Bitcoin Exchange Script That Gives All The Right Features!

Bitcoin Exchange Script That Gives All The Right Features!

Choosing the right bitcoin exchange script for your exchange business can be an endeavor. There are more possibilities in the marketplace and what works for one firm might not be the perfect choice for another. Analyzing the possibilities can be a prolonged task particularly if you are a bit uncertain of what you are looking for accurately.

Here we will examine some important features you should take into consideration ahead deciding which bitcoin exchange script to purchase:

Script Features:

  1. Currencies: multiple currency pairs, exchange fee

  2. Security Features: KYC/ AML Integration, DDOS Protection, 2FA, XSS Protection.

  3. Exchange: Exchange Calculator, Affiliate Programs, Live Exchange Rate Updating, Affiliate Programs

Admin Features:

  1. Informative Dashboard

  2. Manage Currencies and Gateways

  3. Admin Earnings

  4. Integrated Payment Gateways

  5. Manage Languages

  6. Detailed Report of Transaction

  7. Detailed History of Exchanges

  8. Wallet Fund Transfer

  9. Security Audits like escrow application

  10. Support Tickets

User Features:

  1. Information about all coins

  2. Status of own coin launched

  3. Launch Own Coin

  4. Market and Limit order

  5. Ticket Status

  6. View buy and sell history

These are the right features of bitcoin exchange script to build bitcoin exchange business.