Bitcoin & Altcoin Exchange Script With Maximum Benefits

The script offers a technical solution that fully automates the entire process of starting bitcoin & altcoin exchange platform.

The script can work with multiple cryptocurrencies & its pair combination. The complete integration has been made with base coins. We have done 100+ projects.

Bitcoin & Altcoin exchange script offers following advantages :

  • Fully customizable UI / UX (theme, fonts, colors, logo, domain, registration form)
  • Dynamic Pricing chart
  • Liquidity system
  • Third party API integration on order book system
  • Custom order booking system
  • Awesome currency exchange algorithm
  • Faster trading algorithm for every currency pair
  • Secured transaction with a jet speedy algorithm
  • User dashboard with detailed trading data
  • Custom order type integration ( Script fits for market order, limit order, stop order )
  • Wallet integration
  • Deploy Cold Storage Wallet
  • Multi-language supported
  • Depositing money from bank & different payment gateways supported
  • Full customized script with the latest update
  • Various blockchain security mechanism
  • Dedicated Project Manager & resource allocation

You’ll get all maximum benefits by choosing us! Script has a complete set of features to start and run exchange platform quickly.

3 Comments on “Bitcoin & Altcoin Exchange Script With Maximum Benefits”

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