Coinsclone – Launches Firewall-Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

As the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing recent security breaches, we people at Coinsclone understood the importance of them. Thus, all our cryptocurrency exchange software and script which are developed are completely firewall-integrated. They are completely tested & found bug-free and hence we are responsible for delivering secure feature-packed software.

We provide a various set of crypto-exchange software such as CEX, DEX, IEO, STE, Order Books Exchange, Ad Based Exchange, etc which can be further customized from the client end. Our firewall-integrated crypto exchange software would get rid of all the prevalent hacking activities in the industry!

Crypto Exchange Application by Coinsclone:

They also have launched Cryptocurrency Exchange Application to allow users to trade instantly!

You can take a look at this:

Crypto Wallet Application by Coinsclone:

In addition to this, they also have launched Cryptocurrency Wallet Application where the clients can store their cryptocurrencies and private keys securely

Meanwhile you can have a look at this:

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