Make your cryptocurrency trading platform 200% more efficient like binance. How?

Start a Cryptocurrency exchange business like Binance

You spend a lot of time to develop your cryptocurrency trading platform but generally, only 2% of the platform end up with success. In that perspective, one of them is “binance”.

In the latest survey related to binance of their cryptocurrency exchange platform success, they highlighted that security was a major concern for traders while dealing with that. Most of the beginners & experts said that security was the biggest problem they met in the exchange. So binance walks in the way of resolving the people’s problem.

Accordingly, coinsclone decided to give their dedication to developing the same security features with their script ( source code ) for startups & entrepreneurs to build an effective cryptocurrency exchange platform like binance.

  • Discover potential security

Identify every security breaches never knew and keep track of every unnecessary activity sneaking on the website.

  • Get behavioral insights

Understand the behavior of your traders and know what is the activities they need to go next and next interacted most with, enabling the user behavioral insights to be better.

  • The tight move for unauthorized users

Get verified information of ideal traders with KYC / AML integration on the trading platform. No more manual filtering!

  • High responsive for unlimited trading / unlimited currency pair

Let every verified trader profile could able to sell & buy their desired cryptocurrencies.

  • Elastic multi authenticated wallet integration

Elastic multi-stage wallet strategy which allows them to store almost 90% of the exchange’s coins offline.

  • SAFU Integration

Security asset funds for users that takes 10% of all trading fees the exchanges earns, to give back to the users in the event of a hack.

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