bitcoin exchange script
Why bitcoin exchange script from coinsclone?

With a Trading Platform, one can buy or sell the cryptocurrencies. By launching your own Exchange, you can collect a high source of continuous income for your business.

Our Money making Bitcoin Exchange Script comes with a set of tailor-made codes that allows the Exchange Owner to create own customized trading software. By building a top-notch Bitcoin Exchange platform, your users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Our Bitcoin Trading Script ensures that all the mandatory and futuristic functionalities are integrated into our high-end Bitcoin exchange software. We provide world-class support right from requirements gathering to a bug-free platform deployment.

bitcoin trading script
Picking your Ready-made Bitcoin Exchange Type

We build top grade Trading Script with PHP that is used by popular and best exchanges across the world. With our rich expertise in Whitelabel Software Development, we provide the following set of Crypto Exchange Solutions for you:

bitcoin exchange software
P2P Orders Books Trading like Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex

With our P2P Bitcoin Exchange Script, building an Order Book Trading is a hassle-free task that manages the complete set of orders efficiently.

bitcoin exchange website script
P2P Ads Based Exchange like Localbitcoins, Remitano

You can create a flawless P2P Ads Based Exchange which allows you to sell and buy the inventories with our Cryptocurrency Script written in PHP.

white label bitcoin exchange script
User to Admin / OTC Exchange like Luno, Coinbase, Coinmama

You can now build a trading platform similar to Coinbase, Coinmama with our high-class Bitcoin Exchange Server Software.

buy bitcoin exchange script
Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange like IDEX, Waves DEX, Binance

To provide peer to peer trading of cryptocurrencies for your users, we offer a Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange script.

bitcoin exchange platform script
Binary Options Trading Platform

Your users can now buy and sell the digital currency instantly without taking much time.

Why our Bitcoin Exchange Script stands out from others

Our Blockchain Developers constantly work on bringing in a simple yet intuitive feature-packed Bitcoin Stock Exchange that is feasible for both the proprietor as well as the users in the trading platform.

mobile application software
Mobile Application for Android, iOS

To help your users to perform instant and easy trading, our Bitcoin Exchange Website Script allows you to create a trading platform that supports both Android and iOS devices. This cross-platform support is built with SDK & Java for Android and Xcode & Swift for iOS.

margin trading script
Margin Trading

With Margin Trading, your users can easily trade in a simplified way that brings in a huge set of profits. With this, your users can get the desired profits on margin. Our P2P script supports these feature through which you can make your own Exchange instantly.

liquidity api exchange script
Liquidity API

We deliver exceptional API to get connected with other external providers to bring in high-liquidity. We cater to a beneficial business model for the exchange owners which can easily drag in a great amount of trust for the investors.

atomic swaps exchange software
Atomic Swaps

We cater to one of the best-in-class features called Atomic Swaps. With this, your traders can seamlessly start trading by exchanging the cryptocurrencies without a central party or an intermediary behind.

security token exchange platform script
Security Token Exchange

Your users can now list their Security Tokens in your Bitcoin Exchange Service platform. We develop Security Token Exchange which is completely in compliance with the country’s regulation and SEC Guidelines.

Ieo integrated module trading script
IEO Integrated Module/ Launchpad

Initial Exchange Offering, the newest Blockchain-based crowdfunding is made true by integrating IEO Module in the Bitcoin Exchange Software. As an exchange owner, you can verify and lists the IEO projects in the trading platform.

market orders exchange software
Market Orders

If in case there is no liquidity on the market, our Market Matching feature will serve as a counterparty to place an order between the buyer and seller. Hence, your users will experience a seamless trading experience.

trading bot script
Trading Bot

Trading is going to be a painless task for your users. We integrate Trading Bot in our Bitcoin Exchange Software which automatically recognizes and performs buy and sell orders using the in-built algorithms.

Hot & cold storage software
Hot & Cold Storage

You are assured of complete security by storing your cryptocurrencies in both Hot & Cold Wallets. We build a Multi-currency wallet in the most powerful way to deliver the best Cryptocurrency wallet for your users.

customizable admin exchange script
Customizable Admin Panel

Our tailor-made Admin Panel comes up with futuristic and advanced functionalities. Our Bitcoin Exchange Developers render an attractive yet user-friendly dashboard to help you manage your own exchange at any time.

KYC/AML solutions trading script
KYC/AML Solutions

We automate all kinds of your business effectively by embedding KYC and AML solutions in our crypto trading platform instantly.

