BEP721 Token Development – To Create NFT on BNB Chain

BEP721 Token Development

BEP-721 constitutes a proposed standard designed to represent non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the Binance blockchain ecosystem. The core purpose of this standard is to establish a comprehensive set of regulations governing the creation and management of NFTs on the BNB Chain. Its primary objective is to establish a unified framework that empowers developers to craft NFTs that are fully interoperable.

While NFTs are frequently discussed, it’s imperative to comprehend their essence. Non-fungible tokens are distinct digital assets that lack the capacity for one-to-one substitution or exchange with other tokens. In contrast, tokens that are fungible, like Bitcoin or Ether, can be seamlessly interchanged.

The exchange of one Bitcoin for another is viable due to their identical nature, akin to trading one $10 bill for another. This process doesn’t result in any loss of value. Conversely, attempting to swap the artwork “Starry Night” for the “Mona Lisa,” even if both pieces share equal fame, is unfeasible. Such a trade is inherently imbalanced. This is where the concept of NFTs finds its utility. It facilitates intricate exchanges under specific conditions.

This is precisely where the significance of BEP721 token development becomes evident. Let’s delve into a discussion about this aspect, shall we?

What is BEP721 Token Development?

BEP-721 token development involves creating tokens on the Binance Smart Chain that adhere to the BEP-721 standard for unique digital assets. The BEP-721 standard delineates a set of regulations governing the conception and administration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the BNB Chain. It establishes a shared framework that empowers developers to forge NFTs with interconnectivity. Consequently, users gain the capability to forge a diverse array of unparalleled digital assets, spanning from collectables to virtual real estate and even digital artworks.

A key facet of the BEP721 standard is the incorporation of a distinctive identifier for each NFT, referred to as a token ID. This token ID serves to facilitate the effortless monitoring and substantiation of ownership and lineage associated with a specific NFT. Furthermore, the BEP-721 standard encompasses a collection of metadata fields, furnishing supplementary insights into the NFT, encompassing its appellation, description, and any linked external URLs.

The assimilation of the BEP721 standard has galvanized the expansion of the NFT market within the BNB Chain ecosystem. It has empowered the generation of a wide spectrum of exceptional and invaluable digital assets. Furthermore, it establishes a degree of uniformity and compatibility that streamlines the undertaking of NFT creation and management for developers. Simultaneously, end users are empowered to seamlessly transfer and trade NFTs.

Collectively, the BEP721 standard marks a pivotal stride in NFT technology. Why? For the simple reason that after the Ethereum blockchain, the BNB Chain stands as one of the most widely employed blockchains in the market. It signifies a substantial advancement in the utilization of blockchain technology for the issuance and administration of distinct digital assets. This rationale underscores our involvement in BEP721 token development.

Minting NFT Tokens through BEP721 Token Development

The process of minting NFT tokens through BEP721 token development involves several steps. First, you need to select a platform of your choice for NFT minting. Platforms like Juggernaut, BakerySwap, and Treasureland offer user-friendly interfaces and competitive NFT minting fees. The choice of platform depends on the preferences of both the seller and the buyer.

To mint NFTs, your cryptocurrency wallet must support BEP-721 tokens. Trust Wallet and Metamask Wallet are suitable options for linking BSC-based coins. Once you’ve set up your wallet and chosen a platform, connect your wallet to that platform. The fees for minting the tokens are determined by the current BNB price at the time of minting.

Here’s a breakdown of the minting processes on each platform:


Juggernaut’s NFT platform, known as JuggerWORLD, offers various options like photos, gifs, videos, or audio for minting NFTs. When connecting your wallet, you can choose the fee that the creator will receive upon NFT sale. After wallet linking, click on “Create” to initiate the minting process. You’ll then select either a unique token (BEP-721) or a sequence of tokens (BEP-1155). Opt for BEP-1155 if the collectible is intended to be sold multiple times. Fill out the required form and click “Create now.” Make sure to review the gas costs before proceeding with the payment.


BakerySwap allows the minting of various media types such as photos, gifs, videos, or audio. Once your wallet is linked to the platform, navigate to mint artworks and provide all the metadata for the artwork. Upload the file and don’t forget to acknowledge the anti-plagiarism statement. If you’re using MetaMask, you’ll receive a pop-up asking you to confirm the minting fees. Upon payment, your NFT will become available for trading.


TreasureLand currently supports photos and gifs for minting. It offers the option for single or series NFTs and allows creators to set royalties. Connect your wallet to the Treasureland Create page and furnish the necessary details, including the attachment of the image or gif. The creator royalties are set at 10% before the creation is finalized. While the NFT becomes visible and purchasable, please note that a minting cost will apply when transferring it.

In summary, minting NFT tokens through BEP-721 token development involves selecting a platform, ensuring wallet compatibility, connecting your wallet, customizing NFT details, confirming fees, and finally, making payment. Each platform offers distinct features catering to different preferences in the NFT ecosystem.

Steps to Create a BEP721 Token

To initiate the creation of your own BEP-721 token on the Binance Smart Chain, it is essential to partner with a reputable token development company. This strategic choice is driven by the multifaceted nature of the pre-development phase, which necessitates meticulous planning and decision-making across various aspects including programming languages, platform selection, token type, symbol, supply, and more to create a crypto token. By collaborating with a Token development Company like Coinsclone, you can effectively address all your requirements and shape the future trajectory of your token.

Exploring Fundamental Token Characteristics

  1. Token Owner: Each BEP721 token is inherently linked to an owner. This owner assumes the pivotal role of not only overseeing the creation of new tokens but also wielding the authority to cease the minting process altogether.
  2. Capped Tokens: A crucial facet involves defining an initial token quantity limit. Once this predetermined limit is attained, the process of minting additional tokens will be automatically curtailed.
  3. Mintable Tokens: The concept of “mintable” pertains to the act of generating tokens as required. This flexibility extends until the predetermined capped quantity is reached, facilitating controlled token generation.
  4. Burnable Tokens: This mechanism encompasses the deliberate destruction of tokens. Such tokens can be “burned” to effectively reduce the token count within the market, enhancing control over the token’s circulation.
  5. Black Listing of Tokens: Tokens can also be subject to blacklisting. In scenarios where tokens or the platform responsible for token generation display signs of malign intent, the option to blacklist the token is pivotal.

By meticulously following these steps and partnering with an esteemed token development firm, you can seamlessly create a BEP-721 token on the Binance Smart Chain that aligns with your unique specifications and aspirations.

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Whether your intention is to create tokens using the BEP-721 standard or delve into broader aspects, we pledge to infuse our expertise and blockchain technological prowess into the development of BEP-721 tokens. Rely on our seasoned proficiency in the realm of token development. Our crypto token development services extend to BEP-20 token development as well.

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