6 Best Ways to Make Money with Blockchain Technology in 2024

How to make money with blockchain

With the rapid growth of blockchain technology, many investors are searching for how to make money with blockchain technology. Especially for startups, investing in blockchain technology is an ideal option. Since its inception, many industries have been switching to blockchain technologies. This is due to their security offerings, quicker transactions, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly revenue generation.    

Well, while planning to make money from blockchain, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, picking the ideal one might be a challenging task for startups even for entrepreneurs. So to provide valuable information on this, this blog has covered the best ways how to make money with blockchain. The ideas suggested here can help you earn money with blockchain.

Curious to know how? Without further delay, let me start the blog.

Best Ways To Make Money With Blockchain Technology

We have mentioned some of the prominent ways to make huge money with blockchain technology. It will help many newbie startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for progressive investment.

Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining is simply the process of validating and verifying the transactions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins to benefit from the rewards. The blockchain validators solve the complex mathematical solution to validate transactions. This will create new entries in a block and the block will be added to the blockchain network. Now you may ask, how to make money with blockchain technology-powered crypto mining? 

For every transaction verification, the blockchain miners will get certain rewards. For example, let us consider Bitcoin mining. The recent halving in Bitcoin sets the mining rewards as 6.25 bitcoins. That means for each validation, the miner will be rewarded. Thus mining meets your expectations on how to make money from blockchain technology. However, some prominent mining programs like ASIC & GPU may slow down your system. 

The next method in the line is,

Freelance Content Creators 

Freelance content creators are individuals who create valuable content for projects on a contract basis. Due to the lack of information about blockchain technology, many companies hire freelancers to deliver valuable content to crypto communities. Transforming the technological factors into content format is an art that many crypto industries demand. Accordingly, freelancing websites like cryptocurrency jobs.co record higher demand for blockchain content creators. So becoming a freelance content writer might be the ideal choice to make money from blockchain content. 

Now let me reveal how to make money with blockchain technology as a freelance content creator. The freelance projects offer different scales of payments. Like the word count, the core concept and project duration influence the payment. If you are strong in creating insightful blockchain content, then you can make money from blockchain technology. 

Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency investments are considered a lucrative form of investment and a medium for making money from blockchain technology. The wider recognition and increasing demand make cryptocurrencies a future-backed investment. Here, you have two options to go with cryptocurrency investment. One is you can create a cryptocurrency app or  crypto platform to buy, hold, and trade cryptocurrencies. And another one is investing in crypto stocks, crypto derivatives, and crypto funds (ETFs). 

Buying or holding your own crypto assets or creating a crypto platform for business can multiply your crypto investment. However, that involves market risks like price volatility, market fluctuation, and more. On the flip side, investing in crypto stocks involves reduced market risks and offers a lower return on investment. So make an informed decision after having an in-depth ground analysis.    

Blockchain Software as a Service

The knowledge about blockchain technology and its use cases becomes minimal among investors. So bridging the knowledge gap by providing blockchain-related services can help you make money with blockchain technology consistently. You can provide services for blockchain consultation, development, and auditing, or conduct a guidance section for blockchain beginners. 

When it comes to revenue-making, the different blockchain services will offer different revenue streams. Like blockchain consultation charges, minimal fees and blockchain development help you make huge revenue. Whatever the service offerings you prefer, the revenue potential will be decent for startups and entrepreneurs.  

Crypto Influencers 

Crypto influencers are the persons having a strong influence on the crypto community dedicated to blockchain technology improvements. They often connect with people through social media and other communication channels. Crypto influencers make money from blockchain by influencing blockchain startups, followers, or subscribers. They share their knowledge, insights, and opinions, regarding market trends, trading strategies, and investment opportunities to help businesses grow.

To become a crypto Influencer, be familiar with trending blockchain technology and be capable of suggesting appropriate solutions. Crypto influencers don’t come under any age group or financial category and are mostly YouTubers, streamers, and social media marketers. Certainly, they make money with blockchain technology through affiliate deals, sponsorships, premium content, deal flow, validators, etc. 

Blockchain Software Developer

Blockchain software developers are the persons who design, develop, and maintain blockchain applications and protocols. Considering the technical edges, most industries are moving to blockchain technology. Thus, the demand for blockchain developers and the best blockchain development company is also skyrocketing. Speaking of income generation, blockchain developers are highly paid all around the world. Thus you may make money from blockchain technology by working as a blockchain developer. 

