Top 10 Blockchain Platforms to Elevate Your Token Creation at Ease

Top 10 Blockchain Platforms For Crypto Token Development

While we consider the crypto world as a magical circus, blockchain technology is the ringmaster. With the advent of blockchain technology, a new dimension has been introduced, enabling entrepreneurs to revolutionize fundraising and investor engagement. Crypto coins are mined with high electricity, consensus mechanism and heavy effort. But whereas tokens are created over the existing blockchain. This becomes the main reason for tokens’ vast range of creation and development. Through this, the crypto-enthusiastic entrepreneurs have acquired new crypto business ideas to maximize their profit with a minimum investment. So many startups are excited to know the top 10 blockchain platforms for creating their own token for business needs.

By leveraging blockchain technology, startups can bypass intermediaries, reach a global pool of investors, and create a more democratic and transparent fundraising ecosystem. But, every startup and entrepreneur who tends to develop tokens frequently comes up with the query of choosing the ideal blockchain. A secured blockchain will be the backbone for a powerful  token. Hence, there is no admiration for the above query. To choose the best blockchain platforms, it is essential to know its characteristics, features and special functionalities.

If you want to know more, then this comprehensive guide is for you. Buckle up for the exciting top 10 blockchain platforms for token creation Let’s start with…

What is Token Creation?

Token creation is the procedure of creating and deploying digital assets in a secured and efficient blockchain network. These Digital tokens are not only used for trading purposes. Other than that, they are widely used for crypto crowdfunding, tokenization of real-world assets, and providing voting rights in Defi platforms. Hence, the tokens offer various benefits, that lead investors to look for the perfect tokens. 

As the cryptocurrency world is digitalized, the need for security comes before other factors. Therefore, blockchains are highly preferred because of their secure, immutable, and efficient nature. Once the data (transaction detail of the token) is registered, it is impossible to modify or change. This ensures the security of the transactions and reduces fraudulent activities. As mentioned earlier, a blockchain network is the essential factor involved in the token making process. 

But, a huge pool of feature-rich blockchains is in the market with effective features. Hence, picking the best blockchain can be a tough task for you. To sort out this problem, we at Coinsclone have analyzed thoroughly about various blockchain networks and illustrated them in a crispy manner. 

Types Of Token Creation

As blockchain technology continues to reshape sectors worldwide, understanding these token standards will ensure you stay at the forefront of the crypto world. There are numerous tokens are available in the crypto market. Here is the list of types of crypto token,

Fungible Token Creation

Fungible token creation is mainly based on blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, security and decentralization. These tokens are homogeneous, divisible, and impersonal. Fungible tokens are like the everyday currency you carry  in your wallet. These tokens, like cryptocurrencies or stablecoins, are interchangeable and have identical value.

Fungible tokens are two types. They are utility tokens and security tokens.

1. Utility Token 

Utility tokens are the most popular type of tokens create on blockchain platforms. These tokens provide access to the product or service offered by the startup. Holding utility tokens allows users to interact with blockchain projects, benefit from unique features, or benefit from reduced fees. Think of them as  keys that open exclusive doors, providing access to a world of opportunity.

2. Security Token

Unlike utility tokens, security tokens represent ownership of a company or  underlying asset. They are subject to securities regulations and may offer investors  rights such as voting rights, profit sharing or dividends. They act as a bridge between  traditional financial markets and the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

Non-Fungible Token Creation

On the other hand, non-fungible tokens add a unique touch to the cryptocurrency world. Each NFT has a unique digital identity so it cannot be replaced with another token. Think of NFTs as digital collectibles or virtual treasures that can be of immense value.

By utilizing various types of tokens, such as utility tokens, security tokens, and non-fungible tokens, startups can unlock new possibilities for growth and disruption.

