Bring Cryptocurrency Exchange Business with Ready-Made Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Add-ons

Hey, startups!

Do you have interested to start cryptocurrency exchange business?


But it isn’t simple to start.

Because there is huge competition in cryptocurrency exchange business across the world.

When startups are initiated cryptocurrency exchange business with primary features, surely that is out-of-date. This cannot permit you to reach the success point in your business across the globe.

If startups are keen to launch cryptocurrency exchange business, selecting cryptocurrency exchange script with the latest trending add-ons very useful to attain your business goal.

What are the special add-ons in cryptocurrency exchange script?

Peer to peer exchange add-on:

It permits the contestant of the marketplace to exchange straightly with everyone without expecting the third party to process all exchanges.

Unlimited currency exchange pair add-on:

It allows exchanging the cryptocurrencies with any other digital currency or fiat currency / local currency.

API integration add-on:

It permits you to

  • Manage CryptocurrencyTransaction
  • Managing Multi-sig Wallet
  • Retrieving the Market Data

 AML integration add-on:

It helps you to keep away from money laundering and to avoid the flow of illegal money.  It is the simple way to avoid illegal actions in cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Order Book add-on:

It helps the user to easily track, and check all open orders, history, and transaction, etc

KYC integration add-on:

It helps to verify the identity of the customers through their government ID cards.

Customized admin panel integration add-on:

It helps you to control the cryptocurrency exchange end to end.

Where can I get this script with special add-ons? is one of the leading blockchain IT service provider, who offers cryptocurrency exchange script with the above add-ons to increase your business sale within a short period.

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