If you are interested in becoming a blockchain developer, then level up your skills. Meanwhile, getting certification in blockchain technology is easier, and not necessary to leave your current position. You can find a variety of online courses to obtain the blockchain certification.

So these 6 are the most prominent ways revealing how to make money with blockchain technology. However, the individual section has more privileges to start or expand the business with blockchain technologies. To provide comprehensive information, this blog has expanded the use cases of blockchain technology in a few prominent industries. 

So now we can explore the…  

Use Cases of Blockchain in Businesses 

Blockchain technology allows businesses to establish an authority-free platform for their users. Many businesses like healthcare, finance, real estate, and more making money with blockchain technology by streamlining their operations.

The users and owners will have more control and allow for secure and instant transactions. Right from securing data to simplifying business flow, blockchain technology serves diverse use cases. Here we explore two of them to highlight their significance.

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is now facing tremendous growth nowadays. They preserve their credibility, and business values and make money with blockchain technology efficiently. Blockchain technology helps medical practitioners easily access medical records. Also, monitoring and analyzing the disease case becomes easy with this technology. The ultimate transparency helps the medical industry in supply chain and data management. Let me share some deep insights into data management here.  

Patient-centric Electronic Health Records

With proper infrastructure, maintaining medical records becomes a manageable task for the healthcare industry. To overcome this, the blockchain system comes into play. Here the patient records like physician notes, prescriptions, and lab results are translated into digital records and stored in the blockchain network. Thus electronic health records can be easily accessible to patients and medical practitioners. And they are easily shareable for other purposes like insurance and more through secure access. 

Apart from these, you can make money with blockchain technology providing digital health solutions like virtual consultation services, medical data exchange, etc. Since Blockchain does not possess any intermediary supervision, the overall processes become quicker and more efficient.

Blockchain Technology in Real Estate

Nowadays, the real estate industry has evolved and modernized with blockchain technology. There is no paperwork and multiple verifications as in the traditional system. The real estate assets are completely secured in digital format and save a lot of operational time. Both buyers and sellers of the property can track their transaction details with transparent blockchain technology. 

Moreover, tokenizing real-world assets opens new opportunities to make money with blockchain technology. You can hold a certain portion of tokenized assets and sell the remaining assets through a security token offering. This gathered capital can help you expand your real estate business. 

Now, let us see the benefits of using blockchain technology in real estate projects in various ways.

Increased Transaction Security 

In real estate, the most common problem that everyone faces is transactions. It takes a long process to finalize the deal. However, the use of blockchain technology here makes the entire process simpler, including property finding and avoiding fraud. It also allows you to trace the historical records used in the current application to check whether any information is fake.

The use of Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology enables smart contract technology to automate title checks, and escrow services, to authenticate real estate transactions. This allows buyers and investors to examine property details. That includes information about prior owners, renters, and any physical alterations that have been made to the property.  

Tokenizing Property and Real Estate

One of the key advantages of implementing blockchain technology is the digitalization of the real estate business. With the help of this technology, certain real-world assets and securities may be converted into tokens. These tokens can subsequently be distributed to investors and transferred to specific counterparties. 

Tokenizations offer several benefits in the real estate industry including increased liquidity, fractional ownerships, transparency, and reduced transaction costs. You can divide the property ownership into smaller, called tradeable tokens. It allows the investors fractional ownership rather than purchasing the entire property. This fractional ownership enables smaller investors to participate in the real estate market and provides greater flexibility for buyers and sellers. 


Now you would have clarity on how to make money with blockchain technology and its use cases in prominent businesses. As a startup, you must be clear with your niche by analyzing its future demand. Having clear insights about technical requirements, revenue possibilities, and ways for upgrading will be added perks. But when it comes to making money from blockchain technology, challenges, and risks can not be ignored. So get in touch with the experts of a blockchain development company to identify the working strategy. 

We at Coinsclone, have expert blockchain developers who have developed 150+ crypto projects that are thriving in the market. Our blockchain experts excel in analyzing the current market trends and applying appropriate strategies. They have been working with multiple blockchain projects and have significant expertise. So get your free consultation with our experts! Let us analyze and support your goals of making money with blockchain with appropriate solutions.

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