BitOasis Clone Script – A Unique Way of Developing an Exchange for Your Business!

BitOasis Clone Script

As a startup, you might be in the plan of developing a crypto exchange to upscale your business in the crypto market. You are in the right place with a unique idea. Yes! Developing a platform like BitOasis is gonna make your business worth it! By launching a platform like Bitoasis you would have a high chance to cover the UAE audience and also users with the AED/SAR as a fiat. To make you still clear, let us see what BitOasis exchange is.

BitOasis is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates in the year 2015. This exchange offers an average of 15 digital assets to buy, sell and trade in dirham and UAE. It is mainly developed by focusing on users who live in the middle east. BitOasis exchange enables more than 87 different countries to make deposits and fiat. So developing a platform like BitOasis will take your platform really to the next level in the market. 

But a platform like BitOasis can be developed in various development methods. Among all, choosing the BitOasis clone script method to develop your own platform will be the right fit. Let us see what is BitOasis clone script.

What is a BitOasis Clone Script? 

Bitoasis clone script is a pre-designed and customizable software solution that replicates the features of the existing OTC crypto exchange platform like BitOasis. By using this BitOasis clone script, you can create your platform with various alterations in the way you want to portray your platform in the market. According to a survey, the most popular entrepreneurs often prefer the BitOasis clone software for developing their own cryptocurrency exchange platform since its development process requires a very short period to launch your platform in the market quickly. In that way, let us see the benefits of the BitOasis clone script below. 

How is the BitOasis Clone Script Beneficial for Startups?

For startups, the term benefits refer to the expected outcome and also simultaneous growth of your platform. In this case, BitOasis clone software favors the startup in all the expected ways of outcome/ results to their platform. For your knowledge, let us see the benefits of the BitOasis clone script below.

Time and Cost Efficiency 

When coming to development from scratch, it takes a long period to complete the entire development process. The cost would also be expensive and you cannot pre-plan the budget as fixed, it may require additional costs for adding up any other additional features or any requirements to the platform. But using the BitOasis clone script platform, you would not deal with these issues. Instead, it has pre-developed software for your platform which automatically reduces your development time and its cost is also low compared with the other development methods.

Customizable and Scalable

The excellence of the BitOasis clone script is its customization options. It allows you to customize your platform at any time, like by adding new upcoming features, attractive designs, trending modules, etc. 

Rapid Market Entry

The BitOasis clone software allows you to rapidly launch your platform to succeed among competitors in the market and also allows you to increase the capitalization of your business in the industry. 

The above-mentioned benefits simultaneously exemplify the hidden revenue generations of the platform. And finally, you would end up getting these benefits to your platform by using the BitOasis clone script. 

At the same time, Let us see the amazing features of the BitOasis clone software, to analyze how it acts well to the users to use the platform in a user-friendly manner. 

Features of the BitOasis Clone Script

This software holds all the necessary features in a user-friendly way for the users to move on with your platform. The features of this software are helpful for both the users and the platform’s admin. Let us see the features that BitOasis clone software holds and how it serves its purpose. 

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Wallet Overview
  • API Integration
  • Payment Options
  • Invoice Builder
  • Referral Protocol
  • Affiliate Program
  • Coin/Token Listing Portal
  • Multi-lingual Support 

Security Features of the BitOasis Clone Script

The security features are one of the major notable features in the BitOasis clone software. Let us know what security features it holds. 

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Jail Login
  • DDoS Security
  • Wallet Key Security
  • Data Encryption 
  • Anti-Phishing Security
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) 
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

These are the valuable features of the BitOasis, you can get these features as a default in your platform by using the BitOasis clone script. These are all set at the service provider you choose. So be careful while choosing a crypto exchange development company.  

Overall, the most concentrated part is… 

The Revenue Model of BitOasis Clone Software?

With our BitOasis clone software, you will be enabled with the exemplary revenue model for your platform to earn massive revenue. Let us see them below. 

Fiat deposit/ Withdraw fees

In the module of fiat deposit and withdrawal fees, the bolt fees will be collected for maintaining the bolt bank balance in the card experience. It normally collects a fee from 0.55% to 1.10% from the users. 

Lite/ Pro 

The BitOasis clone script comes with two mediums, lite, and pro. Here it collects the fees for the maker and taker fee accordingly. 

In BitOasis crypto trading pro, you can collect the fees of both the maker fee and the taker fee. In the maker fee, the user who wants to sell their crypto by setting their price limits and sells it. By this, the admin can collect some random fees by allowing this facility.

In taker fees, the buyer who wants a cryptocurrency with certain price limits collects the crypto by setting the limit order. By this, they pay some charges to the platform by enabling this access to them.

Crypto Send/ Receive

The third module is the crypto send and receive cryptocurrency, here the users are allowed to send and receive the cryptocurrency, it collects some commission for both the crypto sending and receiving from the users. For receiving crypto it collects zero commission fees. But for sending crypto it collects the fees according to the type of cryptocurrencies you send. 

So, Overall to develop a platform like BitOasis, you need the right guidance like a script provider who would guide you from A to Z in the development process of your platform. In this case, Coinsclose, a crypto exchange development company is the best among others in the market. Let us see why particularly Coinsclone, why not others? 

Why Choose the BitOasis Clone Script From Coinsclone?

The right guidance will lead you toward success in a short time. In the list, we the Coinsclone are the perfect choice for you. We have quality portfolios for your reference to know the quality of our work. We are also specialized in analyzing the right strategy for your business. 

We help you to launch your platform with white-label crypto exchange software by figuring out your actual idea related to your platform. We have successfully developed 50+ cryptocurrency exchanges that successfully live in the market. This happens and is only possible with our expert developers. To get clear-cut clarity, try the free demo of our white-label solutions, here our experts will guide you by explaining every feature in the software.

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