List of Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy Cryptos

Indian crypto Exchange

Currently, many of the people across the world are suffering from COVID-19. In order to stop this virus spread, many major countries announced a temporary lockdown. Even in India people are under lockdown. This pandemic situation made many youngsters and individuals jobless. But starting a crypto exchange business from home is quite interesting. 

First, you should know what is a cryptocurrency? and what is a cryptocurrency exchange platform?. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, you can use them to buy digital assets in a trading platform. till now, bitcoin is the first and most prominent cryptocurrency all over the globe. Whereas cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can sell, buy and exchange cryptocurrencies and digital assets. 

Cryptocurrency is not legal in all countries. but in March, the government of India legalized the cryptocurrency all over India. So many crypto enthusiasts in India have an interest in starting their own cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. There are lots of Indian crypto exchange platforms available in India. In this blog, let’s see about the best Indian crypto exchange to buy cryptos.

Top Indian Crypto Exchanges to Buy Cryptocurrencies


Wazirx is the most popular Indian crypto exchange platform. Many users feel it is the best and trusted exchange platform in India. This Indian crypto exchange has more active crypto users all over the world… 

(Image source: Wazirx)

In this exchange, You can transfer bitcoins, altcoins, and tokens using peer to peer networks. Wazirx supports some most popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies. They give attention to peer to peer exchange to avoid third parties during the transaction.

Wazirx has a cutting-edge trading feature and an effective interface.  This exchange provides a live order book system on their exchange platform to the users and traders. Later on, wazirx released a cryptocurrency in the trading market that is similar to other popular altcoins. They named their digital currency as wazirx coin(WRX).

Features of Wazirx

  • Best in class security
  • Super fast and secure KYC systems
  • Lightening speed transactions.
  • Available across all the web and mobile platforms 
  • Simple and very efficient design.

Local Bitcoins

Local bitcoins is a popular exchange platform. You can sell, buy and exchange cryptocurrencies in a secure manner. They have an effectual layout for the users. They have many payment method options in their exchange platform. So traders can buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies easily in this Indian crypto exchange.

(Image source: local bitcoins)

You can buy bitcoins in any payment method and Paypal is also available in this exchange. They added two-factor authentication for security. also, added other security systems for the secure transaction. So that when you log in to another device it asks Pincode or OTP.

If you are looking to buy or sell bitcoins in India, then you can use this exchange website. But the price of bitcoin will be higher compared to other cryptocurrencies. You can create your own exchange platform similar to local bitcoins by using our cryptocurrency exchange software.


  • Trade bitcoins person to person
  • Faster and secure transaction
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Trusted Indian crypto exchange
  • High privacy
  • Low fees
  • Average limits


(Image source: Bitbns)

Bitbns is the Indian-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. It was started by the IIT graduates in 2017. This exchange is popular for the peer to peer model. So the user can directly sell and buy bitcoins directly. In India, after the cryptocurrencies are legalized many users joined in this exchange platform. Only after completing KYC, the users can use the Bitbns exchange platform.

The expertise team in Bitbns focuses on ease of use, high security, and 24/7 customer support for the users and traders. 


  • Bank transfer
  • Free and instant deposit
  • Faster withdrawal
  • Zero fee withdrawal
  • Low fee on trading cryptocurrency
  • Reply within five minutes
  • Faster deposit


Unocoin is the leading Indian crypto exchange platform. Here you can buy and sell bitcoins easily. Also, you can buy ethereum in this exchange platform. After creating an account in this exchange they will provide you a bitcoin wallet to store the cryptocurrencies. 

(Image source: Unocoin)

It requires id verification for creating an account so there is no privacy. The users can buy bitcoins using any Indian bank account or through online banking. It is the regulated company in India and backed by investors in the United States. They charge low fees for trading.


  • Low fees for trading
  • Easy to buy bitcoins and  ethereum
  • INR wallet
  • Ethereum wallet
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Fast and secure transaction


Paxful is the cryptocurrency exchange trading platform founded in 2015. It is also a decentralized exchange software so the users can directly sell and buy bitcoins. This exchange has more than 300+ payment methods to buy and sell any type of cryptocurrency. So you can use any type of method like google pay, Paypal, debit/credit cards.

(Image source: Paxful)

At Paxful you can trade with bitcoin, ethereum, litecoins, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Also, you can get your bitcoins instantly to your bitcoin wallet. By using the premium cryptocurrency exchange software you can instantly launch your own exchange trading platform similar to Paxful exchange platform.


  • Access your funds anywhere
  • Enjoy financial flexibility
  • Peer-to-peer freedom
  • Bitcoin wallet


Zebpay is India’s oldest and largest Indian crypto exchange platform. Their headquarters are located in Singapore. It is supported in more than 150+ countries all over the world. In India, cryptocurrency is legalized now. so many crypto enthusiasts in India are creating an account on this exchange platform. Also, they came back with crypto-crypto trading pairs and crypto-INR trading pairs. 

(Image source: Zebpay)

They have more than 3 million crypto users on both the web and mobile platforms. Zebpay charges for both withdrawal and trading. They charge different withdrawal fees for different cryptocurrencies. In this exchange, you can buy bitcoins fast and secure in a hassle-free manner. They also have a zebpay trading app for both the android and IOS.


  • Crypto-crypto trading
  • Lightning payments
  • Enhanced security controls
  • Trade across devices
  • Robust API

Final Thoughts

As for now, the Government of India announced that cryptocurrency is not in the ban and is legal now all over the states of India. So this is the right time to start a business in cryptocurrency. I suggest that you can start your own customizable cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. By using our trusted premium cryptocurrency exchange software. Our software is fast and secure with effective features. So that you can launch your exchange platform within a few days at a very less cost.

If you are a startup or entrepreneur then start a cryptocurrency exchange business with our white label crypto exchange software and  make ample amounts of profits in a hassle-free manner.

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