Bitcoin Exchange Script with MEAN Stack and LAMP Stack Framework

This article will really useful for the startups those who have an idea to start the sophisticated bitcoin exchange platform. The startup may be confused while seeing our title Bitcoin Exchange Script with MEAN Stack and LAMP Stack Framework.

So we are going to provide an explanation about these two frameworks how it works and which is best?

From this explanation, the startup can choose the bitcoin exchange script with best frameworks (MEAN & LAMP).

What is MEAN?

  • MEAN is an abbreviation of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.
  • MEAN is a set of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop the application.
  • MEAN stack can be written in single language for both server side and client side execution environments.

Brief Explanation of MEAN:

  • MongoDB is a kind of NoSQL / non-relational database which can store the values in the single table by using Key-value pairs.
  • ExpressJS is the back-end and lightweight web application framework running top of the NodeJS.
  • AngularJS is the front-end web application framework which runs in the browser.
  • NodeJS is the multi-platform runtime environment which the server runs.

Pros and Cons of MEAN Stack:

Pros of MEAN Stack:

  • Stored the documents in the single table using the BSON and JSON Format.
  • Make it easy to switch between the client and server
  • Easier To Scale
  • Supports MVC
  • OS Independency

Cons of MEAN Stack:

  • Easily Hacked
  • Using Semi-structured Database
  • Lack of widespread support
  • Poor isolation of server

What is LAMP?

  • LAMP Stack  is an acronym of Linux, AJAX, MySQL, and PHP
  • LAMP Stack is the open source web development platform.
  • Different languages are used for client side and server side environment.

 Brief Explanation of LAMP:

  • Linux is the Operating System which is the top layer.
  • AJAX is the JavaScript which is used for the front end environment
  • MySQL is used to store the document in the structured/relational database.
  • PHP is the scripting language which is used for the backend environment.

Pros and Cons of LAMP Stack:

Pros of LAMP Stack:

  • Using Structured Database (handle the larger products)
  • Secure and customizable Infrastructure
  • Huge support community
  • High ROI

Cons of LAMP Stack:

  • OS Dependency

Buy Bitcoin Exchange Script With LAMP Stack:

We analyze both the frameworks for you to give the best bitcoin exchange script.

  • LAMP is already tested by many organization, and this the proven technology.
  • MEAN stack is the new arrival and innovative for the software industry.

We are also preferred for you to develop advanced bitcoin exchange website using bitcoin exchange script with LAMP stack and multiple features.

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