Highlights of Coinsclone’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Highlights of Coinsclone Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Complete Liquidity Order Book:

Equipped with liquidity ‘in-hand’ meaning that the exchange has contact to a packed order book from the instant their site goes live.

Market Watch:

Offers a view of each digital asset pair from a macro level and an understanding of the bid-ask spread.


Clients can store, deposit and withdraw their digital assets in their wallets on your exchange.

Market Status:

Facilitating better decision making is essential and the capacity to view the market status makes this possible.

Quick ‘Go to Market’ Time:

Instantaneously ready-to-trade cryptocurrency exchange. The process of putting in a trade is speedy, trouble-free and safe.

Your Portfolio:

The portfolio will imitate real-time sum value of user’s digital assets stored in their wallet.

Trade Chart:

Capacity to look at the bid-ask spread and understand market response along with the volume of trade at that point in time.


We provide you with KYC/AML, Account Management, Technology and Marketing support for your cryptocurrency exchange.

Full API:

Entire API offering, allowing integration with remittance and reporting services.


Most competitive prices offered.

Custom Commission Setup:

The commission chargeable per trade is flowing and customizable to outfit the needs and priorities of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Theme Customization:

The flexibility of the ‘cryptocurrency exchange software‘ theme allows any customization so that it completely matches the customer’s requirements.