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Coinsclone, offers an uniquely programmed bitcoin exchange script to introduce your new revolutionary bitcoin exchange platform allowing ordinary people to access business opportunity in the world of Blockchain and crypto currencies, through fully customized & packed algorithmic installation.
A bitcoin exchange script which enable to work with multiple platform for Bitcoin and any Altcoins on the market.
And more over, bitcoin exchange script has custom security rules engine that allows you to easily create your own policies within your bitcoin exchange platform, including new rules & regulations. Coinsclone offers a single stack solution that integrates has customizable security rules and offers 24/7 support services.
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Develop a prominent instant cryptocurrencies exchange platform!

Coinsclone is one of the leading secured cryptocurrency exchange script services in the crypto industry, to bring a new user experience on exchange platform and advanced features to inspire traders into it.
The goal of every startup & entrepreneur aims to have a popular & strong cryptocurrency exchange platform to keep a relationship with traders at first entry and provide the users of the wallet with seamless exchange options.
Our script has an advanced trading algorithm and other 7 important features that help to pick the most profitable high-speed trading engine from us. We rolled out trading algorithms according to the latest updates & security. Script has more base currency pairs & advanced order types which will deploy your dreamed project easily & instantly.

7 modules are important if you considering to buy cryptocurrency exchange script!


High-Speed Order Matching engine
The system capable of processing 50,000 transactions per second. We apply 100+ risk rules for each transaction so you can focus on your trading and rely on us for stability and secure execution of orders.
Buy / Sell Orders
Fast settlement process enabling quick deposit/withdrawal of fiat currencies using NEFT/IMPS/RTGS and Payment Gateways.
KYC Verification
Instant KYC powered by Intelligent Identity verification module. Complete your KYC within seconds and start trading without any delay.
An uncompromising approach to information security and we take it as our top most priority. We use state-of-the-art security measures, encryption, and rigorous testing along with comprehensive audits to secure our platform.
Support for advanced order types
Advanced Order types like Stop Trailing, Bracket orders are currently being offered for real-time trading.
Smart price chart
Deep price information on chart representation is vital for this cryptocurrency trading business. built-in with various chart trade view enables us to trade more and analyze more.
Coinsclone is the most recognized marketplace for developing cryptocurrency exchange platform with various important modules!

A Right Company For Starting Cryptocurrency Exchange

Blockchain technology has experienced exponential growth and revolutionized the way people from all corners of the world conduct business, make transactions and manage their money easy.
We launched the right software to build cryptocurrency exchange website effectively that help blockchain business wisely.
Our software designed with more features & maximum benefits through data collection and analyzation for the global and domestic digital ecosystems of blockchain businesses.
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We Gonna Reveal : Frontend & Backend Features of Coinsclone’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Frontend Features:
For User:

ReCaptcha and Image Captcha
User Login and Registration
Google 2FA authentication
KYC Module
Account stats
Login Log
Shipping Address

In Finance Side:

User Fiat and Crypto Balance
Crypto Blockchain Deposit and Withdraw
Affiliate Program and Stats
Shopping Orders

For Trade:

Real-time Exchange Prices
Coin k-line Graph
Order Depth Graph
Current Currency Stats
Automatically Select Best Price
Buy and Sell Order book
Pending Orders Shown
Troll or Chat Box

Backend Features:

Full Secure
Coin Stats
Market Stats
User Management
Admin Management
User Wallet
Payment Gateway
Order Management
Fiat Config, Deposit and Withdraw
Coins Management
Trade Transaction


Highlights of Coinsclone’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

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