Best Cryptocurrency Exchange – A Deep Dive into the Ideal Option

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

A famous quote says, ‘One day, the crypto industry will change everything more than anything’. Before a decade ago, no one would have believed these lines. But today, small digital assets are ruling the financial world with enhanced security. Aspirations have come into reality with the blockchain-infused cryptocurrency industry. From trading a digital token, and celebrating a festival in the metaverse to tokenizing art pieces, music albums & gaming videos, cryptocurrencies have made many groundbreaking revolutions. 

This paved the way for many to get into the realm of cryptocurrency with huge investments. While the need for crypto investments increased, the demand for a safe and secure exchange platform has also skyrocketed. For budding startups, this becomes a lottery ticket. Like a genie in a magical bottle, business freak startups and entrepreneurs are showered with billions and trillions of profit through crypto exchange platforms. 

Even though many crypto exchanges have evolved, only a few shine and get a distinctive place in the market. If you need to become the best among the crowd, then it is important to analyze the existing successful crypto exchanges. We people at Coinsclone have come up with a detailed analysis of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2023.

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What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The cryptocurrency exchange is an exchange platform where crypto coins and crypto tokens are bought and sold without any intermediaries or third parties. This platform is specially designed by a smart contract-powered blockchain network to ensure trustworthiness. As many people have started to trade cryptocurrencies, the need for ideal cryptocurrency exchanges has skyrocketed. 

Hence, Cryptocurrency exchange platforms have become an effective business idea for startups and entrepreneurs. Numerous crypto exchanges are there in the crypto world, but only a few succeed. The success mainly depends on the choice of cryptocurrency exchange type. Based on the security, and liquidity factors, the cryptocurrency exchanges are differentiated.

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What are the Different Types of Crypto Exchange?

Crypto World provides various business ideas for budding entrepreneurs and startups. In that regard, the most efficient and popular business idea is developing a crypto exchange. Based on the various factors, there are three different types of cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto world. 

Centralized Exchange – Centralized exchange or CEX is a traditional crypto exchange platform where a central entity governs the crypto transactions. Admin of the CEX platform can govern the crypto transaction and govern their transaction history. KYC and other security measures are followed to ensure trust. A secured centralized wallet is also offered for users. Binance, Bybit, and Coinbase are successful CEX platforms in the crypto market. 

Decentralized Exchange – Decentralized exchange or DEX is a platform in which transactions are made without any intermediaries or central entities. Smart contracts and dApps are integrated to execute automatic transactions securely. The users of the DEX platform remain anonymous without any identity verification. Transactions are done with the help of non-custodial wallets in this market. Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Sushiswap are existing DEX platforms that are popular in the crypto market. 

Hybrid Exchange – Hybrid exchanges are the combined versions of both CEX and DEX which are considered to be the future of the crypto exchange market. Hybrid exchanges tend to provide the liquidity of the CEX platform and privacy of the DEX platform at one platform. In simple terms, users can get benefits from both exchanges. Qurrex and Eiddo are some of the current examples of the hybrid marketplace. 

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How do Crypto Exchanges Work?

For your ease of understanding, we have provided the working nature of both DEX and CEX in the admin’s perceptions. This may be useful for you, while you develop and deploy your cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

CEX Platform: Admin Perspective 

  • The admin dashboard of the centralized exchange platform has options to check the user’s transactions and history. 
  • While new users tend to register on the platform, the admin checks the user’s identity and approves with Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities. 
  • Once the user has registered and created an account in the exchange platform, he/she can start with crypto trading. 
  • If any disputes arise in the trading process between the seller or buyer, the admin of the platform is responsible for clearing the problem. 
  • The admin is in charge of clearing the amount Withdrawal request/history, Commission request/history, and wallet transaction. 
  • This is how a CEX platform works and admin takes the full control over the crypto exchange. The admin can edit the website content, theme, logo, trading fee and others. 

DEX Platform: Admin Perspective 

As DEX platforms are not controlled by a central entity, the admin has only a few responsibilities. 

  • When the user tends to swap or exchange the crypto pairs, the admin will manage them. 
  • Additionally, the admin will add or delete the liquidity pools and farming pairs. The swap history of the anonymous user can be managed. 

This is the working procedure of the Decentralized exchange platform. We hope that you have a basic knowledge of crypto exchanges and their working process. Even though it is necessary to analyse the existing successful crypto exchange platforms. It will be helpful for you to start a crypto exchange without any hesitation. 

Best Crypto Exchange Platforms 2023


Binance is one of the leading and largest crypto exchange platforms which was introduced in 2017. Binance exchange is well-known as the safest crypto exchange because of its high end-to-end security features. It has a highest trading volume of $17.7 billion. Crypto beginners, traders, and experts can trade Bitcoin, Vecoin, Harmony, and Vethor tokens. Almost 350+ cryptocurrencies The best part? In this platform, fiat currencies including INR, USD, EUR, AUD, GBK, and others are also supported for transactions. 

