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Crypto Industry has been experiencing drastic changes over the last few years. In this present era, decentralization has been the most significant topic of the town. Moreover, Bitcoin has been the dominant cryptocurrency since 2015 accounting over 50%.

Bitcoin being the first digital cryptocurrency, can facilitate the transaction between two people without any third party intruders. In addition to it, these couple of people aren’t needed to pay even a single penny to the platform! This peer to peer technology completely takes place over the Internet which is being documented or recorded using a digital ledger named Blockchain!

You can now buy Bitcoin with Binance!

Binance currently deals with cryptocurrencies alone and doesn’t offer any fiat/cryptocurrency pairings.

There are a number of exchanges that allow fiat/crypto trades, but Binance has announced that it does not plan to incorporate support for fiat trades.

This is how Binance Crypto Exchange works!

When you enter Binance Exchange website, you will be fed with a couple of options with Binance trading: basic or advanced. The major difference between both the version is that the advanced one delivers a more in-depth technical analysis of digital currency value over time!

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