A Great Software To Start Cryptocurrencies Exchange Business

All-in-one Suit

Coinsclone is ready-made Bitcoin exchange business development platform delivered a software, support, and consultation. As a complete crypto exchange business development solution, Coinsclone includes a set of secured protocols and automation solutions for cryptocurrencies exchange business management of decentralized applications.


  • The only platform with a built-in choice of exchange business startup kit and 24 hours support.
  • KYC / AML authentication and loading with security applications
  • Token sales monitoring and operational controls
  • Extensibility to integrate with both existing and new ecosystem tools
  • Automated application deployment with process-based controls
  • Integration with automated application pipelines
  • The latest version of Ico script on fully enterprise systems


  • One year of free maintenance per release
  • Lifetime private support channels
  • Backported hotfixes and patches for all supported versions
  • Collaborative support and assurances on third-party API integration
  • Full set of services to start cryptocurrencies exchange business

Coinsclone – A software that works right for you!

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