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Hamish Finlayson is the youngest entrepreneur from Australia


Meet the Youngest Entrepreneur Hamish Finlayson, at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

Hamish Finlayson is just 13 age old, but he is the centre of attraction among 1,500 members at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).

Hamish Finlayson is the best youngest entrepreneur and an app developer from Australia. He is autistic but this has not stopped him from developing five apps, containing an app to help those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).He has come out with an app TripleT and ASD.

This app helps the people to know about that disorder and also to help who are having autism,the boy told IANS. From Queensland, The Class 7 student, Hamish is enthusiastic about the need to save surroundings and has already developed four apps on environment.


His First app is LitterbugSmash, that he developed when he was in 10 years old.A multi-media, multi-channel educational tool, it is a game and fundraising initiative designed to save oceans and protect turtles.

Virtual Reality Game:

Hamish is presently working on a sixth app which is a virtual reality game designed for teaching children and adults with autism life and social skills to create their life easier.

For Hamish, this is his second GES in 2017. Hamish Finlaysonhad took part in the 2016 event, Which was held in Silicon Valley. I need to learn about virtual reality and talk to people to know about the ability, he told in hyderabad.He is also interested to learn about entrepreneurs,eco-system and country.He said “Happy to be in India”. Green Finlayson, Hamish’s father told IANS that his son always loved technology, maths and coding.When he was in eight age, Hamish started coding. Hamish needs to continue working on developing apps to assist the people and work for protection of environment.