Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development – An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development


Cryptocurrency payment gateway development made many users transact cryptos in an easy manner. In this modern world, there are lots and lots of cutting-edge technologies out there. Cryptocurrency is also one among them built using the advanced technology of blockchain that is evolving around the world. But still, only a few people are aware of the cryptocurrencies. 

If you don’t know and a newbie to this technology. Then your question will be like What is a cryptocurrency?. It is a kind of a digital currency that will be available only online and you can not see in your naked eye. You can also buy digital assets online using the cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency has its own value and features in the market. Their prices will not be stable and fluctuate every day according to the crypto market. 

Bitcoin is the first invented cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. Now it becomes a hot topic in all crypto-based digital platforms. Also, it is the popular crypto coin in all the crypto exchanges. You can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the exchange platforms or by any third party crypto wallet apps. For buying the cryptocurrencies you should have the best crypto payment gateway. 

In this blog, let us figure out what is a cryptocurrency payment gateway with its benefits. also, some popular crypto payment gateways in 2020.

What is the Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development?

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are the payment networks that allow easy transactions of all digital currencies. Not only makes the transactions easier, but it also accelerates the speed of adopting new techniques. Also, the payment gateways help users to transact the bitcoin and other popular altcoins securely. This payment gateway accepts a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies for transactions. Such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, and other prominent digital currencies.

Crypto payment gateways allow instant transactions of popular cryptos into fiat currencies. It is completely integrated with other special software tools. Also, it takes the full process of crypto coins transactions into the wallet of users in the exchange platform. These payment gateways are mostly used in crypto trading platforms and crypto exchange mobile applications. Also, the companies accepting cryptocurrencies as their payments will have this payment gateway. Because of these factors, we can see the growing adoption of cryptocurrency payment gateway development across the world.

The implementation of blockchain in crypto payment gateway development means a lot for most of the business. It brings more efficiency and trust among various networks. Now let us see.

Why Should Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency As Their Payments?

Since crypto users are increasing every day, so many countries are in the process of drafting a regulatory framework for the use of digital currencies. The benefits of using cryptocurrency as their payments are innumerable. 

  • It is completely safe and users can have full control over their transactions.
  • A new payment option for people who prefer cryptos.
  • This payment method has the full privacy of your transactions.
  • Payments are fully stored securely in the blockchain ledger.
  • No fraud risks 
  • You can get the worldwide user-base 
  • Transaction fees are low compared to debit/credit cards.
  • No intervention of any third party or mediator.
  • No payment delays compared to credit cards
  • Secured by an authentic digital signature.
  • Cross-border payments in real-time.

How to Develop a Crypto Payment Gateway?

Developing a crypto payment gateway is not a risky task. There are two ways to develop a crypto payment gateway. First, If you are a coder and an expert in blockchain domain. Then you can develop it by yourself with the help of blockchain codes. Else, you can hire a developer a from the top-notch crypto payment gateway development company. 

For sure, I will recommend to hire a developer rather than developing by yourself. Because you may make mistakes and results in error. So choosing a outstanding crypto payment gateway solution provider will be a better option. If you are accepting cryptos in your payment gateway. Then you need some list of documents. They are

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Passport copies of owners
  • PSP Application
  • Processing History.
  • Company’s License.
  • Company Turnover.

Desirable Features of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-language support
  • Quick transactions
  • Secure payment
  • Transaction history
  • Peer to peer transactions
  • Global access
  • Seamless conversion
  • Multiple wallets

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

  • You can get a reliable customer-base worldwide
  • Secure and instant transactions
  • Minimal transaction fees
  • Fastest uptime
  • Multiple POS
  • 24/7 withdrawal
  • Avoids the chargeback fraud
  • Cross-border payments
  • Full privacy

I think you have some ideas about the cryptocurrency payment gateway development. Then read continuously to know about the top 5 cryptocurrency payment gateways in 2020.

Best 5 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways of 2020

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase is a leading popular crypto trading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It was first founded in 2012 and headquartered in the United states. It is also one of the largest crypto exchange platforms with more number of active crypto users. They have all the advanced security systems. so it will be a secured platform for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payment. 

coinbase commerce

(image source: coinbase commerce)

Coinbase acts as both the exchange and payment gateways. It provides the best crypto payment gateways to merchants. It has a merchant app to accept the cryptocurrency payment. So you can instantly convert into your traditional fiat currencies. But the coinbase payment processor is available only in limited countries. So think wisely before choosing the coinbase as a payment gateway processor. You can also develop a payment gateway like coinbase with the top-notch crypto payment gateway service provider.


