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How this 16-year-old entrepreneur came up with the solution to Australia’s biggest parking gripe

RYLAN, 16, is earning more in one day than he earned in three months working at a cafe. And it’s all thanks to a simple idea. Rylan Kindness, a 16-year-old entrepreneur from Brisbane, thinks he might have the answer to one of our biggest first world problems.  Inspired by his parents’ personal frustration at trying to find a park in the Brisbane CBD, Rylan decided to come up with his own idea — an idea he’s since dubbed as Parking Deals Australia.

It was after Rylan realized his parents were spending hours to try and find parking deals in the city that he came up with the idea for a centralized system. A system that takes the hassle away by showing users the best price for parking in the area they want and offering users a daily deal with a discount.

Rylan now doubles as a high school student and the CEO of Parking Deals Australia, a role he took on four months ago when he launched the business from his bedroom.

The teenager has one year left of school but admitted high school was something he is only sticking with because of his parents.

Parking Deals Australia isn’t even Rylan’s first business. When he was barely 11, Rylan came up with an idea to sell wholesale scooter parts online, purely because he just wanted some extra money. On the side, he’s succeeding in other passions too.