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Women Entrepreneurs in India – Emerging Issues and Challenges


A Woman entrepreneur will face a lot of issues in their business because she plays many roles in the home and also doing own business. So that She has to understand the issues and face the challenges for their business. Women Entrepreneurship is an important role in the economic development of the nation. So that, woman entrepreneurs in India are acknowledged and welcomed not only across the country but also the worldwide.

Some of the issues and challenges are faced by the women entrepreneurs have been given below.

  • Woman entrepreneurs will always suffer for the financial resource. The family members do not invest the amount for their business due to lack of confidence. So the Government provides the scheme such as STEP, provide the loan and encourage the women entrepreneurs.
  • While a woman will start the business, the family and friends have thought that she is doing a hobby. So, Put hard work in your business and become successful.
  • Many Women entrepreneurs try to handle every situation of their own, this is a major drawback. Women entrepreneurs enclose themselves with team members that have dissimilar strengths and skills that can help to run a successful business.
  • At last, Women entrepreneur will get close to their employees. But they become guilty to close with the employees. When they close with their employees that give the more production for the business and get more finance from the production.


The Indian women entrepreneurs are very fast growing the non-traditional sectors, which certainly is in response to their greater knowledge. The Economic growth is attained through the women entrepreneurship.