What are the Desired Set of Features to Look in a Cryptocurrency Exchange software?

Desired Crypto Exchange software Features

Are you aware that around 79% of the UK traders who have invested in cryptocurrencies have bought Bitcoin it seems! With this data, we can come to the resolution that most traders would seek Crypto trading platforms to exchange these digital assets. Hence, the trading volume of exchanges is popularly increasing every day.

Coinsclone, one of the premier Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company in the industry provides a great set of services and features in the customizable exchange software. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Services we offer:

Whatever be the type of crypto exchange, be it a Centralized, Decentralized or Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development, we people at Coinsclone deliver them with our software and script accordingly. As an exchange owner, one can choose the type of service and launch Bitcoin trading platform instantly.

P2P Orders Books Trading similar to Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex

Order books are a crucial part of an exchange platform. An order book is an electronic list of records containing buy and sell orders organized at a particular price level. It lists the number of shares being bided or offered at each price point. 

With the Order Books Exchange, market transparency can be enhanced since they provide information such as:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Market & Trade Depth, etc.

In the crypto industry, we provide the following set of orders

Market Orders

With the Market Orders, you can facilitate your users to trade the cryptocurrencies at the market price. These orders are executed instantly at the present market price, which means that you pay the fees as a market taker

Stop Orders

These orders are executed when the cryptocurrencies or tokens reach a specific price. Stop Orders is a place market order which is executed when a specific price condition is met in the platform. They are also referred to as Stop-loss orders.

P2P Trading

Instead of matching the buy and sell orders, the P2P order books directly matches the users in the exchange.

Limit Orders

A Limit Order is a record of unexecuted limit orders maintained by the security specialist who works at the exchange. When a limit order for a security is inserted, it is kept on record by the security specialist.

Copy Orders

To help your newbie traders, we bring about Copy orders to copy the trades of top crypto-traders.

Buy Stop Orders

Your users can place these types of orders when the stop orders move above or below the market price. A buy stop order is entered at a stop price above the market price.

If you require an Order Books Exchange with these orders in it. Be it a Binance Clone Script, Poloniex Clone Script, Bittrex Clone Script we deliver accordingly with the loaded features. 

P2P Ads Based Exchange similar to Localbitcoins, Remitano

An Ads Based Exchange is a digital market place that allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell through real-time auctions. They are often used to sell display, video and mobile ad inventory. 

Moreover, anyone can buy from these exchanges. As an exchange owner, you can allow your users to trade on the exchange platforms as well. Advertisers and agencies make use of Ads Based Exchange for ad impressions.

Exchanges allow advertisers to efficiently buy ads across a range of sites at once, as opposed to negotiating buys directly with specific publishers. It’s a more powerful and economical way to buy and sell advertising.

We cater to Localbitcoin Clone Script, Remitano Script, etc with which you can launch an Ads Based Exchange easily.

User to Admin / OTC Exchange similar to Luno, Coinbase, Coinmama

An OTC/User to Admin Exchange is a Centralized Crypto Trading platform where the users can trade only with the Admin knowledge. In return for this, the user needs to pay a small charge in the name of the trading fee. Here the users can determine the price of cryptocurrencies they require to buy and sell order which is matched with compatible requests. 

We bring in this desired Cryptocurrency Exchange to proprietors who require a trading platform like Luno, Coinbase, Coinmama, etc.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange similar to IDEX, Waves DEX, Binance

A Decentralized trading platform is one where users can perform transactions without an intermediary in the middle. Hence your users can do anonymous transactions. This has relatively been a new concept and only a few crypto exchanges have implemented them.

If you need a Decentralized Cryptocurrency platform, we assist you in building one. 

Binary Options Exchange Platform

A Binary options trading platform is a financial product where the buyer receives a payout or losses their investment, depending on the expiration of money. It depends on the outcome of a “yes” or “no”. Thus, they are termed as “Binary”.

If you require a Binary Options trading platform, we can help you with building one according to your unique requirements.

launch cryptocurrency exchange software

Top-notch features in our White label Crypto Exchange Software:

Mobile Trading App for Android, iOS

As most of the users have started to trade from their mobile devices instantly, we take them into consideration and have launched a mobile trading application for Android and iOS devices. They are completely easy-navigating and well-responsive and hence your traders can make the transactions instantly!

Integrated IEO Module

Initial Exchange Offering is the latest crowdfunding strategy. If you already own a crypto exchange, you can integrate this module in it. Else, we readily embed this feature for while developing the crypto exchange software. This can provide you with additional income for every sale taking place in the exchange platform in the IEO.

Security Token Exchange

We have developed our exchange software in the manner that one can list their security tokens as well. As most of the exchanges support utility tokens, we understood the importance of security tokens currently and have integrated them. They are completely compliant with the SEC Guidelines and the country’s regulation for global trading.

Liquidity API

Liquidity is our top-most concern. Being a top crypto liquidity provider in the market, we have a Liquidity API to bring them. To enhance the liquidity in the software, we drag the liquidity from the external providers which are completely built with Blockchain principles. 

Atomic Swaps

To facilitate the transactions in the exchange without an intermediary, we have integrated the feature of Atomic Swaps. They can either be directly executed between separate blockchains and different native coins. Else, they can be executed through off-chain channels that are offshoots of the blockchain.

Margin Trading

With Margin Trading, your professional traders can set margins and trade accordingly. Margin Trading is a method of trading assets using funds provided by a third-party. When compared to regular trading accounts, this feature allows traders to access greater sums of capital, which allows them to leverage their positions. We have integrated this feature in our Crypto Exchange software to assist your users with trading at certain margins.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

We have blended Cryptocurrency Wallets in the software to assist your users to store the private keys and multiple cryptocurrencies. Be it hot storage or cold storage, we support both these storage features and have integrated them into our White label crypto exchange script.

Referral Programs

We render referral programs to your traders so that one can invite and introduce a good number of people into the trading platform. As the number of people in your platform increases, so will be the trading volume & liquidity in it. 

Admin Console

As the owner of the Cryptocurrency trading platform, you can make the desired set of changes in it. Even though you have limited knowledge of programming, our futuristic CMS will allow you to alter the things as per your choice.

Issuer Console

Your traders in the exchange platform can experience an intuitive yet mobile-responsive website. Thus, one can spontaneously place their buy and sell orders without any further time delays.

Market Making

If in case there is no liquidity in the market, we make use of counter party which places the buy and sell orders in the platform. Thus, you can be worry-free in the case of liquidity in the exchange software.

Get your Crypto Exchange Software right away:

As a Bitcoin Exchange solution provider in the market, we offer crypto exchange services and features in the software. All our solutions are completely firewall-integrated to render top-security mechanisms.

Here are a few security protocols we have implemented in our script:

  1. Payment Gateway Integration
  2. Lifetime free upgrades
  3. Lifetime free support
  4. Free server configuration & deployment
  5. Multi-sig wallet
  6. Multi-Lingual 
  7. Cutting-edge privacy
  8. Customizable cost

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