Gold Vs Bitcoin


Recently, the people are investing in bitcoin rather than in gold. I have been confused why are they investing in bitcoin. So I had read the latest article about this. The world has gone for the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, said in that article.

So, here see the difference between the gold and bitcoin.


Gold is the one of the costliest metal that can be used by the human as a medium of exchange. Gold is widely regarded as a sound long-term investment, that against trade volatility.


Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrency method and first decentralized digital currency. A bitcoin is represented by the record of its transactions between different addresses.


Investing in Gold Vs Bitcoin:

Bitcoin shares were tripled in the value of the last 12 months and gain 30 percent in last 3 months alone. But gold shares were down 3% in last 12 months and gain 4% in last 3 months.

Unlike gold, Bitcoin is a suitable medium of payments around the world, although for a limited number of transactions. Gold cannot keep in online or any Smartphone, but the bitcoin will keep in online or Smartphone via digital wallet.

For Gold, there is an intermediate person for the transaction and you have to pay the transaction fee, commission, and Maintenance charge. But in Bitcoin, there is no intermediate person for the transaction and no transaction fee, commission, and maintenance charge.

For this reasons, Bitcoin becomes most popular than gold among the investors.


The digital currency (Bitcoin) will become the future of the world commerce.