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In the cryptocurrency world, to make a huge set of profits, people are interested to start a crypto exchange of their own. The profits here refers to every trading, every coin/token listed on the exchange, every advertisement on the exchange, every deposit/withdrawal on the exchange, etc. This blog provides the importance and steps to launch a Bitcoin Trading Platform similar to Coinbase.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the most reputed and traditional cryptocurrency exchange right from 2013. This exchange has been supported across 55+ countries all over the globe while European Countries top the list. Coinbase offers the following set of features to their traders:

  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Crypto Wallet Storage
  • Developer API

This exchange has served more than 20 million people across the world. The payment methods also depend on the country you have planned to launch. 

coinbase clone script


When it comes to security and privacy, the coinbase exchange platform verifies user details for identification purposes. There are totally 4 Levels of identification process involved in the coinbase exchange platform.

This includes:

  1. Initially, the exchange verifies the trader’s email address, phone number. 
  2. Secondly, users need to provide their personal details such as Name, DOB, Address, etc.
  3. Thirdly, the bank and credit/debit card details should be provided to the Coinbase exchange platform.
  4. Finally, users need to submit identity verification documents such as Tax Identification Number, Government verified documents, etc. 

Moreover, Coinbase supports a wide variety of fiat currencies for trading such as Euro, USD, GBP, etc. With its high popularity, most of the crypto entrepreneurs who are interested to start a crypto exchange can develop an exchange like Coinbase. 


UK Traders can now start trading four additional crypto assets: Tezos (XTZ), DAI, EOS, and Chainlink (LINK) from November 20.

What is a Coinbase Clone Script?

Coinbase is one of the trending cryptocurrency exchange platforms that have been in the crypto trading market for a preferable amount of time. Their website creation is so attractive and crafted in a manner to make the customers easy and comfortable to trade. Airdrops, to presume, they have a variable level of benefit for the users in that aspect. Yes, they have an option for the users to earn crypto by just learning the courses that they provide. To cut it short, Coinbase is an excellent platform to trade and manage cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase clone script is an instant website script imitating the Coinbase page that you can start your bitcoin and cryptocurrency business to earn profits. In addition to the security features which are in default, The clone script can be loaded with additional security features and customization with a ready-to-go website for your business venture.

The wallet integration feature is one of the eye-catching aspects of the clone script. The clone script is structured in a way to facilitate the users to trade and manage the cryptocurrencies easily without any hassles. It would be so amazing to get a website clone script like Coinbase to initiate your cryptocurrency business, right.

If you are interested to build your own exchange, you can get a Coinbase Clone Script. This is a website clone script that comes with superfine features. 

Being a US-based exchange platform, it supports both centralized as well as decentralized strategy. You can instantly start a crypto exchange like Coinbase with a Bitcoin Exchange Script.

How does Coinbase clone script work?

The user needs to sign up with his email address in the coinbase website clone to start his trade. After signing up, he will get a link for activation and OTP for the second-factor authorisation. After the second-factor authorisation is done, the user account is ready to trade. The user can deposit the amount either per day (like 100$) or per week (Up to 2500$) and trade accordingly. The amount that the user wants to invest can be deposited instantaneously from his or her bank account.

The user can also use his credit card to transact the amount to the required bank account which in turn will be reflected in the Coinbase account shortly. After the transaction is done, the user can trade in cryptocurrency based on his wish. The user can withdraw the profits from his wallet based on his convenience. With the coinbase clone script, you can facilitate your user with trade-friendly and trusted software with the greatest security on the cards.

Coinbase Clone App Development Company:

It is a known fact that people today love to use their smartphones more than their laptops or pc. In that sense, we need to update to their requirement and provide the services at their doorsteps. Coinbase clone script can be featured in its app both in android and ios platforms at Coinsclone. Being a script provider, we also provide app development services on that clone script to facilitate the users more effectively.

Some of the advantages of the clone app include Reliable user onboarding features, security mechanism, Tentative API, and UI design along with effective payment methods. We, at Coinsclone, provide your user with filter options to filter out the searches so that they can trade on their desired platform. Our user status notifications and push notifications are unique in our services and we suggest some best and affordable requests to make your trading easy.

