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How To Start Own Business While In College In India


Starting own business from college can be an excellent choice for students not only to earn a money but also to study a practical knowledge of running a business.

Starting own business from college can be a huge learning for the students for one quiet reason: It will qualify you with the correct skill set and knowledge which will assist you to become a successful Entrepreneur.

What Will Students Learn: 

  • How to start your Business with college?
  • How can you grow your network for starting a business?
  • What are low-cost ways to promote your business?
  • What do you need to do make it sellable?

Each student who wants to be an entrepreneur must start up a business while studying in college. When students start the new business, the first thing they want Money.

Trust that To start a business, no much money is needed. Idea, dedication, and passion are needed to start a business.

Two Main Steps To Start Business:


First Find The Customer:

By using Social Media ’s, find the genuine customers. Social Media will make very easy to find out the likely customers with very small budget or can directly find out them with encouraging the business in right groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, etc..

By using an Emails, to find out the customer. Provide a personalized email with brief information about you, what you are offering and how it will help the customer.

 Start Networking:

Start making business connections with the successful entrepreneurs around you to learn on how to reach this up. Reach out to guides and fix a meeting with them, learn from their experiences. Get a knowledge from watching Online Videos and Get a valuable piece of advice from entrepreneurs. Bring this Knowledge in the business to get new ways of customer attainment, ways to improve processes and efficiency.

At end of the month, when you earn money, bring an amount back in the business, might be in marketing or product development or wherever you find it suitable.

Following this process will develop you into many business lessons and skills. If the whole thing works well you will connect it full time after finishing off the college.