How Is Cryptocurrency Modernizing the Real Estate Industry?

Cryptocurrency Modernizing the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate and cryptocurrencies are a match made in heaven according to insiders in both industries. As cryptocurrencies established, so, too, will their apparently limitless applications in the real-estate business.

In Reality, most of the people who appeal to pay for real estate with cryptocurrency are shopping for homes in the $700,000 to $1.5 million range. Most of the clients forthcoming to pay in Bitcoin.The young people who want different payment options or global customer are comfortable in using cryptocurrency.

The first U.S. home sold for Bitcoin was in Austin, Texas, one of the most technologically-advanced cities in the country. The customer was an anonymous tech professional, obviously.

Changing the Face of Real Estate Industry

Many real estate firms are looking for ways to request to the younger, more modern demographic. Millennials need transparency, efficiency, speed and mobile access when it comes to everything, as the typecast goes.

Though businesses struggle to build an app to keep up with the increasing tech demands of their industries, ShelterZoom has released a free app that any real-estate company can use on their website to make easy contract property purchases.

On the app, buyers can immediately submit the tender for any property and finish the offer process through the site widget. All transaction parties receive push or text notifications throughout the offer process.


The ShelterZoom widget can instantaneously renew in any real-estate website to appeal to Millenials or tech-savvy buyers.

ShelterZoom was built on Ethereum’s blockchain. The widget creates a nearly paperless offer process that’s simple, fast, standardized, highly-secure, and completely auditable.


BrickBlock: Crypto Backed By Real Estate

Another interesting development in the field is BrickBlock, a cryptocurrency coin backed by physical real-estate properties.

In much the same way that crypto-currency enhance the accessibility to its asset holders, BrickBlock buyers can invest in a high dollar, the luxury real estate with only $100.

BrickBlock transactions are completely transparent, blockchain-stamped transactions. BrickBlock’s creators declared that brick blocks are a more safe investment than standard cryptocurrencies are because they are backed by something that is physical.

Practical Solutions For Adoption’s Forthcoming

Society has become comfortable with shopping online for both small and large items. In addition, younger generations want to carry out every transaction through their mobile devices or social media accounts.

Cryptocurrency offers high-level security and transparency. It also makes financial transactions easier overall.