Manage your Cryptocurrencies Exchange Business with Software Setup

Perfect Software Setup to Manage Crypto Exchange Business

Numerous powerful features you’ll get in software :

We are the expertized team on the exchange, trading business development works hard on latest blockchain technologies to provide you maximum website reliability and security with advanced functionality.

The exchange business platform is known as a trading platform.You can start a website or platform, where you can buy, sell, store and exchange the cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and other digital currencies.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

  • Peer to Peer Exchange System
  • Unlimited Currencies Exchange Pair Integration
  • Private API key with multi-encryption algorithm
  • Know Your Customer ( KYC ) process module
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML ) for avoiding duplicity.
  • Multi-sig and secure Wallet Integration
  • Checks and Balance Reconciliation
  • Customized Admin Panel
  • Blockchain Technology Integration

Features of Cryptocurrency Trading Software :

  • Fastest matching algorithm
  • Buy and sell order book
  • Market order:  Instantly buy and sell the cryptocurrency at the market price.
  • Limit order: Buy and sell the cryptocurrency at the specified price.
  • Stop order: Only when the particular cost has been attained, buy and sell order becomes lively.
  • Conditional Order: Superior trade order that automatically submitted or canceled if the exact criteria are met.
  • Cryptocurrencies lending module integration
  • Affiliate programme integration

Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange and trading business on the same day of booking order.