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Benefits Of Blockchain Platforms 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized several industries, providing immutable, decentralized systems and transparent record keeping. In recent years, the development of blockchain platforms has paved the way for the development and use of tokens. These blockchain-based digital assets have attracted significant attention due to their potential to reshape various business models. Blockchain platforms offer many advantages for token creation, highlighting their immense potential and advantages in the ever-changing digital landscape. Here is the list of,

  • Advanced Security 
  • Transparency and Traceability 
  • Accessible Global Market 
  • Asset Tokens 
  • Smart Contract Functionality 

Blockchain Platform provides a solid infrastructure for creating a token, revolutionizing the way digital assets are created, managed and exchanged. These best blockchain platforms are revolutionizing industries, empowering businesses and individuals across the world. 

Now, let us see…

Top 10 Blockchain Platforms For Token Creation in 2024

The blockchain network offers various functions that include secure transactions, data storage, integration of smart contracts, account management and many more. Every blockchain is differentiate from each other by its features, functionalities and plugins. Let’s have a deep look at the top 10 blockchain platforms for token creation of 2024. 

  1. Ethereum 
  2. BNB Chain 
  3. Solana 
  4. Polygon
  5. Tron 
  6. Waves
  7. Tezos 
  8. Stellar 
  9. Consensys Quorum 
  10. Hyperledger Fabric


After the emergence of Bitcoins, the need for new blockchain has skyrocketed among investors. Among top 10 blockchain platform, Ethereum is one of the best blockchain platform in the ecosystem. It was introduced in the year 2014 by Vitalik Buterian. Ethereum is one of the open-source and distributed blockchains where crypto transactions are done within seconds. With the help of its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), many functions like smart contract integration, and dApp applications are also done effectively. 

In recent times, many startups and enterpreneurs are focused on Creating Ethereum Token for their business to raise funds. This blockchain provides various Ethereum token standards for creating different kinds of tokens for various business purposes. 

ERC20 – The Cornerstone of Ethereum Tokens

Ethereum’s ERC20 standard remains the industry’s go-to framework for fungible tokens. Known for its simplicity and efficiency, ERC20 allows developers to create and deploy numerous tokens, boosting liquidity in the decentralized ecosystem. As pioneers like DAI and USDC demonstrated, ERC20 token hold immense value, successfully bridging the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain world.

ERC721- Empower Your Token’s Uniqueness

While ERC20 tokens are interchangeable, ERC721 introduces the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), revolutionizing ownership and digital scarcity. By enabling the creation of one-of-a-kind tokens, ERC721 standard has laid the foundation for collectibles, digital art, and gaming experiences. CryptoKitties, the breakout NFT game, is a testament to the boundless possibilities unlocked by ERC721.

ERC1155 – The Hybrid Standard

Building on the strengths of its predecessors, ERC1155 adds versatility to the Ethereum ecosystem. This multi-fungible token standard supports both fungible and non-fungible assets within a single contract, streamlining development and reducing gas costs. With this breakthrough, developers can create dynamic marketplaces encompassing diverse token types, paving the way for innovative projects like Enjin’s blockchain-based gaming items.

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BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain)

Binance blockchain was first introduced by the Binance community in the year 2019. BNB chain is one of the top blockchain platform in the crypto world. Startups who are looking to raise huge profits through crypto crowdfunding will be choosing this blockchain. This is because it helps to enable smart contracts for digitalized tokens. The binance smart chain blockchain replicates more functions and functionalities of the Ethereum blockchain. So, this has become an alternate option for the Ethereum blockchain. 

BEP20 – Binance Smart Chain’s Gem

BNB Chain introduces BEP20 tokens, mirroring Ethereum’s ERC20 standard to seamlessly bridge the gap between these two blockchains. BEP20 token have gained considerable traction due to their compatibility with popular decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and ease of integration within the growing Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

BEP721 – BNB Chain’s Unique Ownership Tokens

Inspired by Ethereum’s ERC721, BEP721 standard enables the creation of non-fungible tokens within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Projects like Binance NFT Marketplace have leveraged BEP721 tokens to facilitate digital asset exchanges, tokenizing art, collectibles, and more. The rising popularity of NFTs has made BEP721 token a worthwhile choice for those seeking ownership token solutions on BNB Chain.


