Additionally, it will also lessen bitcoin’s massive influence over the market!

So, how is Stablecoin in the current industry?

Tether USD 2,025,209,175.85 $0.9928 (-0.08%) 838,170,394.20 (0.63%)
USD Coin 240,265,047.24 $1.0015 (0.01%) 9,460,135.30 (48.90%)
True USD 205,253,622.82 $1.0000 (-0.04%) 13,015,303.65 (-4.52%)
Paxos Standard 117,197,219.67 $1.0003 (0.06%) 27,767,450.85 (25.71%)
Gemini Dollar 67,431,399.33 $0.9992 (-0.09%)  

183,132.86 (-22.68%)



So, are we done?

Well, if you require stability without any fluctuations, stablecoins are the perfect one which you need to take a look at!

If you are looking for Stablechain development company, Coinclone can provide you with top-notch stablecoin development solutions with great features!

Why still waiting in the wings? Get benefited with handy outcomes from our end!!

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