  • No transaction fees for accepting cryptocurrencies
  • Integrated with advanced API.
  • Email invoice to request payments
  • Two-factor authentication provides full security.
  • Fast trading and instant crypto payments


Coingate is one of the user-friendly mobile apps to monitor the bitcoin payments from their phones. This payment gateway not only supports the bitcoins. but it also supports more than 40+ cryptocurrencies. They support the transaction of bitcoin to USD as well as EUROS in a quick manner. It also accepts the payment in altcoins and you can convert into bitcoin if the user’s in the transaction needs it.



(image source: Coingate)

It provides many solutions for different kinds of business requirements. Such as plugins for E-commerce, APIs, and also payment clicks for different platforms. Such as Android, IOS, and web. Coingate helps business class people, startups, and other individuals to deal with cryptocurrency payments and other transactions. But they charge 1% of the amount as a fee for the transaction. Also, it will be processed for about one hour to complete the transaction.


  • Shape swift integration that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Plugins for E-commerce platforms
  • Multi-user facility
  • Real-time integration with e-commerce
  • POS applications for various platforms. Such as Android, IOS, and windows.

Coins bank

Coinsbank is the all in one user-friendly cryptocurrency payment gateway. Also, it is a blockchain-powered gateway and has a good reputation in the crypto industries. This gateway supports some popular fiat currencies. such as USD, EUR, and GBP.  it can be easily synchronized with your debit/credit cards. so that you can make instant crypto payments.



(Image source: coinsbank)

This coinsbank supports both the android and IOS mobile devices. By using this app you can instantly withdraw and deposit funds. so it is mostly used by large-volume crypto traders.


  • Supports all popular cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Your debit/credit card acceptable worldwide
  • It supports all major fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and more.
  • Quick deposit and withdraw methods
  • Enabled two-factor authentication to secure your crypto wallet
  • Easy trade of funds according to the market price


Bitbay was first founded in 2011 and it is a US-based cryptocurrency payment processor. It is also considered as one of the best payment gateway processors. This app enables two-factor authentication for a secure transaction. Hence the dealings and exchange are done in a secure manner. It provides a faster withdrawal transaction within the time frame that we are comfortable with. It also accepts the bitcoin debit cards for instant crypto to fiat currency transactions.



(image source: bitpay)

It allows bitcoin donations and payment transactions can be done by bitcoin. By using this app you can accept bitcoin as payment for more than 40+ E-commerce platforms. You can convert cryptocurrency into 8 fiat currencies over 38 countries. So this crypto payment processor supports only in limited countries. They charge a 1% amount of fees for each transaction.


  • Multi-user facility
  • Open-source plugins for e-commerce platforms
  • Allows bank deposits in 38 countries
  • Multi-lingual
  • Supports more than 40 languages worldwide
  • Compatible with all bitcoin wallets
  • Two-factor authentication system for protecting your funds.
  • Transaction notification through email and mobile messages
  • Simple and interactive user interface

ALFA Coins

ALFA coin is one of the trusted and finest payment gateway processors for the cryptocurrency. This payment gateway supports bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Such as ethereum, litecoin, ripple, and the list goes on. It has also integrated new cryptocurrencies in the market such as bit spend and coin split. One of the unique features of the ALFA coin is the bitsend system. It allows payment of salaries and bonuses for employees, merchants, customers, and payouts for clients.


ALFA coins

(Image source: ALFA coins)

ALFA coins can be used in all countries with the exception of Iran and North Korea. They charge only 0.99% of the fee for the transaction. They don’t charge extra fees for installing a cryptocurrency payment processor and subscription is free. Here you can earn through loyalty programs, gaming, and financial services. It allows the funds to withdraw in USD and EUR.


  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies like ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, and litecoin
  • This API allows easy payments and transfer of funds
  • You can earn money through their additional service
  • You can easily exchange your coins into fiat currencies like USD and EUR

These are the popular 5 crypto payment gateways in 2020. As the usage of cryptocurrencies is increasing. So the need for different tools for facilitating the crypto payments is also growing. As for now, there are many trustable cryptocurrency payment gateway development companies that help you create your own crypto payment gateway. So choose the reliable and best crypto payment gateway service provider in the market. In order to get a secured cryptocurrency payment gateway development.

Who is the best…?

When it comes to “Who is the best?” criteria in the crypto payment gateway development. Coinsclone ranks in the top position. Because when startups and entrepreneurs search for a trusted crypto solution provider they naturally end up with Coinsclone. We are one of the pioneers in the crypto payment gateway development services. Our years of experience in crypto payment gateway development is very high when compared to other providers. As we are having a great number of years of experience, we have in-depth experience in crypto payment gateway development. If you are planning to develop a secure crypto payment gateway, then your one-stop solution should be Coinsclone. 

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