Solana blockchain is an alternative best blockchain platform for Ethereum. Recently, this blockchain was named ‘Ethereum killer’ in the crypto ecosystem. Unlike other blockchains, Solana blockchain uses proof-of-stake and proof-of-history consensus mechanisms. This makes the crypto transactions more efficient and reliable. Hence, people show more interest in developing crypto tokens in this blockchain. 


The polygon network introduce to sort out the scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, the special feature of the polygon network is its efficient transactional speed and low fees (below a cent). With this polygon blockchain, one can easily integrate with any decentralized platform without any blockchain issues. 


Recently, the alternate blockchain for Ethereum is none other than Tron. Tron is mainly prefer for building Decentralized exchanges because Tron blockchain can handle 2000 transactions per second.  As a result, entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency space often favor Tron as their top choice for Creating Tron Tokens. Tron offers multi-language extension functionality and eliminates counterfeit blockchains for its users.

TRC20 – Tron’s Path to Tokenization

Tron’s TRC20 standard strives to provide a scalable and efficient environment for token creation and usage. Compatible with Ethereum’s ERC20, TRC20 tokens leverage the Tron blockchain’s transactional capabilities and low fees. As the Tron ecosystem continues to grow, TRC20 tokens have gained momentum within DeFi projects, decentralized exchanges, and gaming platforms.

TRC721 – Unlocking Unique Digital Experiences

Tron’s TRC721 standard parallels Ethereum’s ERC721, catering to token creators and enthusiasts seeking unique digital experiences. TRC721 tokens have found their niche in the Tron ecosystem, empowering developers to build immersive blockchain games, virtual worlds, and digital collectibles, stimulating a vibrant market for NFTs.


With the Waves blockchain, custom tokens can be create or develop within a short period. The Waves blockchain uses a proof-of-stake consensus protocol which offers cost-effective transactions. The Waves token can be develop with various features and functionalities using this blockchain. This blockchain is highly prefer by startups to raise funds for crypto projects.


Tezos has now become the most efficient blockchain, especially for the token process. The blockchain runs on a proof-of-stake mechanism and on-chain governance. Tezos is a self-governing blockchain that has smart contracts for all tokens and best option for dApp development. Even without hard forks, the blockchain can be upgrade for business purposes. 


Stellar blockchain is one of the developing crypto blockchains where the time take for confirming the crypto transaction will be around 2-3 seconds. The stellar blockchain also supports fiat currency transactions. transferred to. And, the transaction fees are less compared to other blockchains. So, it is easy and reliable with this blockchain. 

Consensys Quorum 

Consensys quorum is the popular blockchain that enables users to manage high tonnes of Ethereum changes. It conducts private transactions and smart contract operations.  

Hyperledger Fabric 

Hyperledger Fabric has been collaboratively introduce by the Hyperledger community where it mainly focuses on cross-industry blockchain technology. This blockchain offers robust and advanced security for tokens and other Defi applications. Hyperledger fabric can support solidity and EVM effectively. 

The above-mentioned blockchains are popular in the crypto industry for efficient token creation. Based on your business purpose, you can choose any one of them. We hope that you have got enough ideas and knowledge about the top 10 blockchain platforms to create a crypto token for your crypto business. Choosing the ideal blockchain is the first and foremost factor to be consider for token . So, be aware of picking the best blockchain platforms. 

Here, you can come across the question of…

How To Choose the Best Blockchain Platforms For Token Creation?

Every blockchain of the cryptocurrency industry comprises its characteristics and nature. Hence, you are the one who knows about your business needs. So, analyze the blockchain completely and pick the best. Some of the general factors in choosing an ideal blockchain includes, 

  • Transaction Fee 
  • Cost for Deployment 
  • Transaction Speed of cryptocurrencies 
  • Smart Contract Integration 
  • Consensus Mechanism 
  • Reputation in the crypto industry 
  • Performance Range 

Therefore, these steps for picking the best blockchain platform. Based on the above factors, you can easily categorize the blockchains and their functionalities. Even after this explanation, you may face difficulties in deciding the blockchain for your token creation. 

To sort out this issue, you need a technical expert for guidance and support. Then approach a token development services providing company like Coinsclone to get clarification regarding your queries and confusion. 

Wrapping Up 

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