How to connect bitcoin with real estate?

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Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency and cryptocurrency. There are hundreds of digital currencies out there, but bitcoin has been the most successful and used worldwide.


Blockchain technology is the propulsion behind the Bitcoin. This technology has the concentration of all the biggest banks all over the world, also in the real estate industry.

Real Estate:

International Blockchain Real Estate Association is a collection of real estate and tech professionals functioning on creating more apparent using the blockchain for transferring money, avoiding fraudulence such as brokers, government databases, etc…

Nowadays real estate transaction has been taken place via bitcoin. So to avoid the fraudulence and prevent the transaction fees. There is no intermediate person to transact the bitcoin currency. The amount has been transferred only to the online transaction.

Some of the companies are allowing the real estate investment by using bitcoin. Some real estate industries are

  • Visa Abstract is the first firm to accept and work with the bitcoin in real estate transaction.
  • Berlin is the real estate firm which allows the user to invest in real estate using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology are newed and having an inspired potential for the future of the real estate. This technology will provide all the advantage of the security, no transaction cost, etc…