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Privacy Policy Disclosure

We are committed about user privacy policy about what we collect & what we do with at most transparency & ethics. We never sell the Information we collect from users to third-party, until it is legally required. In a nutshell, we gather data only to serve our clients with better products & information.

Data Sharing Policy

The submitted user by mail, contact form, telegram, whatsapp, live chat remains private by ensuring that the date is only distributed within our companies, executives, Technical People.

Data sharing at specified cases :

  • We may provide the information to our partners/affiliates who work on behalf of or with only to server you better for the Inquiry you placed
  • We might also share information, if we receive any legal orders/cased adjourning your/our authorities to prevent SPAM, illegal activities/crime.

Cookies / Ads :

  • We might collect cookies/IP to better understand you to make vital decisions for which products, information to share with you
  • With these collected information, we might provide you re-targeting ads, video, newsletter, email campaign. We might also send you some important updates about our products, news, latest industry trends only to server you better. You might also opt-out of these if you wish