Also, we efficiently manage your app and provide you 24/7 technical support for its undeniable performance. Start your Coinbase clone app with Coinsclone to enjoy multiple benefits.

Why you should start a crypto exchange like Coinbase?

Launching a crypto exchange like Coinbase is going to be a hassle-free task with the following set of steps:

  1. The initial thing when opening a bitcoin trading platform is to research and analyze. Creating an exchange like Coinbase is fine, however, to stand out from the crowd you need to come up with high-end features.
  2. Look for the jurisdictions of the country where you have planned to launch the crypto exchange. Since most of the countries haven’t made cryptocurrencies legal, it is important that you need to check them.
  3. Analyze the benefits as well as disadvantages in the Coinbase exchange platform. You should integrate both the foredeals as well as rectify the disadvantages & integrate them into your platform.
  4. You can get a Coinbase Clone Script from us, the best-in-class clone script solution provider in the industry and customize the features you are looking in the exchange platform.
  5. Make sure you have included all the desired characteristics in the exchange platform. If you are not sure of additional features, you can check for the trader’s opinions in this case and this could be highly beneficial for you. 
  6. Once you get the Coinbase Clone Script, you just need to deploy and get started with your own exchange platform.

Why buy Coinbase Clone Script from Coinsclone?

Coinsclone is an expert in Coinbase bitcoin and cryptocurrency clone scripts and we provide ready made clone scripts with customization options for our clients based on business requirements. We have a professional team of UI/UX designers and developers who can perfectly reflect the client’s expectations in their clone script.

We provide wallet integration features and secure the blockchain console so that the user’s information and the transaction will be secured and protected. Also, we integrate the Security token Exchange option with the script so that the user who wants to invest in securities can make use of it.

We use the cutting edge technology and professional tools to produce your clone script that you can instantly start your cryptocurrency exchange business once you claim the website. We also provide a free demo website in order to comfort your experience and to get a clear outlook of our clone script. 

We people at Coinsclone, the top-notch Coinbase Clone Script Solution Provider to assist you in starting a Bitcoin exchange platform.  

We analyze every single requirement of our clients and develop the Coinbase Clone Script services accordingly.

firewall integrated cryptocurrency exchange software

Here are some of the desired features we integrate into the bug-free Coinbase Clone Script:

  • Intuitive UI/UX.
  • Admin Console.
  • Trader Console.
  • Integrated IEO Launchpad.
  • Completely customizable Bitcoin Exchange Script.
  • Advanced feature-packed Coinbase Clone Script at a reasonable cost.
  • Security Token Exchange Integration.
  • Payment Gateway Integrated.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration.
  • Liquidity API.
  • Atomic Swaps.
  • Mobile Trading Application for Android, iOS. 

Salient Features of Coinbase clone script:

Coinsclone provides bug-free solutions when it comes to cloning scripts. They have unique features to make your exchange software out of the box.

  • Attractive User interface with applicable customization options.
  • Supplementing Application programming interface to conduct all the functions effectively
  • Admin and trading console for management and support features
  • High-security features – 2-factor authentication, Anti-DDoS, etc
  • Security Token Exchange integration features.
  • Wallet integration features
  • Instant exchange script for your business
  • Entirely customizable software script.
  • Flexible API
  • Secured, efficient, and reliable payment gateway allocation.

Why do users prefer the Coinbase platform?

Coinbase platform is the best one for beginners. Yes, all the bitcoin and cryptocurrency platforms are good for beginners but Coinbase is better for beginners in a great way because of their website infrastructure and their trading reliability. They allow traders to exchange their fiat to cryptocurrencies more easily compared to other familiar cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Another attractive feature of the coinbase platform is that they provide a free deposit of euros to SEPA whereas other exchange platforms charge 0.15% fees for their deposits. But when it comes to fees, Coinbase charges three kinds of fees – trading, withdrawal, and deposit fees.

Also, the trading limits are based on the fiat currency basis and not on trade level verification. So, trading is made easy and user-friendly by the Coinbase platform. Coinbase facilitates the user in all aspects thereby making them so comfortable in trading and earning considerable profits. Hence it attracts more number of users when it comes to a cryptocurrency exchange and crypto trading.

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