Coinsclone Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Application for global clients

Coinsclone Launches Cryptocurrency Trading App

Coinsclone, the top-notch cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider in the market has launched the Cryptocurrency Trading Application. As most of the traders have started to trade instantly with their mobile applications, we people came up with this idea. The primary motto is to unveil the mobile trading application which is intended to provide a robust, innovative trade console.

Our Cryptocurrency Trading Application allows the clients to trade multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins, etc. Moreover, the application platform supports 1.4 million transactions per second. The application is made with embedding high-security features and encompassing hot & cold wallet storage. With this one can, store, check the balances and history of transactions. 

Here are the set of features we have blended in our Cryptocurrency Trading Application:

  1. Margin Trading.
  2. Atomic Swaps.
  3. Security Token Exchange.
  4. Initial Exchange Offering IEO.
  5. Liquidity API.
  6. Market Making.
  7. Trading Bot.
  8. Payment Gateway Integration.
  9. Multi-Signature Wallet.
  10. Multi-Security.
  11. Live Trading Statistics in Graphical Representation.
  12. Displays the Current Price of Cryptocurrencies.
  13. Multi-Language Support.
  14. Deposit & Withdraw funds anytime.
  15. KYC panel to eliminate future issues.
  16. Futuristic CMS.

When it comes to security, we have embedded security features such as Two-Factor Authentication, Fingerprint Recognition, Face Recognition, etc. This application is compatible with both Android & iOS devices.


Firewall Integration:

When we get started to create Cryptocurrency Trading Mobile application, we give importance to security. Thus, we integrated Firewall to enhance the privacy for users while trading. 

We integrated the firewall into the application primarily for the following set of reasons:
  • Protecting the system from unauthorized access.
  • Restricting unwanted content
  • Preventing ransomware from gaining access
  • As we are in the domain of cryptocurrency exchanges, our clients would make use of confidential details regarding their credentials. Thus, with a firewall in our software, they can manage them effectively.

Clone Scripts we offer:

We at Coinsclone offer the following clone scripts of popular Crypto Trading Platforms:
  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. Localbitcoins
  4. Bittrex
  5. Bitmex
  6. Kraken

And much more! These Bitcoin Exchange scripts & software are developed in which one just needs to install and run them. Primarily, we cater to white label crypto exchange solution which is readily developed in accordance with your unique requirements. Thus, you can have your own brand, own name, own design, own logo, etc. 

Types of Crypto Exchange Software Services:

Here is the list of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software services we render for our clients

1. P2P Order Books Trading Exchange

Order Books are beneficial to record the buy and sell orders on the exchange platform. Thus, our P2P Bitcoin Exchange Script offers all those high-end features in a hassle-free task that managed them effectively

2. P2P Ads Based Exchange

You can build a flawless P2P Ads Based Exchange that allows you to sell and buy the inventories with our Cryptocurrency Script written in PHP.

3. User to Admin Exchange

You can now build Bitcoin Exchange similar to Coinbase, Coinmama with our high-class Bitcoin Exchange Server Software.

4. Binary Options Trading Platform 

Your users can now buy and sell digital currency instantly without much time. Our Binary Options Trading software comes with feature-packed solutions to fulfill them

5. Decentralized Exchange Platform

To perform anonymous transactions for your users, we Decentralized Exchange Software for your business!

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