Polkastarter Clone Script – Easiest solution to create an IDO platform like Polkastarter

The concept of decentralization has grown in leaps and bounds in the Crypto market. A fascinating Crypto crowdfunding method in the same concept has been IDO (Initial DEX Offering). In general, IDO platforms act as a medium for valuable Crypto projects looking to seek funds with the help of investors. One such popular IDO platform is Polkatstarter, which has earned a high reputation in the market already. 

Polkastarter is a completely decentralized protocol with the aim of helping the best new blockchain projects raise funds. Users can visit the platform and participate in the newest IDO project token sales. However, there are certain criteria to apply for IDO and for participating in fundraising. IDO platform enhances the promising Crypto projects to raise capital and builds a community for entrepreneurs.

Polkastarter has its native token named $POLS, and users should have these tokens mandatorily to become eligible to participate in IDO. Developing an IDO platform has had a tremendous response since a strong community can be developed, and brand awareness can be easily created. 

In this blog, we at Coinsclone have presented the entire information needed to develop an IDO platform like Polkastarter in a cost-friendly way for startups.

What is Polkastarter Clone Script? 

Polkastarter Clone Script is a pre-designed software that helps to create an IDO platform identical to Polkstarter instantly. It contains all the existing features of the Polkastarter while also allowing customization for business heads as well. Many budding entrepreneurs have used this software to create an IDO platform in a relatively short time. 

Building an IDO platform through the Polkastarter Clone script can be a smart way to start a business. Plenty of advantages are available through using the Polkastarter Clone software, and only a few entrepreneurs are aware of it. Before going deep into it, let us look at how our Polkastarter Clone script works.

Working Process of Polkastarter Clone Script

To understand the working process of our Polkastarter Clone, we have explained how a user can participate in an IDO token sale in the Polkastarter at first.

  • The user has to visit the platform and connect his/her wallet, which is the first step in any decentralized platform. While connecting the wallet, users need to be connected with the relevant network of the IDO project. 
  • Once the wallet is connected, a number of projects will be listed in the dashboard. It’s essential to check the network of the IDO project, and the users have to ensure they have enough Cryptos to invest in the desired tokens.
  • Before investing in the tokens, the user has to be eligible for whitelisting by satisfying specific criteria. The eligibility depends upon the number of $POLS staked in the wallet.
  • Once the users or investors get whitelisted, they can click ‘join sale’ and enter the Crypto amount according to the number of tokens wanted. 
  • Finally, the user can get the tokens and check them in the wallet.

Secondly, if project owners want to raise funds through Polkastarter, they have to follow these steps. 

  • The project head has to go to the ‘Launch with Polkastarter’ option on the dashboard and click ‘Apply to raise.’
  • Once the project head provides the details of the project, the project will be under review by the Due Diligence team. 
  • If the project gets past the initial selection stage, the selected project will be sent to the DAO Council to make a final decision. 
  • Once the project is approved by the DAO Council, pre-raise support is given to the project head by the Polkastarter team. Post this, areas like marketing, messaging, communication, and support with UI and UX are also covered by the Polkastarter team, along with date fixing for IDO.

The Polkastarter Clone script has a similar working style to the Polkastarter platform, and hence, all these steps will also be followed in the clone. Next up, it’s crucial to know the core features of our Polkastarter Clone software.

Core Features of our Polkastarter Clone Software

Features can have a massive impact on a business, and the Polkastarter Clone script is no different. Apart from the customizations available, there are certain exclusive features that come along with our software. Here are the core features of our Polkastarter Clone software. 

  • Multi-chain compatibility
  • Wallet connect
  • IDO Participation dashboard
  • Launch project with Polkastarter
  • Community Exploring 
  • Liquidity pool
  • Staking

All these core features are available in Polkastarter Clone software. They have various purposes specifically, and integrating them will definitely help entrepreneurs while running a successful business.

Business Benefits of our Polkastarter Clone Script 

Our Polkastarter Clone script has a range of business benefits in the market, and entrepreneurs need to know them. Here are the benefits that come along with our Polkastarter Clone software. 

  • Customizable features
  • Time-saving factor
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Instant Deployment cycle
  • Branding recognition and community building quickly
  • Decentralized way of exploring a business
  • Only fewer efforts needed

These benefits remain one of the popular reasons behind the success of Polkastarter Clone software in the market. Not many development solutions have been able to have the same amount of benefits which shows why Polkastarter Clone software is among the best solutions for startups with high ambitions. 

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Having explained the benefits, it’s time to look into the cost of a Polkastarter Clone Script.

Cost of our Polkastarter Clone Software

There are plenty of ways to develop an IDO platform like Polkastarter for startups. However, we have focussed on our Polkastarter Clone script as it is the most affordable development solution in the market. Also, Our software cost ranges between $7,000 to $12,000, which is comparatively budget-friendly in the current economic situation.

On the other hand, developing from scratch might cost around $1,00,000. This is the reason why most startups have been opting to purchase our Polkastarter Clone software over developing from scratch. Also, developing a platform similar to Polkastarter using our Clone script can be completed within a week, while developing from scratch may take around a year. Ultimately, the best solution we suggest is to develop an IDO platform with our Polkastarter Clone software.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have explained to you why startups can prefer developing an IDO platform using the Clone script. If you are a budding entrepreneur with aspiring ideas for creating an IDO platform, all you have to do is take a demo of our Polkastarter Clone Script. We at Coinsclone have been delivering development solutions to startups for many years in the blockchain industry.

Also, our company has earned a reputation in the Crypto business for being a trustworthy Decentralized Exchange development company. We relish keeping our Client’s trust, and our experience in the field is an added advantage. Do connect with Coinsclone and get our expert guidance on building an IDO Platform with the Polkastarter clone script.