Shocking Bitcoin News For 2018

Bitcoin News

China is taking control of the crypto exchange

China has an idea to take over the entire blockchain network which controls leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange will become a social aspect in 2018 and everyone talks about this, told by Jehan Chu, the blockchain technology Investor.

In spite of, being famous within the exchangers, but it will not indicate that cryptocurrency has a basic value, Chu said.

The Chinese Government order to put an end to the bitcoin miners performing across its nation. So, China provides the less amount of electricity to the bitcoin miners who are in Beijing. Already, Chinese Government has done with ICOs, exchanges and now they are doing with mining.

The Chinese Government understands the economy, value, and potential of the crypto exchange. So they are trying to control the crypto exchange.

China thought that this will increase the financial growth and develop their country.