Robust trading engine bitcoin exchange software
Robust Trading Engine

Our Bitcoin Exchange Script is responsible for matching buy and sell orders for digital assets with minimal latency.

Our security features of bitcoin exchange script

HTTPS authentication exchange script
HTTPS Authentication

We make use of Bitcoin exchange script to create the most secure HTTPS authentication tokens to provide high-end user experience.

Anti distributed denial of service exchange script
Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Anti DDoS, we assist in protecting bitcoin exchanges with massive traffic originating from multiple sources.

Data encryption bitcoin exchange software
Data Encryption

By encrypting the user data, we make sure user credentials and other essential information are secure during data transmission.

SQL injection prevention bitcoin trading script
SQL Injection Prevention

We ensure the database is completely free from any SQL Injection attacks. Therefore, we have implemented best-in-class security mechanism to get rid of them.

Anti denial of service exchange script
Anti Denial of Service (DoS)

Our bitcoin exchange platform script can now handle multiple transaction requests against the server.

Cross-Site request forgery protection trading script
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

We have implemented CSRF to protect fraudulent activities from the user end in our bitcoin exchange trading script.

Jail login bitcoin exchange software
Jail Login

Jail Logins prevents various login attempts at a fixed amount of time to prevent unwanted activities.

Server-Side request forgery protection buy bitcoin exchange script
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Anti SSRF protects the internal systems from fraudulent attacks that are sent from unprotected sources.

Our Process of Whitelabel Bitcoin Exchange Script Development

Requirement Gathering

Collecting Unique, Customizable Requirements from the clientele & Analyzing completely.


Examine Jurisdictions

Examining the jurisdictions as per the geographical location of the client and Preparation is done.


Setup Blockchain Networks

Setting up the Blockchain Networks as per the unique requirements.


Blockchain Integration

Integrating various Blockchain into the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software.


Security Protocol Implementation

Strengthening the Bitcoin Trading Platform with high-level security features.


Coins/Tokens Listing on Exchange

Listing the Coins/Tokens in the Exchange to start functioning with exceptional features.


Deployment of Script

Deploying the Exchange Platform to the client as per their requirements.


Customer Support 24*7

Rendering Customer Support any time in case of any issues and resolving them instantly.

Bitcoin Exchange Script Features we offer

When you Buy Crypto Exchange Software from us, you are offered an ample amount of benefits for your trading platform at a reasonable cost.

Payment gateway integration script
Payment Gateway Integration

Our feature-packed payment gateway supports payment modes such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, etc to operate the transactions in a worry-free manner.

Lifetime bugfree support
Lifetime bugfree support

We render our lending hands to our clients 24*7. Our exchange script is designed in a manner that it is unhackable and free from vulnerabilities.

Lifetime free upgrades software
Lifetime free upgrades

We cater to our clients around the world with our high-end support by providing lifetime free upgrades to them whenever needed.

Free server configuration & deployment
Free server configuration & deployment

We people at Coinsclone are completely responsible to configure and deploy your server for the platform instantly at no price.

Multi-Signature Wallet exchange script
Multi-Signature Wallet

Our Multi-sig wallet integrated into the Bitcoin exchange comes up with feature-packed security solutions making the platform completely robust.

Multi-Lingual bitcoin exchange script

Our Bitcoin Trading Platform supports Multiple Languages such as Chinese, French, etc. Hence, your users can select their desired language for trading.

Multi-Security bitcoin exchange software

We render Fingerprint, Face Recognition and more such security entities embedded to avoid fraudulent activities.

Futuristic content management system
Futuristic Content Management System

As a Crypto Exchange Owner, you can easily and comfortably manage the user-friendly CMS Module without any technical skills.

Intuitive interface & responsive design
Intuitive Interface & Responsive Design

Traders can now enjoy an attractive interface by switching within the exchange sections which is completely mobile-responsive.

Instant transactions exchange script
Instant Transactions

Your users can perform fast & quick transactions instantly at anytime with our nulled script that brings profits.

Why hire us to buy Bitcoin Exchange Script?

Coinsclone, the pre-eminent Bitcoin Exchange Development Company comprises a highly talented set of experts with the desired set of experience in the crypto industry. We have so far catered much clientele across the globe by delivering the required outcome they were expecting for. We have deployed and developed Bitcoin Exchange Solutions for all sorts of industries right from Healthcare to Finance. We have assisted global clients to raise their profits with our unique Bitcoin Exchange Development phase to leverage a great set of features at an affordable cost.

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