Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Development – A Guide to Minimize Cost

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The arrival of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies into the financial ecosystem has completely taken the world by surprise. Even though cryptocurrencies took their time settling in, the reach it got over the years is quite monumental. In Particular, the past few years have witnessed an immaculate growth of digital currencies. This is mainly due to the potential business models that came along with the inception of virtual currencies. 

Talking about the versatile business models that came with cryptocurrencies, every single one of the business models is capable of reaping rewards on a huge scale. In that regard, there are several popular business models associated with cryptocurrencies viz., cryptocurrency exchange development, crypto token development, crypto payment gateway development, crypto wallet development, etc. From the above mentioned methods, one the most consistent profit yielding businesses is the crypto payment development.

The reason for the consistent label over cryptocurrency payment gateway development is because of the potential consistency in its involvement in the business sector. In simpler words, regardless of the trading outcome, every single trader, buyer and seller would have to use the payment gateway to process their digital currencies one way or the other. Having said all these, in order to set yourself up with a crypto payment gateway business, there are certain steps that need to be followed to get the desired output. 

Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Development Procedures:

Even though most of the working of a cryptocurrency payment gateway development resembles the conventional fiat payment gateways, they stand out with the security protocols which is the usage of blockchain technology. If you are an emerging entrepreneur looking to develop a cryptocurrency payment gateway, there are certain procedures that need to be carried out before development. They are:


Planning is the initial step in cryptocurrency payment gateway development. This is the step where you, the entrepreneur would conduct extensive research about a cryptocurrency payment gateway and the working of one. In addition to that, being aware of the numerous revenue generating techniques are also a key factor that should be considered during the planning phase. 

Location analysis:

Prior to getting started with a cryptocurrency payment gateway development, knowing the cryptocurrency that has more demand in your locality is very much vital. Despite the capacity of crypto payment gateways to accept multiple cryptos, integrating an array of cryptocurrency would cost the payment gateway a fortune. Therefore, incorporating cryptos which are on-demand would be a smart move. 

Insight analysis:

Apart from working on the basic information, the entrepreneur should also need to work on the essential as well as security features that need to be integrated along with the crypto payment gateway. Analyzing these features will be useful for gaining credibility and reliability among the users. 

Company analysis:

Upon completing the above mentioned analysis, it is however very important to choose the crypto payment gateway development company that suits your vision. In order to do that you should consider a company with a high reputation, well experienced blockchain developers, designers with good client review as well as a company with a rather detailed portfolio of their works.

These are some of the necessary procedures that need to be completed before getting started with a crypto payment gateway development. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that any newly emerging business will be vastly dependent on the initial capital. Controversially, if you are to perform the above mentioned analysis and extensive research, you would have to spend a lot of money up front. This would be too much for any newly emerging entrepreneur, because successfully executing these analyses would cost them more time as well as money. Having said that, there are certain ways in which one can reduce time and cost without compromising the quality of the crypto payment gateway.

Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Development Cost & Time:

Developing a cryptocurrency payment gateway is a quite lucrative business that is capable of reaping in hefty profit returns. Having said that, a business is most valuable when launched at the perfect timing. In that regard, there are mainly two ways to develop a crypto payment gateway business. They are developing a crypto payment gateway from scratch and developing it using a clone script. 

Among these two methods, developing a cryptocurrency payment gateway would require a substantial amount of background research as well as extensive analysis. Like mentioned before, proceeding with this method would cost you more time and a huge capital investment. On the other hand, if you went with the alternative choice and develop a crypto payment gateway using a clone script, then you can reduce both time and money on a huge scale. 

Apart from reducing time and initial capital, by using a crypto payment gateway clone script, you can cut short the numerous analyses that will be required if created from scratch. Despite minising the research and analyses, incorporating a crypto payment clone script brings in a plethora of added advantages to its name.

Benefits of Crypto Payment Gateway Clone Script

Integrating a crypto payment gateway clone script is merely installing a replica of an already renowned crypto payment gateway. There are certain advantages that come along with using a crypto payment gateway clone script. They are:

Admin features

By incorporating the replica of an already established crypto payment gateway, your payment gateway will come with a quality or similar user and admin interface.

Security features:

A clone script is capable of replicating the security features as well. In case of replicating a world-renowned payment processor, you will have all the security advantages along with it. Having an air-tight security feature will be useful for attracting more users to the domain.


It doesn’t matter which sector you chose to do business, having a cost-effective way to successfully launch a business would be very much helpful for the long run. In that regard, integrating a crypto payment gateway clone script will help in reducing the establishment cost on a huge scale. 

High customization scope:

When you build your own crypto payment processor using script, you can feasibly add-on customizations that suit your business. This will give you a chance to exhibit your uniqueness.

High ROI features:

The return of investment features that brings you back profits in regard with your initial investments are very high with crypto payment processor clone script.

Quick deploy:

When a commencement of a business is delayed, then the high energy that you had during your initial days would evidently wear off a little bit. However, a crypto payment processor clone script saves you more time in the installment phase and allows you to hit the ground running.

Monitoring facility:

Clone script enables you to monitor the working and efficiency of your crypto payment gateway round the clock.

Beta testing:

With the use of a clone script, you can perform beta testing and double check your crypto payment gateway software before making it available to your users.


Another key point of going with a clone script is that you will be provided with a highly responsive and bug free script that comes with a highly user-friendly interface.

Parent identity:

Since you will be replicating an already established payment gateway’s clone, there will be instant popularity among your users which is an added advantage. 

No promotion:

The level of promotion that needs to be carried out for conventional crypto payment gateways won’t be necessary when you go with a clone script.

Short-time success

With all the default qualities which come along with a clone script, you can taste success in a short period of time.

The above mentioned are the exclusive potential benefits that come with integrating a crypto payment processor clone script. These benefits would play a vital role in deciding the success of any startup that is willing to implement a clone script for their business. Having said all these, most startups would prefer to replicate a well established payment processor that is already popular among the peers of the crypto industry. In that regard, there are a couple of payment gateway clone scripts that are already predominant in the crypto ecosystem. They are Bitpay Clone Script and CoinPayments Clone Script. However, it is very crucial to approach the best provider to get these scripts with their full potential. 

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