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Bitcoin Exchange Script

Building a Cryptocurrency Exchanges has been the recent trend nowadays. The people who bought the Bitcoin for $0.008 in 2008 are now the real millionaires. Don’t worry, if you are an Entrepreneur interested to set up your own Bitcoin Exchange, you will also be added to the list of successful Investors in upcoming years. The reason is the price of Bitcoin is expected to reach $100,000 by most of the experts. If you invest now, you can not only just be the owner of a Cryptocurrency Trading platform, but also the live & rich assets.

To be so, it is essential that you buy Bitcoin Exchange Script that tackles and brings you the profit. With this, you can build your own Bitcoin Exchange with exclusive features. 

Coinsclone offers a uniquely programmed bitcoin exchange script to introduce your new revolutionary bitcoin exchange platform allowing ordinary people to access business opportunities in the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, through fully customized & packed algorithmic installation.

A cryptocurrency exchange script which enables us to work with multiple platforms for Bitcoin and any Altcoins on the market.

And moreover, bitcoin exchange script has a custom security rules engine that allows you to easily create your own policies within your bitcoin exchange platform, including new rules & regulations. Coinsclone offers a single stack solution that integrates has customizable security rules and offers 24/7 support services.

Steps to launch a crypto exchange with our Bitcoin Exchange Script:

Here are the 8 instant steps to launch your Bitcoin Trading Platform with our bitcoin trading script:

  1. Come up with unique business requirements
  2. Choose the desired type of crypto exchange you are planning to launch
  3. Check for the Jurisdictions in the desired country
  4. Hire a Solution Provider to buy Bitcoin Exchange Script
  5. Implement the security features in the exchange script
  6. Perform Beta Testing
  7. Start Marketing your Crypto Exchange
  8. Render 24*7 Customer Services

Here is the set of features we have integrated into our Bitcoin Exchange Script written in PHP:

  • Trading Bot

With our P2P White Label Bitcoin Exchange Script, now your users can trade 24*7 with the assistance of our trading bot. The bot effortlessly identifies and performs instant transactions with the in-built algorithms.

  • Embedded IEO Segment

Initial exchange offering, the popular Blockchain crowdfunding strategy is integrated into our Bitcoin trading script written in PHP. 

  • Security Token Exchange Development

With our best bitcoin exchange script, you can build a high-end crypto trading platform that supports security tokens that can be traded into the exchanges. We develop security token exchange in accordance with the SEC guidelines and specific country’s regulations.

  • Mobile Application for Android & iOS devices

With Coinsclone’s Bitcoin currency exchange script, your users can now start trading in their own Android and iOS devices which are built with SDK & Java for Android and Xcode & Swift for iOS.

  • Margin Trading 

With our intuitive Bitcoin exchange website script, your users can set margin and trade accordingly to reap a good amount of profits.

  • Market Making

Our cost-effective & readymade crypto market script will act as an intermediary and places the order between both the entities to buy and sell digital assets.

  • Liquidity API

To render higher liquidity, our Bitcoin Exchange Script allows getting connected with external providers. This, in turn, can acquire a good number of users in your trading platform. Thus, we act as top Cryptocurrency Liquidity Provider in the market.   

  • Integrated Crypto Wallets

Your traders can now store all types of cryptocurrencies and their private keys safely in our integrated crypto wallets. Our Open Source Bitcoin Exchange Script supports both Hot & Cold Wallets in a completely secure manner.

  • Customizable Admin Panel

As an owner of the crypto trading platform, you can customize the features and information you need in the exchange. Our Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange Script render a user-friendly and attractive dashboard to make it more intuitive.

  • KYC/AML 

To get rid of fraudulent and illegal activities, we integrated KYC/AML policies into our Bitcoin Exchange Software. Thus, both you and your traders can do hassle-free transactions.

  • Integrated Referral Program

We render referral programs in our Cryptocurrency Exchange script to you so that one can invite and introduce a good number of people into the trading platform.

  • Multiple Currency Pairing

Our Decentralized Exchange Software supports different types of cryptocurrencies in the list such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins, etc. With this feature, traders can trade with crypto to cryptocurrency or crypto to fiat currency instantly. 

Payment Gateway Integration:

We deliver Bitcoin Exchange Script written in PHP which comes with an integrated payment gateway feature. With this, one can buy or sell cryptocurrencies either with fiat currencies like USD, AUD or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin Exchanges could surely bring you a huge amount of profit if done perfectly. If you like to make your own Bitcoin Exchange, you can hire us and get your Readymade Bitcoin Exchange script within a day. 

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