This crypto platform is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android users. When looking at exchanges, two important factors that get attention from users are trading fees and security. 

Binance provides end-to-end security for users with 2 authentications, short message service, address whitelisting, device management, and device restriction options. Binance provides one of the lowest trading fees for all types of crypto trading.

Binance offers margin, limit-order, stop-order, perpetual, P2P, Stop-limit order, stop-market order and OTC trading methods. Detailed price charts and order books can viewed through the binance mobile app, website and desktop app. Add-on to these, various crypto payments like crypto wallet, debit/credit card, ACH transfer, and Wire transfer are supported. On the whole, Binance is a perfect destination for all crypto users. 


OKX is one of the leading and largest crypto exchange platforms in the crypto market. The OKX crypto exchange is highly notable for its high-interest staking options that nearly yield 1 % with a dozen coins. OKX market has various trading options including P2P trading, order book, limit-order, and stop-order where 350+ cryptocurrencies are supported. For P2P trading, six cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, USD coin, True USD, and Dai are supported. 

OKX platform dashboard has nearly three different layout options in which users can choose any of them for their trading convenience. OKX has 900+ exponential payment methods for crypto payments. Even local bank transfers are also supported in some jurisdictions. As this is a centralized exchange platform, OKX offers a crypto wallet for its users. The average trading volume of this platform is around $1 billion. The fee structure of the OKX platform is illustrated below. 

In this platform, the user’s crypto assets are secured in cold storage. To protect the account from hackers, withdrawal passwords and anti-phishing ways are followed. To solve any disputes or transaction problems, OKX provides chat and live support. Hence, the OKX cryptocurrency exchange will be a good option for all kinds of crypto traders. 


Coinbase is the US-based largest crypto exchange market which acts as an alternate option for the Binance platform. Nearly 250+ cryptocurrencies are supported for trading with various trading methods. In the user dashboard, a detailed trading chart, order book, and conversion rate are displayed for convenient trading. One of the innovative features of the Coinbase exchange is that offers an ‘Earn while you Learn’ option. Through this, users can learn about cryptocurrencies and their trading methods, 

The average trading volume of this platform includes $4 billion. With fiat currencies, users can trade or purchase cryptocurrencies. Added to these, users can withdraw their cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. The fee structure of coinbase is given below. 

Like other centralized exchanges, Coinbase also offers a secured non-custodial crypto wallet. For staking cryptocurrencies in this platform, nearly 6% of coins are rewarded to users. The payment methods of this platform include Wire Transfer, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay, ACH, and debit cards are also supported. It is proven that Coinbase is a top-secured cryptocurrency exchange for crypto users.


BitGet is a popular centralized crypto exchange platform that was introduced in the year 2018. This exchange is highly preferred by both Coinmarketmap and CoinGecko for its crypto derivatives feature. Presently it has a huge following of up to 110,000 traders and users. The crypto exchange offers 500+ spot trading pairs which is a user-gaining factor.

The BitGet platform is known for its unique fee structure. The exchange platform has a user-friendly interface like other popular exchanges. In addition to these, the BitGet platform is completely encrypted and follows high-security measures. 


Kraken is the first cryptocurrency exchange where leverage trading is supported for users. The Kraken platform supports nearly 200+ cryptocurrencies for trading purposes. This cryptocurrency exchange provides a reliable, seamless and user-friendly experience so that crypto beginners can execute their transactions easily. Higher margin trading limits are available only for traders. The Kraken platform offers two different markets namely Kraken and Kraken Pro. 

In the Kraken marketplace, using a bank account the user can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Here, two-factor authentication is verified to secure the account and transactions. On the contrary, in the Kraken Pro platform, detailed trade charts and open orders are displayed for transactions. The cost for trading, withdrawal, and deposit differs based on the platform types. 

The Kraken platform offers higher liquidity for users in the crypto market. With the help of crypto wallet, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and payment cards cryptocurrency payment can be done easily. As Kraken provides the unique trading option of Leverage trading, it yields high profits among various cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, Kraken is the safest crypto exchange platform for crypto traders and users. 


Bitfinex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange market where the trading fees for all transactions are low compared to other exchanges. Advanced trading options like margin, crypto derivatives, and various investment features are provided for users. Hence, this platform is suitable for all kinds of cryptopreneurs. Bitfinex nearly supports 170+ cryptocurrencies for crypto trading. Even though Bitfinex is considered the oldest crypto exchange, it provides trendy and in-demand tokens for trading. 

Security is the first and foremost concern of the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange platform. They provide two factor-authentication, withdrawal protection features, cold storage for crypto assets, and advanced API features. The fee structure of the Bitfinex platform is explained in detail. 

Bitfinex platform has a supporting team where the issues can be raised as tickets through the mail. In simple terms, Bitfinex is suitable for traders who prefer an ideal mobile app. 

These are the popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the ever-changing crypto world. If you are a startup company, you can choose any of the above cryptocurrency exchanges and replicate them with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange script. With the help of the exchange script, you can easily deploy your crypto project at an affordable cost. 

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