What is Cryptocurrency and how to use it?

What is Cryptocurrency and how to use it

Lastly got lots of emails and text about Cryptocurrency: What is Cryptocurrency? What Cryptocurrency to trade? What Cryptocurrency to invest? How to use Cryptocurrency? Well I would need to write a book about Cryptocyrrency world, but let start to understand more what Cryptocurrency is and let’s have a closer look at the main two Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A digital currency is a digital asset designed to fill in as a medium of trade using cryptography to secure the exchanges and to control the making of extra units of the money. Cryptocurrencies are delegated a subset of digital currencies and are likewise named a subset of option currencies and virtual currencies.

Bitcoin and its subsidiaries use decentralized control instead of unified electronic cash. The decentralized control is identified with the use of Bitcoin’s blockchain exchange database in the part of a circulated record.